Maximo Disc Golf Course (Tocobaga Disc Golf) in St. Petersburg, FL
Maximo Disc Golf Course (Tocobaga Disc Golf) in St. Petersburg, FL

Today we’re gonna take a look at Maximo
disc golf course here in St. Petersburg, FL. It’s a short but challenging
course, and it’s one of my favorites here in the area. This is the entrance that
you’ll see when you pull into the park off I-275 This park is gonna be just past
the Fort DeSoto exit, but before the Skyway if you are coming South. We’ll take that left
turn there. These are the baskets that you’ll see around the course – pretty standard baskets. This is your first parking area. That’s usually where I like
to stop there will be the basket for hole #4 that you can use the
practice as long as no one’s on the course. There you just walk down that
road a little bit or drive if you didn’t park and that’ll take you to the
first tee. That’s what it’ll look like when you get
there. There is a sign, and there’s quite a bit of parking. This is the main area for
the beach, the pavilions, and the playground. Over to the right you’ll see
the first tee pad So Maximo is short but if you get off
of the fairway the underbrush is really thick so you want to have a spotter or
be real familiar with how your discs are gonna fly. Hole#2 you can see
here is really important for that. The fairway is open for half of the distance
but then it goes straight over Palmetto bushes to a small landing area. Hole #3 goes out over the road and then swings back to the right into the green area. You can see off to the side here all the trees and underbrush- the palmettos again- if your disc goes in there and you don’t know exactly where it went it can be hard to find. Hole #5 goes straight back here
there are a lot of trees in the fairway though so it is a tight tight fairway. and then hole #6 here is pretty straightforward but you’ll see it’s on the sidewalk where it’s not an actual concrete pad. Hole #7 goes down to the right and
this one also has a lot of underbrush like hole 2 so
you want to have a spotter again. Hole #8 has a tight tunnel
there right where the arrows are and to the right is really thick underbrush
so you don’t want to saw it off short Hole #9 is pretty straightforward there’s not
a lot to worry about here. Hole #10 is just gonna follow the tree
line and then it has a slight right finish That brings us to #11. This is one
of the most open holes and one of the longest ones. It does have kind of a low
ceiling but you can you know bring out a big driver there. Hole #12 again has a
lot of trees in the middle and it also has water long so you don’t
want to fly past the pin. Hole #13 you’re gonna have mangroves down
the right-hand side and then also water if you go too far Hole# 14 is gonna take you
over two roads to the green area there #15 is a tight tunnel shot with
underbrush again. You can see the two mandos right off the tee. # 16 is probably the most open.
Overall it’s a good distance about 350 and there’s some
trees to avoid. 17 is open if you stay in the fairway,
but if you go left it’s almost a blind shot and it’s hard to find there too. That brings us to 18 which is pretty straight forward-
a lot of trees in the way The short pin location is just
before the water and the back pin location is
just after the water We hope you enjoyed this video. Make sure to subscribe to our channel, and check out our other videos!

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