Making Birdies In 2 Ball Scramble Challenge Part 1 | Golfing At Nashville Golf & Athletic Club
Making Birdies In 2 Ball Scramble Challenge Part 1 | Golfing At Nashville Golf & Athletic Club

hope y’all having a great day out here
at Nashville golf & Athletic Club got a fun little on course challenge today we’re
gonna be playing at two ball scramble on the front nine this video is gonna be
the first nine holes next upload will be part two will be the back nine just
gonna see how low we can go two balls on every shot let’s make some birdies gonna
take you to the first tee right now going to be playing the blue tees today
it’s roughly 70 100 yards from the blue tees number one par four 410 yards we
want to take it somewhere right in there with a 5-iron we want to hit this about
215 to 220 off the tee let it roll down the hill I know you’re probably thinking why
didn’t you hit driver try to get it further down there this hole is a little
different hole angle into the green is much more important than distance off
the tee if I hit driver way down there on the
right not a good angle into the screen it’s a very difficult green to hit so
first one I did take a little left because I wanted to give myself a little
different angle into the green hit that one well second one hit it on the line
we were talking about so I’ve got two options up there walk up there find it
see which one’s better here’s the first one right here second one is right over
there I believe right there yep you can see it right there across the fairway
I’m actually going to go with this one here they angle into the screen it’s
much better the green kind of opens up from this angle even though we are in
the rough this is the one we’re gonna go with 148 yards from here I’ve got a gap
wedge out of this rough I’m thinking it’s going to jump just a little bit and
it’s a little down breeze I tried to hit that way too hard we’re
actually going back to the bag we’re gonna take the pitching wedge for the
second attack pitching wedge was the right club there
you don’t want to be long to this pin coming out of the rough maybe we should
have taken the ball in the fairway just to control our distance a bit better
however hit the green there have a lengthy putt probably took a bit too
much off of that pitching wedge this is going to be our most difficult birdie
hole of the day so we’ve got to look at it see if we can’t roll the rock and
there’s the pitch and winds right there there’s the gap wedge gap wedge actually
went a little further I just took too much off of that
pitching wedge about 40 feet left to the hole all right to finish up with the par all
right that is a four here own one probably should have stuck with the
original game plan with going towards the right from the fairway we adjusted
our game plan to go from the rough because I did think that the angle into
the green was better from over there but being downwind with that back pin
location probably should have gone ahead and hit from the fairway control the
distances a bit better onto number two straightaway par-4 405
yards tee at high let it fly with driver both of those should be just fine here
is our second tee shot however that first one threat over here that ball was
hit while have 75 yards left to a back pan first of all was just right out of frame
kind of that typical miss we’ve been experiencing with the wedges a little
short right second one was pretty good spun back a bit but we’ve got to look
for bird should be pretty straight might have a little right-to-left in it so much break there right in the heart let’s go first pin
slammer of the day our five number three 614 yards it’s a long one little into
the breeze dead straight away you know what it is I’m gonna hit it a whole lot better than
that one but we’ll tee up the second one that first ball was about as good as I’m
gonna hit a driver really happy with that swing
here is the second ball pick that up first one is right over through the air
let’s go I’ve got hybrid in hand here 270 left I
don’t carry a 3-wood so this is maxed out I carry this about 260 at the most
so we’re just gonna let it fly it’s a little into the breeze not too bad just a little right I hit that second one well we got a bit
more aggressive with it the first one was in good shape got aggressive what
the second one should have a good look at an up-and-down Hey really not too bad
here like I said two sixties kind of maxing out the hybrid or about 15 yards
short of the pin the old tap tap-a-roo for another bird all righty
tweeter right there all in all not too bad through three two under through
three missed a birdie opportunity on one but that was gonna be our most difficult
birdie chance today on to number four par for 425 yards
it’s a dogleg right kind of bends up around the corner the green kind of sits
back in there our line is going to be right there at that cart path you see
off in the distance first one there should be really good
that all slopes down to the fairway took a big hop right second one’s okay did
miss it just a little right and did I think roll into the rough on the right
side ball would have landed right up in there bounce down here roll down the
middle of fairway in great shape second ball was just off the fairway in the
rough right there 99 yards left to a front left pin location and those are the quality wet shots
we’ve been looking for yes sir all right we’ve got some decisions to make this
one’s about a foot and half closer however it does have a little
right-to-left break I don’t mind right-to-left breaker this
one right here is a little further but almost dead straight common below right
now which one you would putt alrighty so we are gonna go with the right-to-left
breaker it being a little closer I think it’s our best bet at rolling in all right well take two right in the heart not second guy’s good
that is the turkey bird bird bird all right so there’s some lightning in the
area we’re gonna have to pause before we get to five 3-under through four all right we are back had to go to a
shelter over there chill for a minute while that storm passed good to go on a
number 5 par 4 380 yards the fairway is over here but the hole bends all the way
back up the hill we’re going to be going on that line
with driver thank good to go it’s going to be a very long Pope to get there
however we should be able to get it up there close chipping I couldn’t hit that much better that was
right there on the old center so pretty much our plan of attack once we have one
ball decently in play might as well be super aggressive we were there and I
think it paid off walking around the corner now hopefully we’re off their
clothes alrighty right there in the bunker not bad at all
about 30 yards left to the pan those are some quality bunker shots
right there very three with the result let’s top this end we’ll take that for birds in a row let’s
go overall happy with the place so far
that’s for birdies in a row 4 under through 5 on to number 6 par 3 165 to
back left pin plays down about 15 yards full syn with pitch and wedge let’s like that ii got one very good there first one all
good so it is hot before bad storm blew through and now it’s just human yeah
sun’s not out anymore I put my sunglasses on I’m not sure why and poof
they clouded up and I really can’t see anything right now so yeah we’ll go
ahead and take those off yeah let’s go make this putt easy peasy lemon squeezy bird on six
let’s go if you enjoyed watching those five
birdies in a row drop a light down below that be greatly appreciated on to number
seven yeah we put the song of us back on I’m not really sure why yeah I don’t
know par-5 591 yards dogleg left that wraps way back behind those trees there
T it high let it fly somewhere right in there I was hit well but that is a little left
of where we want it it’ll be okay see if we can’t get this one a little
further right we’ll take that all day every day great
shape here with the second ball first ball is right over there good look here
into the green 250 yards left full sin with hybrid that one’s a little right you need to
get this further left that’s in that green side bunker you see up there that was right – yep all right as you
can tell I don’t confidently turn the ball from right to left was looking for
a draw there didn’t didn’t get it we got some work to do if we want to make
birdie here on seven we have found the bunker about 25 yards left when I get
into these longer distance bunker shots instead of swinging a lot harder with a
60-degree I just Club up so at this distance I’ll
typically use my 54 degree you know when I get back to about 40 yards I’ll go up
to a gap wedge or even maybe a pitching wedge just kind of hit the same shot but
change the club according to the distance we’ll take those punker shots every time
very happy with the result there that is another birdie here on 7 that moves us
to 6-under through seven holes we are on a roll
we’re definitely trending towards a good score for this front nine eight nine
still left par three and a par four to end would be amazing to get a couple
more birdies let’s have a right now par three up the hill 185 yards I’m gonna be
hitting a smooth ol 6-iron because this does play about 10 yards uphill it’s a little right but it’s up there
button all righty that was a little better
right there let’s go roll the rock alright here is the first one I already
fixed the divot it was right there swing back a little bit however pretty
much pin-high second one’s right over there just off the green but that is the
one we’re going with at the hole it should break a will to the right we’re
gonna play this about a cup outside couldn’t quite tell their if I pulled
that let me know down in the comments to pull that pipe because I thought I’d hit
a pretty good putt maybe it just doesn’t quite break as much stuff let’s go come on that was pure in the
heart really happy with the play today hitting
some good shots and some bad shots in there but thankfully we have two balls
on every shot so that’s given us some opportunities to make some birdies hit
some good putts wind is picking up I think another storms blowing in we’re
on to number 9 7-under currently 28 with a birdie here on 9 par would leave us
with the 29 either way would be a great start for this challenge heading into
the back 9 par-4 390 yards straight down the hill pretty much straightaway got a
little breeze into let’s not lay back on this one take that one well it’s the second one
just to see if we can get a better number but very happy with that one that one was a bit right yep
all right so here’s the first ball second ball was over this hill kind of
in the open area over there need to work on my wedges this is a very difficult
wedge shot 65 yards over this bunker green sloping away see what we can do
from here this is a delicate wedge shot thankfully the greens are soft so okay
this land I was actually pretty good but didn’t
quite land as soft as I thought it would it roll it’s still on the green but it
rolled in the back edge all right that one landed a little
softer should be decent as you can see right here there’s the fringe there’s
the pen didn’t have much green to work with
there’s four one landed there’s where another one landed both ended up back
here here’s the one we’re going with we’ve got about 20 feet left about to
fix those divots I should be a little right-to-left breaker straight up the
hill this is for the 28th you’ve got to be kidding me Oh No oh I
thought that was in oh I thought that was in all right we’re gonna move that
all the way that slowed down very quickly Hey
all right let’s have two soon that is an unfortunate part in there on nine I hope
y’all enjoyed coming along the two ball scramble from the blue tees out here in
Nashville golf and Athletic Club that was a lot of fun
finished at 7-under 29 we’ll take it on to the back nine which will be filmed on
another day because it’s it’s getting dark we’re not gonna be able to get it
in hope you enjoyed it if you did like this content drop a like below that’d be
greatly appreciated also thank you so much for all the incredible support
where over 27 thousand subscribers now wouldn’t be there without y’all so thank
you so very much stay tuned here in a couple days I’ll be having the back 9
part 2 to the 2 ball scramble until next time we’ll see you won’t see ya

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