Live in Everett TV #78: Frisbee Golf in Silver Lake
Live in Everett TV #78: Frisbee Golf in Silver Lake

– Oh no! *music* – Hey how’s it going, guys? Garret here with my friend Nate today at Thornton
A. Sullivan Park also known as Silver Lake park and we are gonna play some Frisbee golf
today. They’ve got a pretty fun nine hole? Nine basket course? What do you call it? – Nine basket
– Nine basket. Are you ready to play? – Oh I’m ready. Alright. Let’s do it. *music* So this is the only downside to playing at Silver Lake is sometimes you gotta do a little
bit of that when your disc goes in the water. Ouch. *giggling* *music* – We just got done playing Frisbee golf at Thornton A. Sullivan Park here in Silver Lake
and if you’re not familiar with this park, it’s really big. There’s places to swim, there’s toys for kids,
there’s ping pong tables… they do the Cinema Under the Stars movie series here… all kinds of fun stuff and a lot of people don’t know about the Frisbee golf course. It’s over in the… I believe that the south… west corner of the park I want to say. Kinda back in a wooded area. It’s a pretty fun course. Good for beginners. It’s nine baskets. Each basket is Par 3 and it’s a lot of fun. You don’t need a lot of experience to go out
and enjoy playing Frisbee golf. If you have discs, it’s totally free, so definitely
worth checking out. We put these videos out every single week,
so we’ll see you next Monday, and also, quick reminder — for this month’s Evvy Awards
we are voting on Everett’s best milkshake so we’ll put the URL at the bottom of the
screen where you can go vote for those. Make sure you go vote, and we’ll see you next
time. Cheers. *music* Thanks for watching!

2 thoughts on “Live in Everett TV #78: Frisbee Golf in Silver Lake”

  1. Adam Garner says:

    Been here many times had no idea there was a frisbee-golf course.

  2. Mikey Barringer says:

    I’m one of the locals and on the silver lake disc golf team and I’m glad you guys decided to do this on your channel.

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