Michigan State Men’s Golf | Colleton River Collegiate | Spartans All-Access
Michigan State Men’s Golf | Colleton River Collegiate | Spartans All-Access

(light upbeat music) – So right now we’re at Colleton River. We’re playing in our
intercollegiate event. It’s our first stroke
play event of the year. And yeah, we’re looking forward to getting off to a good start. – We got a fun day, 36 holes. We’ll be out here about
10 and a half hours so from pretty much the
sunrise until sunset, we’re out here playing. Just looking for a fun day
and lots of birdies out there. – Little bit windier today, little colder. So it won’t be as much of a
ball strikers course today. But it’ll definitely be a grind which is what we’re used
to seeing down here. It’s usually tough conditions down here. – [James] It’s a different feel knowing you have some
support down here definitely because we can’t host
in Michigan right now with the snow on the ground and all that. It’s cool just being able to be down here. We have our own house so it’s sweet. (upbeat music) – That one’s gonna push
a little bit to the right and then check and
dribble out to the left. Okay. No it’s 18 short. So 20 to get on the green. – 120 club might be easier. – Okay so it’s probably
gonna go 130 right now. – It’s gonna bounce. – No that’s good. That a way. Yeah it’s been a good start. I thought the first 30
minutes was pretty rough but I think that’s normal when you haven’t played for five months in a stroke play event like this. And then we rebounded, played
really well the last nine of the first 18. Got ourselves a little lead. Andrew’s on hole 21, 22. We got 14 more or so. Got a three or four
shot lead at the moment. But now’s the most
important time as a coach. I’m anxious now because
you’ve got the lunch break, you got a little lull. You gotta keep your intensity up. It’s gonna be a test of
our character and strength. – Birdie! – Yep, that’s staying. Yep, good shot. Stuck in between there? – Yeah I was in between and I
was traumatized from earlier. – Stuck in the ground. Alright, you good? – Yep. – Play hard for five
holes, I’ll get you dinner. If not, no dinner. – No dinner? (laughing) – Go get ’em bud, come on. Maximum intensity right now. You can be tired in an hour and a half. – It feels good. Believe it or not I was
just scrambling all day. And I managed to put a good
score on the scorecard. It’s great. We’re prepared and we’re
playing well so far. And hopefully we can cap
it off with a dub tomorrow. – Yeah it was a good day. It was what I expected
to be honest with you. I thought it was a little more inefficient than what I expected. And I know that we’re gonna start tomorrow a little more on edge. Alright so 14, the biggest
change of the day in my opinion. Now we gotta get the ball on the fairway. 24 on seven left. Right, we’ve been coming off two rounds where we just kind of
did what we should do. We’ll do something better tomorrow. And if you’ve got it, for
God’s sakes if you’ve got it put your foot on the gas and go. Everybody contributed today. James did what I asked him
to do and it was great. I’m proud of all of you. Let’s go get it. Pack up in the morning. – Do what we do. Spartans on three. One, two, three – [Group] Spartans! (upbeat music) – Yep. You didn’t have that swing when I met you. – What? – You didn’t have that
swing when I met you. – Do we need a three here, or? – No. We need a shot on the green. Okay? Good work bud. (audience clapping) Don Trosper. I’m proud of you buddy. – Thanks. – Good stuff. You got out of your own
way this week, didn’t you? – Yeah I did, yeah. – Let’s go baby. Good stuff, good stuff. – Thanks buddy. – The champ. – Pat yourself on the back too. We won, didn’t we win? We won right? – Yeah why are you
massaging his shoulders? ‘Cause you carried on. – Right here. That’s one this week,
let’s get two, alright? I’m proud of you boys. Good effort. (upbeat music)

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