Mizuno MP18 Irons – MP-18, SC and MMC Review
Mizuno MP18 Irons – MP-18, SC and MMC Review

G’day Guys, Alex Etches from GolfBox. I don’t to review the Mizuno MP-18 Irons because… They’re Disgusting Said no one…ever! Welcome to heaven Right, let’s just get straight to this. I have the MP-18 Blade I also have the Split Cavity; and I also have the Multi Compound head So that’s the stages of 3. We start at the blade – traditional, limited offset, thin topline all about workability targeting the ball strikers. Pffft! Goodbye… Just kidding, no chance am I letting go of this Then we go to the split cavity, which sits in the middle of the three, forgiveness and workability; slightly thicker; slightly bigger in head size Then we go to the multi compound
has more technology. Tungsten weighting in the toe Bit more offset more forgiveness.
let’s crack on MP 18 blade first let’s give it a wallop.. Come on then
bread Knife – let’s do this. Pretty scary however, I will say this, it’s not as blade
looking as you might think you look at the back of the iron and you
think oh no the actual fact it doesn’t look too bad and it feels as good I need to get lucky with these strikes
otherwise I will be visiting Indiana Jones in the rocks. 195 meters, these are
six irons, all three of the heads so we’re going to be playing with a stock
shaft of each one. This is a dynamic gold s-300. it’s quite comforting actually
that top-line it’s not like a say, sharp and you’re going to cut your hands on it.
It looks more like, I’d probably say a split cavity. but it is the blade, which is, yeah
it is the blade. that was hit so I didn’t I didn’t know whether to take this out
to dinner or review it. it was pretty close. 201 meters. Erm, out the middle it
feels like chocolate unbelievable smooth; I feel confident with it – which in
all fairness I shouldn’t, but. That was low out of the face but the face was
pretty square so we haven’t got too much shape which is great.
Wow, those results won’t look too bad split cavity so this is really the
sensible option for me. Sits in the middle of the three we get workability
we get that a little bit more forgiveness. Still looks fantastic
straight away it’s slightly longer you can tell in the head it’s going to give
you a bit more confidence over the ball we have the standard KBS tour 120 stiff
it doesn’t look that much different to be honest. Can I say that, am I allowed to say that. It looks very similar slightly thicker top-line maybe a margin
more offset. Let’s see how it goes I suppose. Feels
lighter, but it feels good. So that’s gone two hundred and two meters. Slightly longer than
the blade which you would expect. The strike feels a bit crisper, so I think
I’m getting a bit more than the technology boost if I don’t hit the
middle. That swing if that had have been the blade we’d be in a bit of
bother, I reckon. but I think the forgiveness has helped me out.
198, pretty consistent. Not too far left that could be hitting the greenside
bunker I suppose but yeah we’ll take it it masks a little bit the strikes, so
if you’re not getting it the forgiveness is there to make you think
you’ve still got it. if that makes any sense. the feel for me is losing a little
bit from the blade, the blade’s like “you hit that really bad” where this is
like “It’s okay, we’ll do it together” See what I mean?. So we’ve left the multi
compound ‘big dawg’ It’s not called that I added that in, at the end. so, the end
of the scale; more forgiving, giving it more ball speed slightly less workable
but it is still in the players category I would say, MP obviously. Multi compound
so it actually states as MMC, I don’t know where my finger was going. MMC,
so multi compounds we’ve got titanium behind the face we’ve got tungsten in
the toe – obviously moving that CG more towards the middle for optimum results.
okay, I’m excited this is the NS pro modus three shaft and I’m going to give
this a hit now we’re here, straight away, the heads
longer I feel like I’m going to hit this in the relatively right direction. Ha, Funny!
oh wow that feels quick back and it is pretty long 205 meters on the carry. Again masks the strike a little bit I didn’t
think that was fantastic no, it’s fallen shorter. we didn’t get
to feel like you would the blade if you did get it wrong yes that sounds so good
Crikey! oh and it’s long. I’ve just absolutely belted that 207 meters. yeah,
Wow. Results! this is why we’re here the results of the review and it’s
everything you would expect so we’ll start with the distances. Blade with 198
meters carry on average, split cavity was 199, Multi compound 202. so we’ve got
that gradual increase as you would expect from the blade to the bigger
cavity. spin, so we’ll go side spin 372 right to left with the blade; 382 right
to left with the split cavity and Multi compound 532 right to left. So, the bigger
more forgiving I got more side spin from proving that all these irons are workable,
you can shape any of them and it really does boil down to strike. overall doesn’t
matter what head you choose and back spin at 6583 blade, 6599
split cavity 6427 Multi compound very much the same, all workable
will all hold the green – which is what we need. I’m blown away, so I would order
these as a split cavity in the longer and then the blades in the shorter.
usually with that you’d have a problem of the split cavity having a stronger
lofts, the blade’s having the weaker lofts and then you get to the middling
you’d have a big drop-off but Mizuno can actually if you order this as a split
set they can make sure the gap is correct they will alter it, so
it’s completely smooth progressive through the set and also the offsets so
usually split cavity have a greater offset compared to the blade this is now
progressive as well so you won’t see a big straight straight straight straight
blade split cavity, split cavity, split cavity, offset which is fantastic
what more can I say blown away fantastic irons thank you as
always for watching if you need any more help give us a call on 1-800 six five
two two double one obviously give us a like and comment below. love hearing what you’ve got to say subscribe thank you very much

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    For those of you that have asked, I've ordered 4-6 in the SC and 7-PW in the Blade. I can't wait!

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