Make a Wish- Moto Electric Vehicles gives away a Street Legal Golf Cart to Trevor Austin

Good Morning. My name’s Brett Jackrell, sales
manager for and over the last three years of doing videos, this
might be one of my favorite ones guys. Moto Electric Vehicles has partnered up with Make
a Wish Foundation to give a kid here in Coral Springs, Florida, his name is Trevor, one
great wish. He’s always wanted a golf cart and Make a Wish Foundation, which some of
you guys might know through Sports Center or Walt Disney, they grant kids over 14,000
wishes a year and it’s increasing every year. Now we’re gonna give this golf cart away to
Trevor. We also gave him free DMV fees to make it street legal. Once again, we’re a
fully street legal company. We kind of got out of the Jacksonville area to make this
a special event. We’ve got a ton of people waiting on us from camera crews to people
that donated food for this event so I really wanted to give you guys a good experience
and kind of join us when we give this cart away to Trevor. I think you guys are gonna
think Trevor’s an awesome person and with no further ado I’m gonna go ahead and drive
this up there and we’re gonna have a great time with an awesome family and Make a Wish
Foundation. ♫ Music ♫ [Brett] Alright so guys, we’ve done the reveal,
we’ve told you a little bit about Trevor. Got a lot of good footage on. I’m here with
Kara from Make a Wish Foundation. Once again, they came to us, told us Trevor’s wish and
we made it true and I think after this video you guys are gonna really appreciate what
this organization does. So this is Kara, just tell us a little bit about Make a Wish. I
mean I read online 2012 you guys did over 14,000 wishes [Kara] Yes Incredible. [Brett] You know Moto Electric Vehicles, I
think after this we’re gonna be doing a foundation with your team, so proceeds from every purchase,
we’re gonna make a donation at the end of the year. [Kara] That’s wonderful. [Brett] These kind of things are life changing,
not only for Trevor but it’s also life changing, what we talked about, you do the reveals,
I did a reveal, it really is an experience. [Kara] Absolutely. [Brett] Tell us a little bit about Make a
Wish and what you guys do. [Kara] Make a Wish we grant the wishes of
children between the ages of two and a half and eighteen if they have a life threatening
illness to give them hope and enrich their lives and help them fight a little harder
when they think their wish could never come true and they make this amazing wish and it
happens. [Brett] Yeah, so someone like Trevor that
obviously has always wanted a golf cart, his mom that’s awesome, which we’ll interview
in a second, she said he always drives on golf carts, loves it and he claps every single
time he’s on it and he’s clapped a few times, so I mean, that for you, just you personally,
what does that do for you as Make a Wish. I mean you’ve been working with them for eighteen
years. [Kara] Yeah, a long time. It just makes me
so happy. It does. I am very honored to be a small part of granting a wish like this.
It’s incredible. [Brett] And I’m here with my beautiful girlfriend
Jess and we experienced it as well, so. [Kara] I know, you guys did an incredible,
he did an amazing reveal. Incredible. [Brett] Well we appreciate everything the
communication was great and hopefully we do some of these in the future also. [Kara] Yes, thank you for everything you’ve
done. [Brett] Thank you so much. [Brett] Alright, so we’re here with the Austin’s.
The most exciting part, this is Trevor, this was his wish to get a golf cart so I just
wanted to maybe get the Austin’s on camera. They went through the process of contacting
Make a Wish like we heard from Kara from Make a Wish. You know they help over 14,000 kids
a year and I’ve been watching Sports Center, obviously Sports Center is owned by Walt Disney,
so you know, they do a lot of programming on there so when I had the opportunity to
help you guys out I was all over it. So you know, tell us about the golf cart. Why is
it Trevor’s wish? Tell us about the experience that Trevor’s had on previous golf carts and
why that was the thing that he wanted? [Mr. Austin] Well the very first golf cart
that Trevor was ever on was in Enterprise, Alabama at my mother’s house. [Brett] Okay [Mr. Austin] They live on a golf course and
they have a golf cart and that’s when we first realized that Trevor truly enjoyed the movement
if you will of getting out, having the air blow through his hair and that sort of thing.
So since that time we’ve taken him out to a little executive course here on occasion
and we can’t stop going around on the golf carts because he enjoys it so much [Brett] Yeah [Mr. Austin] And then recently I opened up
my own business also, All Star Property Maintenance and I have a big 16 inch ride on lawn mower. [Brett] Oh really? [Mr. Austin] Yeah, and so when I’m in the
neighborhood I always come by the house and pick Trevor up and go for a little spin on
that. [Brett] That’s awesome. [Mr. Austin] So it’s just very similar to
that. [Brett] So the open concept is kind of what
Trevor likes, getting on. [Mr. Austin] He loves that. He loves the movement.
He just [Brett] Hence the Roll Trevor Roll we put
on the front of the windshield. [Mrs. Austin] We love it. [Mr. Austin] Roll Trevor Roll [Brett] So Mrs. Austin was actually the one
that dealt with Moto Electric Vehicles and our team. Probably most of the time she was
the one dealing with the whole setting everything up. By the way, great job, great communication. [Mrs. Austin] Thank you. Well you were very
easy to deal with. [Brett] Well, tell us what you liked about
the golf cart because you actually saw it online [Mrs. Austin] We saw it online. [Brett] Trevor saw it online and kind of tell
us a little bit about what you liked about the cart. [Mrs. Austin] I just looked at it and it had
Trevor’s name all over it. I don’t know, it looked different than your basic golf cart
and I like the high ride, you know, that it’s up a little bit. Just, I did, I saw it and
the red and I was like that’s the one I want. [Brett] So red’s his favorite color? [Mrs. Austin] Yeah, it’s a good bright because
of his vision. [Brett] Okay cool, so [Mrs. Austin] The good thing was right after
I called you Kara had told me that they wanted a picture of what we liked so I had just looked
and saw that, so I texted her the pictures and that’s it. It all just went from there. [Brett] Yeah, and the cool thing, once again
guys, is its street legal so not only are they gonna be able to ride around the neighborhood,
they’re gonna be able to go up and down the streets. I talked to his dad; I mean everything
around here is 25 and 35 mph. [Mr. Austin] Yep [Brett] So not only they can go to the stores,
they can go everywhere with this thing, so really guys, once again, from Moto Electric
Vehicles and our whole team I’m super excited for you. I’m glad to team up with Kara and
Make a Wish to get this, guys, to you and I really think not only you, this just shows
how a company can go out of its way and Make a Wish can go over and beyond to give you,
you know kids, and make it special for somebody. [Mr. Austin] They certainly did that. [Mrs. Austin] And you have been, it’s been
wonderful dealing with you guys, all of you. [Brett] I appreciate it. So Trevor, most important
thing is, if you’re happy can you clap for the camera and say are you happy? [Clap Clap Clap] [Everyone] Yay! [Brett] Well guys, Brett Jackrell here with with Make a Wish. I appreciate it and anything that we can do
for ya, you give us a call. I’m glad you guys got to see the reveal for Trevor. Thanks guys. ♫ Music ♫

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