Mizuno MX 700 Hybrid Features and Benefits | Golf Club Review

We’re at the Loch Erne Golf Resort testing
clubs today and I’ve got the Mizuno MX 700 hybrid. Now this club is all about power.
It has the same stainless steel face as in the MX 700 driver and fairway wood and it’s
really great at getting the ball up launching high. How Mizuno has done this? They have
put all the weight in the heel and the toe. You can see this band wrapping around the
club here. It’s got a drop down crown here which take all the weight from the crown and
places it low and deep in the club. The centre of gravity is right down there making it easy
to launch. The other nice thing about this club is the alignment aid. It’s semi-transparent
on the crown of the club it makes it look really good at address. So if you’re looking
for a nice powerful hybrid with the classic Mizuno lines check out the MX 700.

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