what does everybody welcome back to the
channel today we got Chris staples caleb nash feemster and myself Josh Horton
and we’re going to be doing a messy weird item random object Halloween
edition basketball shooting challenge you guys ready ready how come how come
my spine is down much like my heart yeah you’re off quite a bit I think I have
scoliosis man I’m gotta go to a doctor maybe you saw part one of this video
that was just a bunch of other messy random objects it wasn’t here so didn’t
count the vehicle it did count I actually whupped oh yeah I made a couple
shots yeah you do you did a quick replay to your soda shot Chris sounds good okay
so today we have six rounds we have skulls filled with blood a witch’s brew
with floating finger that’s just Starbucks we have a little potion with
eyeball pumpkins worms and dirt and then to finish it off we’ve got some brains
and yes everyone this is real brains real worms real pumpkins believe it or
not and real all that stuff the one difference we’re gonna make on this
challenge Chris you can shoot from this line if you want for one point or from
this line for two points you’re feeling confident yep so six rounds most points
of the ends win if you have not subscribed yet make sure you do so I’ve
got videos every Monday Wednesday every Saturday
just click subscribe button right now and maybe a thumbs up Chris you wanna
try us off no okay okay let’s do it round one the skulls I think I don’t
care about these clubs but weirdly I do now you know all of a sudden care grab a
skull okay Chris are you shooting a one point or a two pointer start the game
off you know I’ll rebound I would not do that marinara sauce yeah just don’t cross the
line I mean blood all over you good thing we set the tarp up well I
didn’t think we would miss that badly okay first the first other day I
understand okay okay all right retry no but let’s go look at your gross little
uh now it’s mixed with mud and gross okay Caleb you’re out all right let’s
see you on a one pointer it’s just brains blood onion sauce blood who shot
put form my turn underhand of course could guess man the blood splatter on
this somebody called Dexter yeah it it bounced way more than I thought it was I
thought a bank would just count oh man I splattered all over the backboard but
yeah like hit right down the middle but then bounced left yeah weird it’s a
skull alright so score recap we don’t need a square recap okay round two yeah
I would suggest going for one this green stuff
it’s a witch’s brew yeah which is the potion yeah if you drink it you’ll win
no thanks are you sure yeah yeah or you don’t
this is actually really tough you’re go like that okay I mean I chew buckets all
day hello Oh some of the animals said Mountain Dew
some of the liquid went in the hoop but it does not count no y-you missed though
did you didn’t buy into it I told you if you drink it kind of I was thinking I’m
curious I don’t know how I got close Hey the good news is I washed off the blood
nice I got drip drip I actually thought I had
that I know the bank G’s ready see it all right eyeball potion I’ll buy into
it Oh oh no that’s the one you’re not
supposed to drink Chris maybe these items are too difficult and this sign is
literally yes the Sun is just clear that was really close why do I keep me Oh
minor like I’m not trying to say I have the best-looking shots out of everybody
but like all minor just like couple inches short also everyone we’re filming
this on Kayla’s birthday hey and when your thumbs up for Caleb’s
birthday and wish them happy birthday in the comments below thanks guys actually
from a for my gift like a lot of you haven’t subscribed obviously I’m through
it so like for my gift if you could just go subscribe to me I appreciate this
yeah go superb Caleb sure you don’t wanna go for two just look at everything
I’m dripping all right I have one point which gives me a huge lead right nothing
lead real quick guys today’s a Wednesday which means we’re gonna break or set a
world record today we’re setting a record it’s kind of pumpkin themed
Halloween themes were gonna do a pumpkin juggling world record the longest time
to juggle six pumpkins ready when you are I don’t even know that oh yeah I know I
I see the rhythm I know the rhythm now I can’t do it but I she was doing 20
seconds you know what first try I’ve never seen oh let’s do it so we’re
gonna we’re gonna take it I could probably try a couple more times to go
longer but you juggler stop there go grab so many pumpkins let’s see be 20
seconds with your turn nice Chris you’re up you know weights about right okay
it’s going for a one pointer oh no Chris well I don’t know well I think we said
the line is what counts but you know what dunk Macklemore what do you think
the end it Greg perfectly a half okay if you take one half and you make your shot
now we’ll count it I don’t know deliberate real quick about how many
points you got people coming on your channel think you make a cheat like me I
mean like that’s my thing I’m the loophole King I got pumpkin he did
doctor pumpkin let’s give my point one point all right one point I think you
guys speaking of Caleb’s Channel and throwing pumpkins into basketball hoops
we already did a all pumpkin trick shot shooting battle on Caleb’s Channel let’s
see who won so go I’ll give you a hint that’s your hint though there’s there’s
a card right here you can click the card when we’re when we’re done with this
video thanks yes going one pointer granny
to tie it up because for some reason we decided to give Chris a point
I deserved it come on I don’t get to yeah go ahead oh my gosh Caleb that’s far these
pumpkins are heavy right I was wrong enough it was close
I want to go backwards but I also want to win something I’m gonna get the one
pointer right here sure you don’t want to go for two yep
I feel like that pumpkin looks smaller than my oh nothing but net
nice I have two points you have it one point you have zero points no point zero
is my birthday so it’s an automatic plus three interesting that’s how it is on
the channel no Simon nope next up Chris we got the worms and dirt one third all
right all right the comeback is real Josh yeah all right
ready ready Wow the real bowl everyone Wow comeback is real Josh Wow started to
get real why didn’t the skeleton go to the party why he had no body to go with based on what you just did hey Chris
it’s not really that gross it’s just just putting in trolli bright crawlers
do you um / – oh yeah you need it – okay all right
that would be zero points if you dropped it just just to clarify how do it I’m
not telling you anything the Bolden chatter airball oh yeah wait I have –
Chris now it’s three okay – that’s not really in time but we serve another
round we have brains okay all tied up Caleb that’s how you somebody’s across
the board no your is impossible you don’t have three my birthday no Josh
give him three Josh it’s my birthday No just off camera it’s my birthday
Wow three points no brains you could use a little I’m freakin fired amen
all of us cause my birthday or what so me right beer up hey no pressure but
we’re tied if you missed this I make a one I win no and pressure the brain is
called the headache oh my gosh all of the brains / noodles
window that way and somehow the little helmet / ball went in that went in hey I
can’t help where the noodle or if I’m sorry I can’t help where the brains go
but the ball went in okay we’re going for one or two at five if I make it back
cause I get five okay out of the bowl get there and then brains McCleary went
by it so can you finish with zero points wait it’s my birthday show three
I’m sure nice three points shy with Josh right now yeah Oh Josh be missed I’m not
gonna miss I can’t make a one 2p Caleb somehow I don’t know why I agree to this
or a 2-2 tie Chris what happens if it’s a tie breaker
I don’t know we’ll need to pick something off the ground I guess oh man
hey hey guys one shot just what opportunity pumps there’s some spaghetti
actually its ramen noodles and Chef Boyardee spaghetti mixed together
mom spaghetti me and Josh tie me and Josh tie
second place two videos in a row for you this is my time and no one can stop me
looking forward to the next channel let me know if you doing some money
giveaways or you know some point anyway thank you so much for watching our
videos every Monday Wednesday every Saturday make sure you click that
subscribe button if you haven’t yet and give a thumbs up in this video
if this gets a bunch of thumbs up maybe we’ll do a part three of different messy
items here my Instagram shoutouts for today and click up top for some other
videos including part one that we did a a couple months ago love you guys will
see you later bye e yeah that wasn’t good but you have 20 minutes before you
die so you make it to the end of this video

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