Math in Sports | NotreDameX on edX | About Video
Math in Sports | NotreDameX on edX | About Video

Chance, strategy, physics. Each has an impact on the
athlete’s performance. But how can the application
of math and physics give us better insight
into the sports we love? Hi. I’m Annette Pilkington
professor of mathematics, and this is the question
we will ask ourselves throughout out math and sports. [SKIDDING ON ICE] [MUSIC PLAYING] Take, for example, an
offensive shot in hockey. When a player takes a
shot in goal, it’s not enough to know his own
strengths and weaknesses. He must also take into account
those of his opponents. [SKIDDING ON ICE] How can game theory help
this player be better prepared to make that split-second
decision between deke or shoot? MICHAEL HILDRETH: What
about a tackle in football? On this side, we have a
300-pound offensive lineman; on this side, a
200-pound defensive back. Can we use the concepts
of physics to understand what will happen when they collide? [MUSIC PLAYING] [MUSIC PLAYING] Hi. I’m Michael Hildreth,
professor of physics, and I’ll help you to answer this
question during our eight-week course. [MUSIC PLAYING] [MUSIC PLAYING] ANNETTE PILKINGTON: This player
just got four shots in a row. Can we attribute that
to random variation, or does she have the hot hand today? MICHAEL HILDRETH: As she
considers her next try, will she have a better chance of making
a three-pointer with a flat shot? [NET SWOOSHES] Or one with a high arc? Which trajectory is better? [MUSIC PLAYING] We’ll tackle these issues
and more in Math in Sports. So get off the bench, get in

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  1. Abdellatif Abdelfattah says:

    lol the way she shot the ball implies that it is nothing near real!

  2. Yasser El-azab says:

    she is a professor or a professional shooter Β !!

    or it's just " after effect " πŸ˜€

  3. sportpoint says:

    Cool video!

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