Melissa McCarthy and Ellen Play ‘Danger Word’
Melissa McCarthy and Ellen Play ‘Danger Word’

All right, we’re back
with Melissa McCarthy, and we’re going to
play Danger Word. [MUSIC PLAYING] Oh God. Here’s how we play. We’re going to show the
audience two words– a winning word
and a danger word. Melissa and I have
to get our partner to say the winning word
without saying the danger word. You can only use one-word
word clues, we can. It’s like Password. So if you say the
danger word, I’ll be forced to push this button. And if you guess
the winning word, I’ll fire the cannon
at the losing team. All right? The winning word is flex. But the danger word is muscle. Don’t say that one. Bend. Bend. Squat. Muscle. No! [LAUGHTER] Look what you’ve done. Oh, sorry! [SHRIEKS] What is wrong with you? I don’t know. What’s wrong with you? I panicked. I panicked. I’m sorry. I’ll buy you a new blouse. That’s OK. Oh my God. All right, tWitch. Please tell the viewers
at home our danger word. The winning word is tequila. The danger word is margarita. All right. Cuervo. José. [LAUGHTER] Shot. Tequila. Yes! [CHEERING] Oh. Oh no. Is that what it means? Oh God, I’m sorry! [AUDIENCE GASPS] Oh God. Oh no. [LAUGHTER] I should have kept
my mouth closed. Yeah. Keep a little bit of that. tWitch– the danger
word, please. The winning word is money. The danger word is cash. Currency. Dollar. Moolah. Money. [CHEERING] No, don’t do it. I’m also sorry. [AUDIENCE GASPS] Oh no. Betsy, you got a little
extra helping there. All right. But one more strike,
and you’re out. So you have to be
really careful. Oh. You go first. Oh God. Oh, tWitch. The winning word is guacamole. The danger word is salsa. It’s a different type of salsa. Avocado. Vegetable. Chips. Salsa. Oh. [AUDIENCE GASPS] I meant a different word. I know I meant– I’m sorry. I won’t judge you. I’m sorry. I’m sorry about this. [LAUGHTER] Oh no. How’s that car ride home? All right, tWitch. The winning word is lettuce. The danger word is salad. Green. Leaf. Iceberg. Cold. Noo. That was a good one. I know. I was pretty proud of that
one, and I didn’t even win. No, I got too cocky. Shredded. Lettuce. Yes. Oh. I’m sorry. [CHEERING] [AUDIENCE GASPS] Oh my– You got a 65-inch
4K TCL Roku TV. You also get one. That’s how you play Danger Word. We’ll be right back.

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