Monster Factory | The search for Yoba Skywalker Starwars’ cool outfit

– [Griffin] On screen! King of Queens re-runs, on screen! (upbeat horror music) – [Justin] Oh so they’ll just let you kinda freestyle it. – [Griffin] They’ll let you just kinda make your own alien. – [Justin] Huh. – [Griffin] Just so many holes. Yes, wes Cl’kvarians
are known for our holes. I’m also constantly watching pornography. – [Justin] Got that working for him. Unbelievable. Unbelievable. No one’s gonna like this guy! – [Griffin] Oh please let’s
find a role play server. – [Justin] Captain Yoba Skywalker Star– Space, it’s big and cold. – [Griffin] Every August the
aliens spend off their best and brightest kids to space school and space camp and he does the thing with the hand and then the moon exploded. It was pretty bad, anyway– – [Justin] We’re sorry. – [Griffin] Oop, their moon got it too. – [Justin] All moons have been destroyed. In a world without moons. – [Griffin] Anyway! This is what happens when you name your character some smart shit, Griffin. – [Justin] You’re getting
the, lots of game have bad endings this one has a bad beginning. – [Griffin] Guess what Alf’s
planet blew up too, dick. (Justin laughing) – [Griffin] Oh you
thought you were so funny there goes Mork from Mork’s whole shit. (Justin laughing) – [Griffin] Man, where do I fit in? – [Justin] You have no place in all this! – [Griffin] In this
beautiful galaxy this is it showing me like the galaxy’s
actually pretty full of action and excitement
and heroes so you’re just going to have to wait
your fucking turn man. – [Justin] Yeah, you shoulda
gotten here in the mid twenty-teens when we were all loving this. – [Griffin] Yeah lemmie
check your, here’s a website for you to go to to– – [Justin] Where you can
download the game you’re playing! – [Griffin] Yes! Okay I just did something. I just ate my watch. – [Justin] Wow you got good hops. – [Griffin] Do I? Ah yeah I guess I can jump over people. – [Justin] Captain Picard. – [Griffin] Man! Don’t come up here fucking challenging me! Don’t come up here challenging
me with your two irises. Dammit, he’s pretty good too. – [Justin] Simple, we always
have to guild the lily. – [Griffin] But he doesn’t
have a secret ass, does he? A head-ass. – [Justin] This is my brain ass. – [Griffin] Holy shit Justin. – [Justin] Yeah? – [Griffin] It is kind of
a really horny space Feeny. – [Justin] A space, yeah like
a super-horny space Feeny. When the GM comes to you and tells you you’re getting teleported into the black of space if you don’t change all your shit that could be a good second option. I’m about to beam your ass to Mars 3 the terrible Mars that everybody hates and has no air or anything cool. It’s the least chill Mars we have. – [Griffin] If that happens
I’m going to tell them that I’m trying to attend my friend’s in-game wedding ceremony and you can’t keep me from that. – [Justin] My piece of shit grandson! My piece of shit millennial
grandson is getting married in Star Trek. – [Griffin] I’m not a tactical. oh wait. I don’t see result for the– – [Justin] I did good. – [Griffin] Yeah, I did really good. – [Justin] Are you
getting promoted I guess? It’s hard to say. – [Griffin] Now I’m the captain? Look at me? – [Justin] I have to
imagine if you’re creating the name filters for this thing how is Star Wars– – [Griffin] Yoba Skywalker
Star Wars yeah that has to be– – [Justin] How is that
not high on the list? – [Griffin] In fucking
Mario Maker 2 if you like write the word “Class” it’s like “No Reggie, Reggie hates the cuss!”. Hey can I ask a question? What happened to my fucking clothes? – [Justin] Hey that’s a good question! Thank you Griffin. This is horseshit. You have to get out of this tutorial that’s gotta be the only
reason this is happening. – [Griffin] Can the Borg already come and just like fuck it up? – [Justin] Yeah you know
what’s happening, right? I’m predicting right now you’re going to be on a training exercise and it’s going to become all too real. – [Griffin] I have lost
who I was following. Oh okay. – [Justin] There we go, thank you! – [Griffin] Damn she turns
into kind of an abomination. – [Justin] Why is that happening? What the hell? Why? Why is that happening? – [Griffin] I am playing
this on some weird graphics setting cus I’m playing it
on my TV for the first time. – [Justin] Why would there
be a setting to make it– – [Griffin] I dunno, I dunno. That’s pretty cool. – [Justin] That’s helpful. – [Griffin] Yeah I like that. – [Justin] They said there’s
zero anomalies in the area I have a hard time believing that. – [Griffin] Yeah there’s one. – [Justin] There’s one
that I know of for sure – [Griffin] Two, three, four, five. Uh-oh, condition red! – [Justin] You still
haven’t found your tricorder luckily you know space karate. – [Griffin] Tricorder
will point you towards your nearest objective. Oh hey this is glowing. Get pistol. Don’t mind if I do. – [Justin] Hell yeah. – [Griffin] Into the center of the room. All right let’s go. Whoa shit yeah holodeck! – [Justin] Yeah, now this is a game – [Griffin] It gave me
a gun, now it’s a game. Right click on your
target to fire a weapon. Well hold on, which one– – [Justin] Can we try
to talk to them first? This is Star Trek. These guys, I will say, if they wanted to hurt you, this is the problem I have, if they wanted to hurt you they’re doing a terrible job of it. This is a hollow threat! They’re trying to scare you off. It’s their house. You just barged in. – [Griffin] I like that
they’re taking turns. – [Justin] Yeah, and I think that they’re walking in the same choreographed pattern which I like. A gun is a child’s weapon you’ve got space karate. How annoying to him! – [Griffin] You didn’t tell me about his space hotdogs or how he gets down. Next time I ask them a question, for science, they’ll remember. Or not, because they’re
soulless holo-beings. Exit Simulation. – [Justin] You’re trying to learn. – [Griffin] I’m trying to
learn about reproduction. I haven’t had the talk yet. Yobba’s the science officer who’s confused about that whole process! Just doing fact-finding my fucking dad won’t tell me. – [Justin] In the world of
Star Trek birds and bees conversation takes seven hours with several meal breaks in-between. – [Griffin] Well this is my eroginous fin. If you touch that enough,
an ovipositor forms from the wet clay of my underbelly. Oh shit the game dun changed! – [Justin] Oh you got hops! Make a toast. – [Griffin] Intimidate him
I have no other option. Frighten them, yes. – [Justin] Terrorize them. What is these options? – [Griffin] He’s going to
miss that mouth entirely yeah he sort of put it
in the, he dunked his fucking porno vision in it. – [Justin] How did they
make that look fake! – [Griffin] Yeah. – [Justin] Vroom! – [Griffin] I’m gonna
need a different chair. I’m gonna need a different chair! This chair’s unacceptable! Am I the captain or what’s up? Can I change clothes? – [Justin] To the brig! – [Griffin] To the brig
everyone, till daddy gets his clothes back everyone’s in the brig. – [Justin] There will be no space fun, no flying, no guns. – [Griffin] Give me my fucking shirt dad! – [Justin] Out of the chair. – [Griffin] I want my
Rage Against the Machine tapes back dad! Oooh hey actually could
you, maybe, maybe wanna– – [Justin] Hey there’s
an arrow pointing at the seat they want you to move into. – [Griffin] Try to Condition Red! Please? This one? – [Justin] Dad? – [Griffin] I’m trying dad. Dammit! I gotta line it up. (Justin laughing) – [Justin] Count it. – [Griffin] But don’t count it! On screen. On screen! King of Queens Re-runs, on screen! – [Justin] Help over
here, we got rats in here! Come kill these rats! – [Griffin] Kill ten of them! And bring me back their
eyes to make a potion! – [Justin] Kill ten rats and we’ll give you this leather cape! – [Griffin] Hey guys. Now let’s see if they’re better they can shoot they can shoot! This is an emergency. – [Justin] This is a real threat. – [Griffin] We need to
light them the fuck up. – [Justin] Damn. Do you have some special, special attacks? Special skills? – [Griffin] Yeah I can do, oop. It’s Worf! Oh Worf! Worf Worf Worf Worf Worf Worf Worf, get Worf! – [Justin] Somebody help him! No! – [Griffin] Worf, save Worf! – [Justin] Michael Dorn’s
career’s just heating back up. – [Griffin] Poor Worf though. – [Justin] Yeah. – [Griffin] Can’t make a space venture without breaking a few Worfs. Which one’s bad. Him. – [Justin] Is that a taunt? – [Griffin] It’s some skill. Cardio-pulmonary resuscitation. Oh wait, somebody’s back here, are you okay? Oh I was just doing it to the wrong one. – [Justin] Got it. – [Griffin] I think I was also icing them. It’s still funny, even in
2040 whatever the fuck. Excuse me I gotta make the shields better. I gotta shields job. – [Justin] This is a science thing. – [Griffin] It’s a science thing! You fucking jocks wouldn’t understand but I’ll help you do your dirty work! Cus I’ve got a tutorial rifle! Hi guys. – [Justin] Sorry, science stuff. – [Griffin] Gotta make the shields better! Let me hack that, just shove
my face right in there and start chewing through the cables. Eventually I’m gonna learn
how to throw fireballs and shit right? Maybe I picked the wrong class maybe I have to be like a Borg, ’cause they know magic. Boost power to forward shields. – [Justin] Could none of y’all done this? – [Griffin] Yeah y’all,
this is pretty easy. – [Justin] It’s 101, we just pressed F. – [Griffin] I feel like, you had me come down here and do it because if I find that
you can do it like you, I would start asking you to do it. – [Justin] It does it feels lazy. – [Griffin] Back on the bridge huh cap? – [Justin] You look comfy! – [Griffin] You look comfy up there cap! Just did your fucking IT for you by pressing three buttons. Do you know how hard it is to get this head from one end
of the ship to the other? – [Justin] It’s a wobbly
mess the entire way. – [Griffin] I haven’t had
any fucking paprika today. I haven’t had, you say
we’re on spice watch. Uh-oh. – [Justin] Okay. – [Griffin] Dad! Dad no! – [Justin] He expects
us to, okay we waisted literally no, oh wait you’re under attack. No sitting. – [Griffin] Dad couldn’t
have done this either huh. – [Justin] Don’t worry we got ya. Science. – [Griffin] Show you a
cool video on my phone. You like that? – [Justin] Check this fucking
funny Vine compilation. – [Griffin] Fucking funny, this is a baby. He’s got peanut butter on him. He’s dead yes? – [Justin] Aww, yeah. Or they’re going to take off into deep space with him and you’re going to have to like go on a rescue mish. I think they’re over-estimating
the emergency that will create for you. – [Griffin] ‘Cause I wanna
go find some vanity mounts. Daddy! – [Justin] Oh no! – [Griffin] Hey he’s
still alive, stab him! He’s saying something inspirational! Get him! – [Justin] Don’t let him inspire them! I can’t. – [Griffin] (speaking a foreign language) – [Justin] This is the
nature of space, no? Finally, you can change. – [Griffin] Stand the fuck
up my dad just got shivved! Raxy. – [Justin] No respect for the captain. Get up! – [Griffin] Get up! To your station! Look at this. This computer has important work for you to be doing on it right now! You need to tell me– – [Justin] I know it
seems counter-intuitive that your entire monitor is no longer displaying information. – [Griffin] Listen to me,
what was your name again? T’vrel? I’m going to need you to sit in the chair and tell me when the alert condition’s not red anymore, or else I’m gonna keep doing flips! – [Justin] No I don’t know
how to make that happen. That’s why you’ve got it on your screen! Hey captain, there’s
noting I can do with this. This, this can’t– – [Griffin] I’m noticing some
redundancies in our workflow. – [Justin] I do think
captain, in hind-sight it was an error to get
rid of all the buttons to push. – [Griffin] Take your seat
in the captain’s chair. Yes let’s go. It’s party time in the big-boy massage chair. – [Justin] Activate de-farting spray. – [Griffin] My dad did a
lot of work in this one. Oh fuck yeah let’s go! – [Justin] To hyperspace! More talk, more talking,
oh they’re forever talking. – [Griffin] Hey our ship’s
fucked up get out here. What up, what’s going on? Our ship’s fucked up. This is awkward. Oh god it’s fucking ship
space plane controls. – [Justin] Just keep ane ye on the yaw and you’re gonna be fine. – [Griffin] Enjoy my porno! Listen we’re going to do
things a little differently. – [Justin] Someone find
me a flat white planet we’re about to star a party! – [Griffin] All right I’m gonna fix you. Bweew. Scan for parts. Anything out here in the absolute bleak nothingness? Bingo. – [Justin] Bingo I found some old tracks out the boneyard – [Griffin] That garbage has a gun! Target neutralized. I have the courage dad never had to fuck up space garbage. – [Justin] He would have
tried to recycle that I deactivated the recycling beam to power my bidet. The new day. I just realized that
the captain Mask Taggart for years has been known
as the guy who pilots the USS George Lucas. You just inherited this terrible ship name from him it’s not your fault. Seems kinda quick to give
you your own space ship doesn’t it? Doesn’t it seem like you should do some more garbage first and then get your own star ship? – [Griffin] Use full impulse
here we go fuck yeah. Kay, tell me what button which key on my keyboard to press. I’ve got like 80 of them so just tell me. – [Justin] You don’t
even need to talk anymore you can just stop. – [Griffin] Just say F10
or whatever the fuck. Shift-R should have guessed. – [Justin] Of course. – [Griffin] We’re screaming now! – [Justin] Is this full impulse? – [Griffin] My skin’s
coming off my face bones! – [Justin] Captain slow down you’re going to go back in time. – [Griffin] Maybe we should
turn off full impulse so we can fucking turn around and okay so I don’t need
to be looking at ’em. I can just sort of 360 no-scope. Damn they are fucking me
up pretty good though. – [Justin] Maybe it’s
like that Final Fantasy you’re supposed to die thing. – [Griffin] You think maybe? I would love my ship to turn. I think I gotta give
it some of that juice. – [Justin] You took away all it’s steering juice I think. – [Griffin] Click on shield
that is low to power it, that’s kind of neat. – [Justin] Oh no we’ve reached the part of every Monster Factory where Griffon starts having fun enjoying video games. – [Griffin] Oh I wouldn’t say that. Please upgrade my ship! – [Justin] There’s gotta
be a button on here that activates warp drive Griffin. – [Griffin] I wanna watch like a 2006 Honda Civic drive past me. What’s up? Hey I can’t, I forgot the stop button okay this is awkward. Close quarters this is
that CQC shit I know. – [Justin] Certainly
didn’t see this coming. Hmm yes. – [Griffin] This probably gets better. – [Justin] The game part? – [Griffin] The part
where I don’t just hold in the space bar and see lasers. – [Justin] Yeah. – [Griffin] I caught Zerva! – [Justin] That’s a
guy a real space cowboy that doesn’t need to do it with a gun – [Griffin] Oh yeah
now he gets a giddy-up! Can I change my clothes? I would love to get out of this tutorial before we wrap up. – [Justin] Can you just
fly down to that planet? I’m very curious at this point are you just gonna bump
against the planet? – [Griffin] Oh wait Borgs! The Borgs! Borgs take me with you! – [Justin] Da Borg. – [Griffin] Borgs this ship sucks! – [Justin] Did you hear this da Borg. You hear this? – [Griffin] From uh
yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. – [Justin] Snull, yeah. Da Borg. – [Griffin] I really want the Borg to assimilate my ass ’cause I can’t wait to see what I look like
as a half-robot like. Ah, they’re the ones
causing the stinky clouds. Oh shit, there’s more clouds. I wonder what Clayton’s putting over this part of the video to make it entertaining and funny. Can you put in some stuff from
Ace Ventura or Gold Finger? Gold Member that was the third one. – [Justin] Gold Member there it is. Smoke and a pancake. – [Griffin] I like that. – [Justin] I love that shit. – [Griffin] How have I not figured out what these stinky clouds are? I’ve scanned five of
these stink-ass clouds. Do I wait for these fictional scientists to solve the mystery? Dammit! See, I told you we should get out of here and stop looking at these stink clouds! This almost certainly has to be it, yeah? – [Justin] Yeah you I
mean you have to assume. – [Griffin] I’m gonna
put all my power into ass kicking there we go that’ll help. Are these numbers over
my head good points? Or bad points? Am I increasing my score? Is there a leader board? – [Justin] I don’t know what’s happening. It still says 100%. Unless that represents the
emotional state of your crew becoming more distressed. – [Griffin] Oh my god stop! Is that please the end of the Borg? You have got to be shitting me. Now wait a minute these are Death Stars I know these. What uh that’s all too many. Do you think people who live on that planet are looking up like “The fuck?” – [Justin] The fuck how long is this at first the entire planet was like “holy shit!” Now they’re like “wrap it up!’ – [Griffin] “Wrap it up
guys” oh no, that robot’s a different shape. I wonder if the lasers will hit it. The lasers have it hit. Gerry you watching this? Nah man. – [Justin] I was. – [Griffin] Fucking wheels on dude. Right. And off we go! On another adventure! I would love to get off this fucking boat. What am I getting hit from? – [Justin] Oh my god your
health is just dropping is it catching up? What on Earth is happening? – [Griffin] What the fuck is happening. – [Justin] You’re too close to the sun your ship’s melting. – [Griffin] Let’s do it. Fuck it I’m out! No you can’t deny me this Todd. – [Justin] What’s the point of doing a space game? – [Griffin] We can’t end it till we get back on land! They’re keeping us their space prisoners! – [Justin] I’m really
upset about this Todd. – [Griffin] Todd you shoulda known better. – [Justin] Star Field was a mistake. – [Griffin] Help. What’s this one. Report a bug. – [Justin] Just submit that. Should get back to you real soon. – [Griffin] Yup, yup. Yup yup yup. – [Justin] Imagine that last thing was an episode of your
favorite show Star Trek. – [Griffin] Wait are we landing? Is the Vega colony a planet? Seems like it would be. YES! Yes! I fucking beat it! Awww yeah. Ah and there they are! Fuck yeah. Oh my god yes. – [Justin] Thank Lord.
– [Griffin] That is so choice. Yeah that’s uh. That’s 100% Powerade. Oh fuck off! Did y’all just jump for joy because your captain approached you? Yay, captain’s back! – [Justin] Our leader! – [Griffin] We’re not on the ship anymore! Justin now that we’ve sort of
reached the climactic final chapter in Yobba’s Star Fleet career, his brief but extremely like, fast ascending career. – [Justin] Yeah especially for someone who dresses like he does. – [Griffin] Well now he’s the captain he can dress however the fuck he wants. – [Justin] That’s right. – [Griffin] It’s casual every day baby. I tried to tell them but they were like “We want our nerd armor”. – [Justin] Well it looks great and he’s been a great friend to us I’m sorry about all the time you spent cooped up on the bridge but I think he handled himself admirably. – [Griffin] That’s how it works isn’t it? You’re like I want– – [Justin] What the shit? – [Griffin] Yeah it’s okay it’s like I wanna be the captain
I wanna bet he captain and then you’re the captain and it’s a lot of sitting in a chair and pressing the space bar. Yeah! Hey everybody. Get the fuck out of here. I’m tired of looking at ya. Let’s try to forget the last like literally 25 minutes and just try to remember the good times we spent with Yobba. – [Justin] Oh he looks
so cool and all this on planet shit’s been great. – [Griffin] Yeah. – [Justin] I’m sure graphically this looks better on a beefy rig. – [Griffin] there aint’
nothing wrong with that. That’s looked good since day one. – [Justin] Yeah, he looks great. He’s got a professorial
vibe but he looks like he could beat some ass. – [Griffin] He does beat ass. So final score Justin what you thinking? – [Justin] Phasers set on thrill. – [Griffin] That’s not
how we usually do it. – [Justin] That’s the score. – [Griffin] You gotta say– – [Justin] Which is a 6. – [Griffin] Oh, I forgot
to look at the chart. I’m never going to play this game again and we managed to get through it without getting banned so. (Justin laughing) (Justin laughing more) – [Justin] Hey everybody
quick programming note. In the near future, we’re ganna be publishing new
episodes of Monster Factory just on the McElroy
Family YouTube Channel. So if you aren’t already
subscribed to that, you’ll want to go ahead and do that. – [Griffin] Smash it baby! – [Justin] Griffin, I asked you not to. I begged you not to. – [Griffin] Mmm, smash that!

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