Mini Golf Battle To Celebrate My Brothers Birthday
Mini Golf Battle To Celebrate My Brothers Birthday

Oh roll back roll back get in the hole
get mo are you kidding me what is up guys hope y’all having a wonderful day
out here in Brentwood Tennessee where I live
yes we’re gonna do a little putt-putt for this guy’s birthday is my brother
Andrew everybody in the comments below wish him a happy birthday go Nick
Brandon also joined us we’re gonna do a little 2v2 putt-putt challenge today
what are the teams Zach and Brandon best ball 2v2
let’s head to the first tee right now hole number one right here little
elevated tee box going down a couple slopes pretty straightforward Andrew
here on number one guess we’re gonna let the birthday boy go first
not too bad heading a little ride but does it get a bounce off the wall yes it
does ooh really not too bad all right we have Brandon here aka jump five yes baby
if anyone was wondering he is the star of jump 5 back in the day so he’s going with the left route does
it get it okay not too bad decent bounce off the wall there and Nick here he’s
heading a bit left does it take the slope and let’s see what the bounces
like off the wall really not too bad let’s see what he can do doesn’t look
half bad uh-oh heading straight for it ooh ooh not the best bounce but it’ll do
at his brain on the right hand row on the left and they both made it Brandon
tried to knock and you’re out alright two’s for both teams let’s go
I’m the hole-in-one specialist I think we’re ready to go
proud here playing a little putt-putt for my birthday thank you for the happy
birthdays in advance if you wish me a happy birthday hopefully well anyways
have whole number two here a couple boulders right in the way there is a
little Avenue to maneuver through there if you choose to do so
down the slope into the hole let it fly oh he’s heading down into the rough John
and need to stop oh yeah I’m not really sure not sure what Nick’s thinking looks
like he’s trying to go through the rocks did he do it yes he did and that looks
really really good without that worked out for Nick I think we got to go
through the two on two and watch that all right guys we got
hole three here it’s a tie ballgame we’re going into a little vortex and
then into a little small hole you know what I’m probably not gonna fit into it
I don’t know if you’ll follow me but a little thicker so look drop down we got
Andrew here up first still has the honors going through the vortex as he
says under the bridge did it even come out that is not good
that is not good not sure what’s going on here he is gonna attempt to hit this
all we can see are his legs yeah are you serious we’re really not too bad
oh boy how is not made for that Brandon here yeah
little firmer than Andrew and that didn’t work out great
is it gonna make it out it did it did what I put that is what’s almost
identical almost but I think it’s going to turn out a little better
oh it just got out alright not bad keep it going like that yes sir all
right how did you come back with that Nick actually came to play and saved
Andrew so yeah we’re one down through three number four another elevated tee
box down a couple slopes straight through the logs honestly I don’t have
back pockets right now but we got Brandon and Zack in our back pockets and
the hole in one specialist not actually it looks pretty good oh he
left it just a bit short yeah Brandon here that actually looks really good
that looks really good needs to go a little that was left well short no that
actually looks pretty good yeah are you serious let’s go let’s go
and I thought honnor nothing here all right we got winners-only club over
here the match just started holding look holding one over here not that on hold
for we’re up two on four holes I mean I don’t know how they’re gonna stop us
like I said before they’re in our back pocket we are so far in Brandon’s head
it’s embarrassing I would hate to be in his shoes we got some ground to make up
Brandon we got them where we want them hole number five here we have like a
dolphin fin or something over here not sure what the purpose of that is
hopefully no one hits it they’re down the slope breaks to the right in the
hole will rough there to the right down the slopes oh oh oh he’s got a little
work to do there ooh how about that ooh you really hit
that one easy there Oh oh that leaves a lot to be desired there
in the rough I was a valiant effort oh what a good role I team good guys in
with a three yeah I mean looks pretty straightforward I think we’re about to
win another Hall not break it up yikes oh oh no worries
hole number six nothing to it really we got a little offshoot we got a little
flowerbed here little sprinkler head hopefully we won’t go in there take it
around the right hand side nothing too big I am the hole-in-one specialist but I
keep having to go first so we’re just getting a nice safe play here looks good real good Wow not a great
bounce all right sucka let’s see not bad
I’d hate for a bad bounce oh all right all right is to hole number seven here
we are going through the forest on the tee box up the slope little bender to
the left back down the slope little slope on the left the visibility off the
tee is not great it’s a pretty good little hop there down the slope this
looks really good uh-oh that does need to travel he got a
really great kick off that slope to get him here
Wow oh no he comes up the hill there we go that’s it that is so good four footer
let’s see if he can do it a whole my be blue shoes with his
charcoal black t-shirt I’m not a fashionista well maybe I am but boy talk
about clashing not putting very well today we are three down through seven
now hole number eight here ruff to the left you don’t really want to fall into
the valley of catastrophe so we’re going to call that down to the left straight
up ahead Sandra is just like flirting with that not bad
Oh almost broke the camera Dallas come on hold it hold it Zak up oh oh I don’t
know how that was a little right big I’ve had to go nine here up the slope
little sand bunker to the left Boulder to the middle back down the slope and
into the hole let’s see if he can control his speed up and over the slope not too bad
that was a really firm hit the camera and that’s where it ended up we didn’t
really have anywhere to put the camera except for on the green I was about the
only camera angle we could do so it is feasible to hit the camera and knock it
off line but this is pretty good actually
should bounce off the wall and that is where it ended up oh I was good speed I mean I can’t miss alright heading into the back nine we
are three down Brandon got some ground to make up
Andrew and nicker playing pretty good not gonna lie they have not given us any
poles to win nothing unless we would have made a hole in one and we have not
done that yet and our three putts haven’t helped either so yeah we’re on
to the back nine three down stay tuned see if we can make a comeback but it’s
been embarrassing I mean there’s been a clown show is what it is
we’re gonna run away with that number ten here the little Ridge slash cliff
into a tunnel it looks like to finish down here where
the hole is however you could take an alternate route to the right probably
gonna try to go into the tunnel Andrew to tee off he has yet to give up the tee
box that looks really good are you oh and
just a little left but not bad at all here we go bad not bad oh I didn’t do it
I was hoping it would do look hopefully he didn’t get this into the tunnel looks
like he did and it comes out lips out off the wall needs to put this close
that was almost a double hit and I didn’t get there what happened there did
the nerves get to you you hate to see it alright I made it in the tunnel and
we’re gonna go ahead and clear all those balls and just take turns putting its
Brandon here for his three that is big yeah
alrighty Nick here for his three and the tie on the whole the zig this is where
we come back this is the start number eleven has a lot going on here way up
the slope couple boulders rough down there up the hill do have a little
backstop right here me and Brandon do have the tee for the
first time today yessir what a putt come down off that slope
what what are we doing here oh oh that needs to settle alright not
bad he’s taking an aggressive route here did it pay off really not too bad all right Zacks up
here on hole 11 we are still up by 2 after the tragic loss of a hole on the
last one let’s see what he can do Oh one’s the very nice – sir no pressure
here Brandon but this has got to go all 12 winner’s circle only up three
another big win on the last hole we’ve got a massive hill with a little lip
down to the hole but don’t hit it too hard because you got a treacherous
uphill slant back down to the hole there’s the team I was really really good not bad not bad roll back roll back get
in the hole get in the hole whoa to tie this whole can he do it looks
very good it’s gonna have to roll back left let’s
see yeah go go go we are four down yeah
with the hole in one from Nick they’re really playing well I got to give it to
him we are four down through 12 this guy let’s go number 13 have some
decisions to make here if you head right you’ve got a tunnel right here that will
funnel into little sand bunker right there on down here here’s where it’s
gonna spit it out towards the hole looks like a great option if you head to the
left you got some slopes to deal with I think
we’re just gonna play it safe nothing big we’re gonna go on the left we’re
gonna get our – we’re gonna go on with our day I got the hole-in-one specialist
going 3 hitting 3 hole we’re good to go and you’re here on the tee
riding up the slope all right not too bad looks like that’s pretty safe all
right not too bad good speed and it took a weird hop on that second slope just
knighted as the hole-in-one specialist see if he has another up his sleeve oh
no oh no that is out of play even pressure on my teammate I think he’ll
pull through all right so they played it safe we
don’t have time to play it safe we’re taking it right we’re gonna see where
this tunnel leads hopefully to the hold one all right
number one let’s go whoo we needed that that was
necessity that had to happen right here right now
hole-in-one through hole 13 we’re only three down yeah that’s a lot but we’re
making a comeback right now all right we got hole 14 we had a disappointing last
hole Zach with the hole-in-one that was huge for them we’ve got a couple logs
little platform right there goes up to the hole little elevation in a little
rough I think we’re going left straight at it it’s a little firm but not bad this actually looks really good that
looks Oh just not past the hole that actually worked out really well I
was pretty solid play that’s my was big it’s a big though that was not your best pot right
there so must make for the tie on the hole that was a big miss for team good
guys all right guys so not a good hole I didn’t want to bring this up I’m not a
complaining guide by really had a nagging Achilles issue I’ve been playing
all heart no legs so I didn’t want to complain but if the killings is killing
me number 15 here this is really pretty
straightforward hole up a couple small slopes a lot of real estate back here in
the fairway little rough here on the right this looks really really good
Wow all right hey rad 17 here this looks not too bad that really was pretty good
effort there not too bad gonna be a little short though 20:19 rolls literally just stick in here that’s money team good guys there you go
Nick here first two and the tie that is Jay hold the two up lead with
three two flight Wow team good guys two down whole sixteen here Wow do we have
options door one door two door three four or five comment below which door
would you enter alright so you choose your door on the other side it’s gonna
come right on out hopefully in the middle door it looks like that looks to
be maybe the best option that’s what I’m going for we’ll take it alright pedalboard oh no thought that was almost a double
hedge well we’re gonna let it slide alright there’s Andrew there for his
three I think they were making fun of me that was really good I was a great
effort right there right in the middle door they’re definitely making fun of me
at this point oh no oh no oh it made it oh it made it but it did not make it
very far if this goes team good guys it’s not
looking good Oh once again don’t want to complain but I think I missed the middle
door because what’s the exact can do it that was big
that was big I know Andrews back there making excuses for this comeback we’re a whole 17th here yeah we’re gonna
bump it we’re down by one we’re coming for you Tim good guys down one whole 17
here got a couple options can take it up around the bend on the right or go short
to the left looks like up the bend to the right may be the way to go one way I like it bounce off the slope
come on come on and you’re teeing off the birthday boy he did hit it a little
firmer might have been no not the greatest bounce off the slope there
Brandon’s going with the alternate route here it looks like going a little left
this may not be a bad play didn’t quite take the slope how he had hoped Nick
here off the tee going to the right actually this could
be really good Oh another another not great bounce off the wall that was pledge to both teams
we’re still down one not out yet dorming one hole left late teen final hole of
the day up wine winner’s circle only let’s go we got a little dip dip dip
down to the hole we got a little sand on our left a little rough on the right are
you kidding me won by the way cannot believe what we made to come back
there yes Brandon with the hole-in-one on 18 that was huge I didn’t even have
to fight yes so I do with it all square through 18 on to a playoff first team to
make a hole-in-one wins so least amount of attempts we’re gonna
go first see how many attempts it takes us to Bank a hole-in-one and then they
go next least amount of temps wins hitting me hold on hold on that was in
and just adjusted the flagstick that counts Andrew and Nick have to make this
: 1 in 8 or less attempts 8 or fewer anyway they have to get under 9 see if
it goes right Oh you hate to see that Oh No they each have one more attempt to tie
they need to make this for the win oh no oh no oh no again this is the tie disappointing loss hate to see it on my
birthday I mean usually people are nice enough to let you in on your birthday
but not these guys that is it Brandon coating clutch on the last hole for us
that was huge hope y’all enjoyed today’s mini blood
pledge challenge celebrate angels birthday if you haven’t already drop
them a little message down below wish him a happy birthday sorry we had to
beat you on your birthday what a mall it wasn’t so it was a pretty free monsters
come back yes thanks to Nick for joining in Andrew for being here Brandon for
being here hope y’all enjoyed today’s video if you’d like to see a rematch let
us know in the comments below I think they want to see a rematch I’m pretty
sure we were robbed so we’ll see the dagger lucky you never know if you like
Brandon’s holding one on the last to give us a tie drop a little light
subscribe below if you like this kind of content thank y’all again so much for
tuning in and we’ll see you only see ya yep you

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