Long Jump Sprinting Technique to Maximize Distance
Long Jump Sprinting Technique to Maximize Distance

SUBTITLES: @iamsrjoshua (instagram) It starts with sprint work, uhm, I think that’s really important to understand, how to run, because without being able to do so it’s hard to get into the proper position in order to jump far, or even enjoy jumping, because you can hurt yourself pretty easily, and so I’d say, you know, if you’re starting off, you know, learn first how to run, and how to run properly. One of the things you always gotta address is running mechanics, foot contact with the ground, because it’s all gonna start from there. Uhm, in order to do that all your warmup drills, exercises, all have to geared towards creating the right foot-action and foot-strike on the ground. And if it doesn’t start there, then everything from that then on is going to kind of be a disaster. Uhm, and in saying that what we always try to do is: proper running mechanics, what do we teach. Yeah, uh, I know alot of the athletes talk about, and the first thing they can see is: “Toesy Athletes”, everyone can see toesy athletes. You know, when everyone’s reaching, striking out infront. From day one, especially in the states here, we don’t teach that portion of running correctly. Uhm, and it’s just natural to run the other way, toesy, that’s natural, uhm, but to get to understand that the foot has to create force directly under the center of mass, there is some things we have to do to get there. So, what we wanna always focus on is, you know, you hear alot of times from highschool coaches, and I hear it all the time, we always talk about knee-up and toe-up, and that’s great, you can say that until you’re blue in the face, but an athlete isn’t going to do that. They’re not gonna do: knee-up, toe-up, it’s just “this is your knee-up”, “this is your toe-up”, yeah, I mean they don’t understand that the toe has to stay in a dorsiflexion position. To get it there, the best way, and I will say this, the best way to teach a kid to do this is if they are an extremely toesy runner, which is, I would say is, about 80 porcent of every kid that even comes into our program, in the beginning, uhm, we start all their drills, whether it’s the A-Skips, the B-Skips, or, uhm, you know, the quick leg, any of the drills that you’re performing, ya’ tell them to run on their heels, and it was, uh, it was a great coach that actually had preached this, in the past, and I never that about this till about 4 years ago, till he even, uh, Coach Kareem said “try this”, our sprints coach, and it cleaned up everything insanely quick. Now, what does that mean? Run on your heels. If ya’ actually try and run on your heels you’re gonna hyperextend your knees, it’s not, nothing gonna go well, but you can’t do it. So you’re actually gonna create some dorsiflexed action right away. And that makes a huge difference to start with foot-contact drills, because that’s important. SUBTITLES BY: @iamsrjoshua (instagram)

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    Just a quick question, does this ankle dorsiflexion also apply to sprinting? Thanks for the great video btw 🙂 keep it up!

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    I'm in high school and my coach doesn't work on long jump since I'm the only one that does it so I'm trying to better myself. Thank you for this videos they are very helpful. However, I have a question, how does running with your toes upward help you run? Does it make you faster? Idk how to word it but like how is it better for you

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    Are you supposed to naturally run dorsiflexed? Because I'm not sure how to do it without thinking about it so much. Like i'm literally thinking and flexing my ankles to be dorsiflexed while i'm running and it's just the weirdest feeling. How do I fix this?

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    Nobody ever taught me about running toesy being bad. Guess it makes sense. We do all those drills dorsiflexed, but using it in running I never thought about it consciously. Would it be fair to say running toesy makes it hard to engage the correct angles and power for the P-step and makes it more common to have problems with reaching for the board?

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    And I was SUPER proud because I’m really trying my best on long jump but my only problem is hitting the board, it would be absolutely AMAZING if u cud post a vid on how to improve,or ways to work on,on getting bang on the board Tysm xx

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