Michigan Golf Courses | A Pure Michigan Summer
Michigan Golf Courses | A Pure Michigan Summer

[music] the things I love about golfing in Michigan
are the variety that you find in the courses, the topography,
you can play courses that are on the water, that have views that stretch
for over 40 miles, you can play through the hardwoods, you can play through
the sandy pines, and you can find these all over the state even downstate you can
find courses that look like they belong in northern Michigan so there’s a variety all
over the state the scope and the breadth of what is available
in Michigan golf is like nowhere else I have been in the United States I can’t think of too many other places I’d
rather be in Michigan than a perfect summer day on a golf course here the variety of courses in Michigan, they do
offer all types of golf to all levels of player including families, families are
very very important, and I can speak on behalf of all families because that’s how
I learned to play golf Pure Michigan is walking down the eighteenth
fairway at sunset, hitting that last shot and watching the sun go down as you’re finishing

4 thoughts on “Michigan Golf Courses | A Pure Michigan Summer”

  1. Gnoobs says:

    Now make a Disc Golf video..

  2. Brother Dunne says:

    What are your favourite municipal courses in Michigan?

  3. Micky Plumridge says:

    Check out Bear Lake Highlands

  4. D Hawk says:

    After 40 years of being treated like subhuman trash, I now have documented proof that Michigan doesn't care about citizens they allowed to be bullied, abused, groomed and misdiagnosed. Don't ever lash out, or act out your frustrations, or Michigan will make sure you can't get a job and they won't allow you to sue for discrimination that comes along with them removing your humanity and publicizing your life. Stay away from this place. Your kids will be abused, bullied, and when they grow up, the state will not allow your kids to defend themselves. You can't even get damages from faulty or dangerous Rx drugs. I lost almost 100lbs and my thyroid is back to normal, since I stopped. This place is a crock.

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