Man takes plea deal in fatal golf cart crash

A CLARK COUNTY MAN IS FACING LIGHTER CHARGES AND NO JAIL TIME IN CONNECTION WITH A GOLF CART ACCIDENT THAT LEFT A MAN DEAD. W-L-K-Y’S ANNA-LYSA GAYLE WAS IN THE CLARK COUNTY COURTHOUSE WHEN THE AGREEMENT WAS REACHED. 34-YEAR OLD MATTHEW MYERS HAS BEEN OUT ON BOND. TODAY HE WAS BREATHING A SIGH RELIEF AFTER HIS CHARGES WERE AMENDED. A YEAR LATER, 32-YEAR- OLD CHAD ANDERSON’S FAMILY IS STILL SEEKING JUSTICE. TODAY, A JUDGE DECIDED THAT THE MAN CHARGED IN CONNECTION WITH HIS DEATH WILL NOT BE SENT TO JAIL FOR HID DEATH. SOT/CLIP #6451 DAVID MOSLEY 14:57:44 “The case was amended to two B misdemeanors, Public intoxication and disorderly conduct. It had been charges, a B felony and a C felony, DUI causing death.” 14:57:55 MYERS WAS CHARGED WITH D-U-I CAUSING DEATH AFTER 32-YEAR-OLD CHAD ANDERSON DIED IN A CRASH IN APRIL 2013. POLICE SAY HE SUFFERED BLUNT-FORCE TRAUMA WHEN, MYERS TOOK A SHARP TURN IN THE 200 BLOCK OF SPRING STREET AND HIT THE CORNER OF A BUILDING. ANDERSON WAS THROWN FROM THE CART AND DIED. LARRY WILDER IS REPRESENTING THE ANDERSON FAMILY— HE SAYS THEY PLAN ON PURSUING A CIVIL SUIT AGAINST MYERS. SOT/ CLIP # LARRY WILDER CLIP #6452 15:03:19 “What happened today is Mr. Myers admitted he was intoxicated at that place, on that date, at that time and he was disorderly.” 15:03:26 SOT/ CLIP # LARRY WILDER CLIP #6452 15:03:45 “Mr. Myers made admissions at the scene that he was the driver, he recanted those. In a civil case the jury will not have to totally discount his recantations.” 15:03:52 SOT/CLIP #6451 DAVID MOSLEY 14:58:02 “As the judge noted at the end, it’s a sad day. Chad was one of his best if not his best friend. 14:58:07” DAVID MOSLEY-MYERS’ ATTORNEY SAYS THE STATE WOULD HAVE A HARD TIME PROVING HE WAS GUILTY. SOT/CLIP #6451 DAVID MOSLEY 14:59:33 “What happened was the procedurals that would normally be undertaken by the police to obtain a blood draw didn’t happen in a way that’s designated by statute. 15:59:40 ANDERSON LEAVES BEHIND A WIFE AND SON SOT/ CLIP # LARRY WILDER CLIP #6452 “15:05:32 “I think this is one of those situations where nobody wins. You know they’ve lost a father, they’ve lost a husband and Mr. Myers was clearly remorseful for what occurred.” 15:05:41 Anna-Lysa Gayle IN THE CIVIL SUIT WILDER, THE ANDERSON FAMILY ATTORNEY WILL SEEK MONETARY COMPENSATION. MYERS WILL NOW BE ON PAROLE FOR A YEAR. LIVE AT CLARK COUNTY COURTHOUSE, AG WLKY NEWS.

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