You don’t necessarily think of golf when traveling
to Santa Fe. You think of things like a sought-after art
destination for galleries and Native American art and world-class cuisine with a lot of
great natural and historical options for you on your stay to experience. We also have multiple golf courses within
60 miles of Santa Fe proper that are all spectacular options for golf, and they’re all very affordably
priced. Marty Sanchez Links de Santa Fe happens to
be in a spectacular setting. The terrain of all our golf course sort of
just sits in with the natural terrain out here. We have a golf course that is extremely fun
to play and very playable. The conditions are excellent, and the price
is amazing.>>This is one of the best deals as far as
affordability goes, and this also impresses people. They come here. They’re not charged $100 to play or $200 to
play. They get a great deal.>>The way the course was built was, really,
to capture the mountain ranges in the distance and really get to take in the high-desert
setting that we’re in. As you kind of get into the middle of the
front nine and the back nine of our golf course, you really get to experience the natural setting
of our golf course, which is the high-desert location here in Santa Fe, New Mexico, and
you don’t expect to see many water features or real lush, plush conditions, but when you
get out there, the course is maintained in a way that the conditions are green and beautiful,
so not only do we have a spectacular 18-hole, championship golf course, but we also have
a spectacular par-3 course, a nine-hole, par-3 course, which is a par 28. It has eight par 3s with a par 4 at the end. We call it the Great 28 because it’s a par
28, and it is as well designed as our 18-hole course, and it is just a ton of fun to play
for beginners, for intermediate players and for low-handicap, experienced golfers who
would like to go and maybe get a quicker round of golf in and sharpen their iron game and
their short game. You can come right here to Santa Fe, New Mexico,
and experience top-quality golf at very affordable prices, and Marty Sanchez Links de Santa Fe
is the best example of just that.>>To book a tee time or to learn more about
this amazing, high-desert golf course, visit

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