Mizuno JPX Series wedge:  Official film
Mizuno JPX Series wedge: Official film

this is an exciting launch for us because we actually are launched an entire wedge line to go along with the jpx line of iron’s it’s a full wedge line 50 degree all the way to 60 degree every two degrees in there and it’s a wedge line that actually looks really solid it’s got a lot of mass right behind impact really solid feeling looks really good at address it’s not overly large and it’s just a really good performing wedge when you look down at this club it is an R type head shape so it’s a little bit more rounded leading edge a little bit more rounded top-line what that does for you is if you open it up or if you close it down still looks very square at address still it looks like it’s pointing at the target if you look at the sole of the jpx wedge you can see it as a triple cut sole with what I mean by that it’s just got some trailing edge relief as well as some leading edge relief that sole really flows nicely into all of our jpx models they all have a very similar sole grind to them it’s a cast wedge made of 8620 steel the reason we did that is because it for the jpx player it’s gonna flow a little bit more into their sets of irons in terms of feel so what we did is after casting we went back and milled our quad cut groove what that is it’s a loft specific groove on the stronger wedges the 54 down to the 50 they’re actually a little bit narrower deeper groove and we get to the 56 to 60 degree it’s a little bit wider shallower groove just because the types are shot to play with each of those calls for that type of groove this club is really designed for the jpx user a game improvement club user I say that because it’s a little bit larger a little bit taller a little bit more forgiving club head and when you look at it address it does have it a cavity back built in that adds incremental forgiveness so if you do miss it a little bit on the toe or a little bit on the heel you’re getting to get away with it my name is Chris Michelle and I’m a golf club designer from Mizuno

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