Mizuno JPX 919 Forged Irons: A Fitters Review

Hi, I’m Derek from ForeGolf Custom and
this is the review of the Mizuno JPX 919 forged head. I’ve got some
stuff on this to do with the ball flight so if you hit the ball a little bit high
this is one you’re gonna want to have a look at and what I’ve done is David and
myself are gonna talk you through not only how we apply this onto our fittings
but also how it fits into the matrix here at ForeGolf a new product launch
is an exciting time here at ForeGolf but to be fair can open up a bit of a
can of worms we have to kick into overdrive so when JPX 919
launched about a month ago or so and we had to figure out we could get it all in
and then we had to sort of hit test it so Dave and I take the club through
fairly rigorous hit testing here in the Bay we test lots of different shafts
then we take it out the golf course we had loads of shots with it tries to try
and work out in our heads where it fits in here so that then we can figure out
where it fits in in terms of the matrices and where how we fit with it
and who we place it with and how it operates and what have you found with
this product after we’ve done all that I guess the first point is when a Mizuno
box arrives through the door there’s and air of excitement there’s never any fear factor
of what the hell are we gonna get you always get some as much as every product
is individually designed and each generation gets better and better you’re
always gonna get the two major key Mizuno parts. which are? Feel yeah and
Stability in structure so you have all these plus with whether with a beauty
factor build in as well because there’s The shape of it of it they don’t make it they
don’t make a bad-looking golf club like no matter what you do there was no so
when when this one came in we did sit here and debate where it did actually
fit into the industry we actually sat right here and did that to be fair
and I guess fundamentally this product is for improving guys aspirational guys
guys who are looking to and girls looking to get better from a handicaps
perspective maybe they’ve got that maybe they’ve got better and they’ve got a
little bit stuck with the game improver on the super game we talked about this
being a step or product and not are not necessarily quick no it’s your blending
Club it takes you from your game improvement and it but it’s not quite
your low single-handicappers non-forgving ball strikers product
right now we talked about we’ve debated about this you know when boron was
brought in as a component into the steel to make the club to make this to forging
harder the ball did go further and but hot metal deals with the speed stuff and
then tour deals with the kind of the player products absolutely yeah this is
kind of basically in the middle in the family absolutely it’s the blend between
the two ball flight on this what have you found so this this particular forged
range over the last few years from a Mizuno’s perspective has always been a
great product for us here in Ireland but I guess it’s also been amazing product
for Western Europe where you’ve got a lot of mass low down in the bottom of
the head create loads of height and spin yeah for a warm hot sunny climates but
if the way if the air is cold wet and damp
we need something which flights at low which this product is perfect so if you
are that kind of high ball striker or struggling to the wind that links type
guy you want to keep it flat but I see alright this is perfect from what are
you pairing it with then shaft wise it could to compensate or to allow it
to again if you if you want that height then you take the step out of a KBS C Taper
Project X LZ these kind of stepless shaft profiles not to say you can’t
get it in the air with a bit of softness using the softer KBS or a Nippon
product that’s a NUGGET alone so worth subscribing to the channel just to realize
that for who’s it for what ball flight and then price-wise in the round the 175
Euro mark 150 sterling mark or I think it’s very well placed financially it’s
the same price of the tour right forged right and you don’t get any up charges
on the shafts which means that aspiring players enough to worry about getting
nailed for a shaft upgrade nothing on the grips either in terms of
that’s how the club operates that’s the kind of player it kind of suits and the
ball flight and the shaft structure let’s take a little bit of a deeper look into
the design and so I’ll give you a steer on how this kind of club comes together
and then how it operates so they’ve been really smart with the design this year
of this 919 forged head and in fairness that still using that 1025 e
steel that they’re world-famous for now and it’s stayed the same in terms of how
that boron is mixed with the steel but what happens is when you mix the boron
with that soft steel you’re not only the strikes off the face but because
it’s stronger it allows you to machine an engineer the head better and this is
the key to this product a step up from previous models is this new design new
shape of the club head and it’s it’s more forgiving so let me explain why so
the grain flow forged that they use they covered off the ends of the flashing
this time which keeps the grain tighter together it means that the grain doesn’t
spread out it’s a little bit tighter now but that means it feels a little bit
softer hard to feel in terms of hitting but it does make the grain tighter which
means it means it’s better the big thing though is this milling that they’ve done
at the back of the head so in behind the head down low towards the sole they’ve
actually milled out the bottom section and this is quite important because it
has helped in terms of the strikes down low but what it’s done is its created a
ball of weight that Chris Voshell and his guys are R&D can then push somewhere
else Chris has also cut into the heel of the club here which allows the weight
then to be moved and transferred into the toe which creates a better balance
of this club head so this club is stepped up in terms of its forgiveness
it’s a much much friendlier safer club but still that phenomenal feel we’ve
also reviewed the 919 Hot Metal a while ago so what I’ll do is
I’ll put some links that up here and just in case I’ll also stick it down in
the description below I’m gonna also run a little bit of a giveaway and I think
it’s time for that Mizuno giving me a goodie bag
trust me it’s got some cool stuff in there you’re gonna like it what I want
you to do is in the comments below I want you to stick in Mizuno’s tagline
that they’re using for all their product I’ll give you a hint it’s got the word
FEEL in it alright and while you’re down in the
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