– Welcome back to sunny Naples, Florida. I’m Adam Bazalgette, two-time PGA Teacher of the
Year award winner down here. And today’s subject:
Lydia Ko’s golf swing. She’s a phenom, let’s have
a look at it. Stay tuned. (dramatic electronic music) Well Lydia Ko’s golf swing, listen this girl’s done some things in professional golf I’m not
sure anybody’s ever done. So it’s pretty interesting to look at. I feel like I can offer
some insights in this because David Leadbetter, as
you may know from my videos, long time friend and associate, and I’ve had some chances
in the last couple of years to discuss his A-swing at length with him, and that’s largely what they’re using. So we can get into his A-swing, we can look at what she’s doing, hopefully you’ll find this interesting. I’m going to come back
at the end of the video and show you some things I think you can apply to your game there. If you like this video,
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more of this free content. Let’s check it out. So there she is hitting a
middle line, it looks like. Down the line view, and the hallmarks of this A-swing, or Lydia’s swing,
certainly at the beginning are you’ll see the pivot of the body, the way the body’s moving
influences the club. The club is very, if you
like, very much out in front of the hands, or very slow
to respond to the pivot. And it keeps it in a good balance. And you’ll see that club head never gets back here behind the hands. And really throughout the swing, the club is always in
response to the pivot. Now let me give you a
couple of thoughts here, as I’ve talked to David about
the way this A-swing works, and just some of the basic
foundational concepts of how he arrived at it. Then we’ll keep moving forward with Lydia. So when I’ve talked to David
Leadbetter about this A-swing, the two things that he
says are foundational: Number one, the backswing’s
generally too complicated, he’s just seen so many
people over the years take 20 years trying
to fix their backswing. Still all haven’t come to grips with it. So he’s trying to make it simpler. And number two, trying to get a blend, some sort of harmony between some people prefer an upright
back-swing, some a flat, is it in-between or whatnot. So here’s the two ways he solves that. Number one, in terms of simplicity, so that you’re not working on it forever, your left arm for the right-handed golfer is not out at right angles to your trunk, it’s down underneath your
trunk, pretty close to you here. So as you engage your
pivot, it would be natural, it appears to be more across
your body and close to you. That’s the least complicated, versus say extending it away from you. Number two in that regard, the most instinctive and simple wrist cock is directly up and down, and
that’s natural for a person. This less so. So he believes if you
keep this relationship of left arm and body, and you
add some wrist cock as you go, more in that plane though, that is the simplest
and easiest to repeat. And once you start gapping and changing the way your wrist works,
you’re adding things in that are pretty hard to sort out. And in terms of the flat, upright debate, he likes to think it’s both. So the left arm, because of
it’s relationship to the body is in a flat position, but the club shaft itself is
in a more upright position. Worst combination, I think, is
arms out there and club flat. So it’s simple, everything is
in it’s most natural angles, and it has a really good
blend of inward flat that gives you power, but also upright balance to the golf club. So let’s watch her go through those moves. And you can see as she starts her pivot, you can see how that core of the body is winding in this fashion
as we mentioned there. Beautiful strong move, very dynamic look. And if we go back to this view, again you’ll see how the left arm gets pulled in across the torso there and yet the golf club, the balance of it, never gets behind her hands and is almost vertical at that point. And the expectation
being, if you can get back where the club responds
to the body that much, and the club is that vertical, and if you like imbalance, as the club responds to
the body on the way down, and she does a fantastic job
separating her hip motion from the rest of her motion. Look how her hips independently,
or largely independently, move from the top segment of her trunk. Her shoulders are noticeably closed and her hips are noticeably
open at that point. Takes a bit of physical talent,
but it’s a great way to play and if you can use that lower body well, from that A-swing backswing, that club is gonna tend to
drop in there behind you. Just look at the angle of that, fairly late in the
backswing we’ll call it, and just look how the
club passively responds and drops behind her coming down. And with the club in that slot, with the club dropping behind her, she has a green light to
really turn into the ball. There’s no way she’s
gonna come over the top with the club dropping her like that. And of course she just does a great job and hits down on it beautifully. Looks like she’s hitting kind of a knockdown hold-off shot there. And here’s that front view again, and we’ll see some of the things she does. She does a lot of
conventional things as well, not that the A-swing’s
that unconventional. You’ll see her hat there
against the Kia logo, very common for great players, they pivot to push into
the ground a little bit. And you can see she’s slightly lowered from the top of that black Kia sign. But the edge of her hat is
right against that logo, so it’s pretty steady throughout. And like all good players, you will notice that the golf club, if you mark it in space midway back is closer to her body with
more wrist cock coming down. That’s the result of that
great lower body motion and passive arms. There’s absolutely no premature thrusting at the ball with that golf club. Great balance there, just
a beautiful solid line between the left arm and
the shaft as she hits it. And pretty much just makes it look easy there as she does it. And you’ll see this is a
little, it’s more than a pitch, but it’s certainly not a full shot, looks like about a 50-,
60-yard sand wedge. And you’ll see the same
pattern here even in that, as the left arm in across her body, the shaft pretty vertical, and the club totally responsive
to the hips coming down. Just drops in the slot. Right in there for a great
impact and through she goes. So this is great motion, this
is motion to a large extent you could learn from and
copy from a little bit. Let’s have a look at
how you might do that. So pretty impressive to watch there, obviously it’s working
super well for Lydia. And let me just say again,
I know David very well. He is a bright guy, he puts
a lot of thought into this. It’s not just some random scheme to try and create something new. He’s worked with biomechanists
and whatnot on this. And this is a very viable method, and it’s a pretty simple
method if you’ll practice it. So let me see if I can
give you a little help as to how you can get started and how you can make some progress. First off, the pivot
David strongly believes, and I 100% agree, is more of this kind of movement in your abs and your body.
It’s not so much a turn. He likes this drill where you
put your hands at your side, this would be just the
first foot of the takeaway, and use your abs to pull one
hand up and the other down. I feel that from here. That’s the kind of movement. I like the image of you starting
a lawnmower crank like that and pulling the chain of a
lawnmower using your abs. How would that feel? That’s more of what we’re looking for. And as we said early,
all we’re trying to do is maintain that left arm relationship. So initially, just practice that, pulling the lawnmower, feeling
that left arm nice and close. Gotta be coming from here, really not that difficult to do. Where it gets tricky for
most people in my experience is trying to get the club more up. In other words, not whip that in as they activate their wrists, but get the club up without gaping and getting their arms up. That’s the most people is
initially is a little more tricky. So here’s how I recommend
you go about that. We’ll put a ball on a low tee. We’ll start with practice swings and then some very soft
moderate sized shots. This is what I found works. Once you’ve mastered this a little bit and you’re feeling the
left-arm body movement, just preset your wrists, pause
for at least a second or two, and then make your backswing. Now I’ll grant you, the
club will be hanging a little excessively
in front of you there. That’s okay, you’re trying to
get the feel for something. It’s not very complicated to do, you get the wrist out of the way, you crank it and feel that position. Just kind of get yourself
accustomed to it. After a little while, crank it back and swing through like that. Once you’ve had a few minutes at it, go ahead and tee up a golf ball. Little baby 7-iron. Hinge, pause, crank. Pop it out there like that. I could feel the club re-routing a little bit as I came down. As I always say in these videos, don’t make solid contact the
priority at the beginning. Let your mind relax, get outside your head and feel some new things
there a little bit. And I promise you I’ve been around some pretty bright people with the brain. You might find the first
15, 20 minutes of this, woo, this is a little bit of struggle, or it’s a little bit new.
Hang in there with it. There’s that little magic line you cross after a couple hundred reps where all of a sudden
it’s anything but natural, but it isn’t that difficult. You’ve just go to break
through that barrier. And then of course you
gotta work it a little bit until you trust it. Small swings and then big swings. Intermediate drill by the way, once you’ve hit some with
the wrists fully cocked, hit some with just the
partial wrist cocked, and do the rest of the
wrist cock in the backswing. It’s not a difficult backswing to make, and it can be very, very effective. Well I hope you found that interesting, I hope it gives you some
appreciation for the A-swing, how it works a bit, and
of course the great talent and the great way she uses it. is my website, we’ve got full courses in
every aspect of the game, if you’re interested. And of course I hope you’ll
subscribe to this channel and take advantage of all
the free content we put out. And hopefully a lot more coming your way. I appreciate your attention,
hope you found this helpful. (computer mouse clicking)


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