Making Stormbreaker Scene – Groot Lifts Thor’s Hammer – Avengers Infinity War (2018) Movie CLIP HD
Making Stormbreaker Scene – Groot Lifts Thor’s Hammer – Avengers Infinity War (2018) Movie CLIP HD

All-Fathers, give me strength. You understand boy… …you’re about to take the full force of a star. It’ll kill you. Only if I die. Yes. That’s what k– –killing you, means. Hold it! Hold it, Thor! Woah! Thor! Say something, come on. Thor, you okay? I think he’s dying. He needs the axe! Where’s the handle? Tree! Help me find the handle!

94 thoughts on “Making Stormbreaker Scene – Groot Lifts Thor’s Hammer – Avengers Infinity War (2018) Movie CLIP HD”

  1. BestClips says:

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    1] Thor
    2] Captain America
    3] Groot
    4] Thanos


  3. ted ted says:

    So groot is worthy he lift the axe

  4. Michael Thompson says:

    I still dont understand how groot could wield the hammer????..anyone one out there know why or how???

  5. Mad Titan says:

    The way the Russos treated him in Endgame is criminal.

  6. Najane Kon says:

    How Groot lifted axe?

  7. Space Penguin says:

    You’re about to take the full force of the star. Surely, there’s no need for me to do anything beforehand. You know, like prepare the handle so I don’t have scour for it afterwards.

  8. Clayton Johnson says:

    That's not a hammer….

  9. Chris Villagomez says:

    Honestly I never really thought about the fact that Groot must be worthy if he can lift Strombreaker, though it might be because it wasn't completed yet

  10. Astral Strider Z says:

    Guess you could say Groot knew how to…



  11. Mr Stotch says:

    E P I C !

  12. Jace Pickering says:

    It's not his hammer nor do you have to be worthy for Stormbreaker but groot sacrificed himself I gogt 1

  13. JaiTheWolverine Official says:

    *Groot lifts Thor's strombreaker

  14. J P says:

    He’s worthy lol

  15. Jacob Lester Payot says:

    That's cool, groot can even lift Thor's hammer.

  16. Nihal Joshi says:

    I have stormbreaker paper ❓❓❓❓❓

  17. جندي مجهول says:

    هذا نفسه ممثل. لو مغيري ارجو الرد صاحب. المطرقه

  18. First Don Diego says:

    Well, technically anyone is actually able to wield stormbreaker because it doesn't have the "worthy" spell on it that Odin put on Mjolnir. That's why Thanos was also able to grab it it out the air when Thor called it in the end.

  19. Efe OCAKTAN says:

    That means groot is worthy

  20. LoneRangerGT says:

    Well it doesn't have odins spell on it do if ur strong enough u can lift it so hulk can If he wanted to milnoir had odins worthy spell on it.

  21. Scott Whaley says:

    The funny part about this is that it's a midget playing a giant. Plus the little midget a horrible actor. I don't know what these people are thinking when they cast these midgets. Especially when they're horrible actors. This isn't the Game of Thrones. Midgets are to be banned from the movies. I know that's racist. I don't care if it's racist. What's racist the Samsung S10 Plus. That's right I said the Samsung S10 plus and Google. They're out to ruin our country once you buy the Samsung S10 plus within 4 months it quits working properly. And YouTube sucks

  22. Anthony Downhill says:

    I wanna know something since griot snapped away why is the handle there still

  23. Ancho Vie says:

    Yes that’s what killing u means. I died 😂

  24. Амир Комилов says:

    Как то дерево мог прднять молот тора егоже может лиш достойный поднять

  25. Steve - USMC Veteran says:

    Being red hot but not burning the wooden groot handle?… Hmmmmm 🤔

  26. Jenny Lab says:

    That's not a hammer

  27. Martin S says:

    So Stormbreaker doesn't need the handle that's intended for it?

  28. Benjamin Tinsley says:

    How you going to make Thor suffer through this and not have him be the one to wield the infinity gauntlet? They did him wrong…. but no judgments here because the saga was epic!

  29. Stronger er says:

    Thor: ok ready to fuck up Thanoses day

  30. Galaxy Chungus says:

    Wait so if groot died in the snap then doesn’t that mean that all of him should of died? Including his part that was into Stormbreaker?

  31. Pongsiri Thanaphanich says:

    Groot are my hero

  32. Odme says:

    Fun fact: None of this is CGI, Chris Hemsworth actually had to take the force of a star for the movie.

  33. LazerGameCZ says:

    Who love Groot, like this comment

  34. Damian Alvarez says:

    It’s not a hammer it’s storm breaker and technically an axe

  35. Kenneth Ford says:

    The best scene in infinity war peiod point blank.

  36. rnavarrojr7 says:

    How would the actual handle have looked like? After so many battles how is Groot's organic arm handle able to winthstand all that? It should've disintegrated from the gauntlet's energy blast in Infinity War, and should've snapped from the battle with Thanos in Endgame.

  37. Meteornome says:

    Everyone: Thor has a new Hammer
    Me: Are you sure it's not an Axe?

  38. Apollo C says:

    And the Most Powerful being in the MCU is born.

  39. 【チャンネル登録しなぃとリスカする。。。】たぬきの時間 says:


  40. XtremefighterX Gaming says:

    Why the hell does that guy that warned Thor (forgot dem name) looka like Hornswoggle???

  41. Allan mayorga cordon Rafael says:


  42. Yourguyoo Foryou says:

    Groot is worthy

  43. Benjamin en Siem says:

    Hoe kan hij dat überhaupt dragen

  44. WorldSogen says:

    why the fuck would you put that Switch there

  45. Elite MarhZ Not Elite says:


  46. DTearLesS says:

    Storm breaker sure liftable because it not spell casted

  47. Road Runner says:

    I love groot. He's so courageous

  48. mega sean says:

    Anybody can lift Stormbreaker, it wasn’t given any enchantments by Odin, like being worthy and having the power of Thor.

  49. ALEXANDER1318 says:

    So not only did the CAST the axe, rather than FORGE it, making it weaker than it could be, but they cast it in TWO HALVES? WHY? Why not cast the axehead as a single, stronger piece? Like normal people do?

  50. Anubis says:

    I just realized that Stormbreaker is made out of Groot

  51. David Ibarreta says:

    Eitri: You understand boy. You're about to take the full force of the star. It'll kill you.
    Thor: Only if I die.
    Eitri (confused): Yes. That's what killing you means.

  52. Patrik Hellström says:

    Groot worthy.

  53. AlphaMasterSociety says:

    Wtf is up with Tyrion fucking around in space trying to create a hammer.

  54. andrew duda says:

    Of course he can lift it
    Nobody enchanted it like his hammer his axe anyone can lift with the right amount of strength

  55. Muhammad Lo says:

    I didn’t know 4K ultra was better than movie theatre quality

  56. JermyTheRagingGamer YT says:

    Groots worthy?

  57. MrJose thegreat25 says:

    1:45 I thought he just destroyed the axe

  58. BukCityEnt YungWorld says:

    *hair still perfectly in place

  59. Adi says:

    Its no big deal groot lifted it its big deal he safed thor

  60. Frizen Yeh says:

    Am I the only one bothered by the fact his fake eye didn't burn? It's understandable if his clothes didn't burn to ash but that random fake eye came from some scrub…

  61. Anderson Dale Ng says:

    Its not a freaking hammer it's an axe and who in the world cares about groot lifting the axe (he can lift it because odin pride)

  62. TheDragonWarz says:

    Literally me when I plank

  63. Farzana Shaikh says:

    engame strombreaker was bigger than infinity war

  64. Muhammad Akmal says:

    Goodbye Mjolnir:😭
    Welcome strombreaker:😉😁.

  65. Vlad Gindin says:

    So why is this stormbraker connected to Thor? Original Mjolnir was enchanted by some runs, super-magic of Odin or something like that. But this is just an axe that is immediately enchanted to empower Thor? Is this special Thor-exclusive material it is made of? Or special Thor-exclusive star? And btw, why is this Dwarf is so precious? He literally just turned the wheel and that's it. He didn't even think that "Hm, I might need a handle for the axe… Nah, let's think about this later"

    Also I finally get what Odin meant in Ragnarok
    -What are you, a god of hammers?
    Everyone thought that he meant that Thor is badass and he is god of thunder and lightning, mighty and all that stuff. But actually he meant that he is a god of axes! Not hammers! Because he couldn't do shit without his hammeraxe

  66. Woodline Horey says:

    groot fez um otimo trabanho

  67. Erick Calderin says:

    Although captain can lift it, thor was born for it.

  68. Lyon says:

    So does this mean Groot is also worthy

  69. lookatthismajesticcucumber says:

    can take the full force of a star but not fight iron man

  70. Nick Lopez says:

    what DID happen to the handle?

  71. Šmexy YT says:

    no dip groot can lift the hammer

  72. Thomasdatrain Pates says:

    So that means groot is worthy of weilding thors hammer

  73. cizmargaming YT says:


  74. Ser Vamp says:

    I love Groot,he is very cute :3

  75. Koreify says:

    Celebrates about 100k 5 months ago

    Has 542k rn

  76. Koala Gaming says:

    Sooo 127 hours but with groot

  77. Crazy Giraffe says:

    Dame groot is one sturdy piece of shit if he can make a small handle that can hold that much metal while swung

  78. Abraham Garcia says:


  79. Stanley Hart says:

    Can I point out that groot as a typical edgy teenager cut his arm in a time of desperation. Perspective is an interesting thing my friends

  80. Mfjcnf jnfncj says:

    I am groot

  81. Ashraf Farhsaa says:

    Axe..not hummer😌

  82. EkiiRiS says:

    I don't think that was an hammer. It look like a Stormbreaker

  83. G McFckd says:

    If you would think of it, Thor isnt just forging a weapon for himself, but the weapon that would kill The Mad Titan

  84. Aaron Samaroo says:

    Groot became the handle

  85. Luke Wright says:

    Comment who else you think is worthy to lift Mjolnir
    I think Tony Stark (endgame) Black Panther and Groot (guardians of the galaxy) are probably worthy

  86. ali asghar says:

    ilove you thor. stell youre pawer. ilove you. blev that. thor is may faiveret heros.

  87. Amy Kenglang says:


  88. a. j. sw says:


  89. Joseph Santana says:

    All this build up for 10 minutes of comic-book level Thor teasing, only for the writers to make both him and the weapon pathetically useless in Endgame.

  90. LDak40 LDB says:

    And people say Thor can beat Superman 🤦🏻‍♂️

  91. Anime Cut Scene’s says:

    What’s the special part about this scene is Groot can lift Thor’s axe a gods weopen

  92. Randy Robinson says:

    They could has just tied off the handles that held the gate open 🙄

  93. john tucker says:

    glazing over the fact that it was never mentioned about the axe having healing powers?

  94. amelia jambalos says:

    What a sweet groot he make thor hammer

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