Live Golf Show #18 🔴 What To Learn from Bryson DeChambeau’s Golf Swing!
Live Golf Show #18 🔴 What To Learn from Bryson DeChambeau’s Golf Swing!

all right how’s everybody doing happy Tuesday long weekend with the the end of the tournament end yesterday which is always awesome I love that little Monday finish and Bryson to Shambo what a stud that dude is oh my gosh Tonya that that guy is no joke so what I wanted to talk about today and go over is what is he doing that’s making him so so awesome right now so consistent his golf swing is obviously super unique super different but it’s much much much more than just his swing so we’re gonna go over that today get your questions in we’ll go over everything try to answer everybody’s questions thanks Cody and welcome everybody so what we’re gonna do is look at it’s much like I said it’s more than just Bryson’s swing like for him it’s a whole philosophy it’s a it’s a way of life I mean what just what he does and the way he goes about it but what I want to take us what I want us to take away from that is one key thing right what I believe is his foundation of where it all begins like the genesis of his philosophy and I really believe it’s in taking the hands out of the golf swing because in just from what I see is everything he does is so that his hands do not come into play in his golf swing it all starts with the grip he uses on his club it’s this is my super stroke putting grip this is a mid slim grip he uses something similar to this it’s a it’s a big grip it’s got a flattop and it allows him to hold the club in a weaker grip position hand well here okay that’s where I believe it all begins because you can get a firm hold and really weaken that hand down here and it allows you to not have too much hand rotation especially on the backswing so it starts there and then you know he takes it to another level by using a one length iron for all his iron which is about a five or six iron length for everything so everything even as sand wedge is this length this is my 5-iron so he you know he’s taking it to that ultra extreme that may or may not work for you but what I do believe will work is taking the hand out of the golf swing so we’re gonna work on that and kind of see learn from what he does and apply it to what we can do because man he is just so consistent right now fairways greens I mean he does it potting I mean he’s way up here putting so first things first let’s look at his his kind of setup it’s pretty standard setup with his body but his hands are so high here he really gets his hands high and that allows you to that’s like step one of taking the hands out of the golf swing getting those hands up higher here it also allows you to have a grip that you can’t really have here like down here this is a what you would consider a strong grip this V pointed way to my right shoulder but as I get my hands higher all of a sudden it looks a little more neutral so you could even turn it more weak but if you come down here now it’s a more strong grip at least in terms of how it looks but once you lift those hands it’s totally different so I want those hands high okay that allows you once your hands are low it promotes this like a wrist cocking some people like the risk walking swing you know that’s not my deal I think it and the reason why is because when you get down to the ball you’ve got a uncock and it creates a lot of face rotation and Club rotation which creates a lot more side spin a lot more inconsistency in the golf swing I consider Bryson like your modern-day Moe Norman Moe Norman had a similar style of a move and he was super consistent but whatever you do it’s going to take a lot of practice okay so that’s just something you to to know about yeah I’ve hit the one length irons a little bit at the PGA Show it’s different it’s gonna take some getting used to so I don’t know if I like him yet I would have to spend you know like a month or two really hitting him daily to know if it’s something I would work for me but for us let’s get a nice firm base first step lift those hands so practice this with those high hands so you’ve got like a one plane deal going on here your hands are normally low lift them up right to there start there and just start seeing what that feels like you’ll probably hit bad shots for a while but it’s gonna take a minute to to get that down just changing your hand position from down here it’s kind of my normal position and then just up here okay that’s step one lift those hands a little higher it sounded good okay so after you practice that for a while with those hands high now you want you want to hover this club a little off the ground okay and as you do this you want to make sure those that you’re not rotating that toe open you want no hands no hand motion at all I don’t want to rotate my forearms I don’t want to rotate my hands at all I really want to practice and just practice in here first okay hi hands hover that Club and then just do a little that just make sure nothing is rotating except you know your body that’s gonna help that’s what we want to begin hey john from the UK how are you can you all yam oh definitely salmon Willy yeah a lot more people are going to be interested in these one length irons now the more Bryson wins and the better he does the more press he’s gonna get with the one length irons for sure here’s what I would do first off okay if you’re going to try his swing with a bigger grip so get it find his grips online a super stroke makes a bunch their putter grips which are not bad like these mid length or even the slimline are big and they have a flat top put one of those on your driver that’s where I would begin with this to be honest with you because this is where people have more so put that one length on your on your driver or not the one like the grip that’s gonna have a big fat and weak in that hand lift your hands high so you’re kind of like this you’re standing a little taller he’s a bigger guy think he’s 6 1 or something or 62 I don’t know but he’s a bigger taller guy but lift those hands up higher here there you go and then you’re just you’re here you’re here no risk you’re gonna have a little bit natural I’m not going to call a risk I put that elbows gonna come in a little so that that Club will look like it hinges a little bit but you’re really taking it straight back with the square face it’s going to feel shut and then come through so it’s going to kind of look like this take your hands from where they normally are lift them up high this will help your drives and you’re gonna feel a little stiff with your body at first because it’s just gonna feel like you’re you’re all up up here which is fine you know and then you slowly start getting your lower body in but I really like this move and you could work on taking it just taking it back and up and that’s all its gonna go and then you’re gonna rotate it’s gonna help shorten your swing and you’re just here it’ll take some time to get used to but I would definitely put try that grip on your driver first to see if you like it if you don’t you know it’s just one club it’s right there and then move on to your hybrid and your 3-wood work it down that way and then slowly work it into your long irons and go from there as you find it if it’s helping you but the key is yeah okay we’ll get to the clubhead speed issue in a sec so the key is you want the grip with the flat top the flat front edge that’s going to really be the key that’s that’s something he does because as its rounded the rounded grip your hand has a tendency well it will roll over more it’ll it it makes it easier for you to get us what we call stronger grip that that top hand rolling over here and that’s what we want to get rid of once that hand rolls over it’s easier to start cocking that wrist so so when the hand is here weaker and that thumb is right on top if you have that op grip that’s gonna make that more possible and then that right hand just goes right on and they’re they’re much more connected to each other and it promotes you know less less wrist hinge it’s harder to hinge those and it’s easier to keep them square and that’s gonna be the key and you could practice with hitting a putter if you want just to you know if you have one of these on your putter it’s a little short to what oh I hate that good so now let’s talk about like a lot of the issues is distance well what’s gonna happen what’s gonna happen to your distance okay I’ll start here because we’re technology technology today allows you to hit the ball farther farther than ever the balls and the clubs are better today especially the ball then they were 20 years ago 20 years ago so what’s gonna happen is you probably hit the ball as far today the average golfer hits the ball as far today as the tour Pro did 20 years ago alright and you’re playing you the course you’re playing today is still shorter than the course was 20 years ago or very close to what it was 20 years ago so you’re kind of where a pro the average player is kind of on the same level playing around as a pro was 20 years ago that’s where you are now so you don’t really need distance you’re kind of playing where you should be playing you’re not typically playing at 72 70 400-yard golf course you’re playing like a 68 hundred yard golf course at the from the blacks usually okay so distance I hit the ball today shorter than I did 10 years ago okay and my scores are lower today than they were 10 years ago so distance is a myth you don’t need distance that’s not your friend it’s really your enemy because you’re trying to hit it farther it’s gonna go more crooked so that being said how we are we gonna lose distance using Bryson’s method yes okay you will at first at first you’re gonna lose distance but then what you’re gonna do is with his method you’re gonna start learning how to use your lower body and rotate which are your bigger more powerful muscles thus you’re gonna retrain your body how to transfer that energy and in the long term you will hit farther using that method then you currently hit the ball today okay that is that is real because you’re gonna use the ground you’re gonna be here you’re not gonna be able to go here and cock those wrists and be down in here you don’t even want to be down here you’re gonna be up in here you’re gonna use this and that’s rotation which is gonna promote a solid more solid ball contact in the center of the clubface more consistently better ball compression which would equal better ball distance it will go farther and it will go straighter you’re going to spin it sideways less because when you start setting those wrists here now the only way to hit a perfect golf shot is to uncock those wrists just perfectly like if your hands are out here you’re here here you talk a little early you release a little out here there’s so many areas for error that it’s going to affect your ball contact and you flipping at the ball you might hit a perfect golf shot but if you flip those hands the flippy motion of that reduces ball compression right if if my club is flipping and turning through the hitting area I’m not going to keep that club face on the ball very long then the longer we keep the clubface on the ball the more compressed we compress the ball which equals more distance and so the less hands going through the ball the more compression that’s the scientific kind of theory behind it so first things first is get your normal setup square and then lift those hands up high we’re right in here and and hover that Club because once that Club touches the ground it’s easy to too low if these hands go lower at the beginning you’re you’re adding a wrist cock right after off the gecko like if you if you go just a little bit lower engages the wrists we don’t want to do that so we want to keep that up high toe down if anything keep it here and just do a little here and then and you’re good to go and if it starts going left get more rotation and just it will be weird at first just that move alone will be weird yeah okay I’m just going through your questions here so also you’ll notice when he sets up his front shoulder his left shoulder he turns it out so his left arm is higher than his right arm you see this left arm all the time he kind of want to see that in most golf swings but his is a little more so he’s a little shut it looks like right so he’s really getting this here you know that might even be enough but something like that and this really I mean in terms of consistency and your setup it’s gonna help you out a lot you’re really going to be able to just set up and you’re here like here I could be you know there’s all kinds of variations here but once I’m here I mean that’s pretty good like my that Club is flat on the ground cuz a lot of times when you’re low and you’re gonna come up a little bit so you’re kind of striking the ball the hands are gonna be higher at impact and they were it set up that’s just normal most people’s striker so if you start off here that’s gonna that could really help you somebody asked me and there’s a good time to kind of address it with the video I posted about the grip the other day do you change your grip for different shots and the answer is yes I didn’t get into that in the video because it gets a lot more complicated than I wanted to put in like a six seven minute video but yeah I do I change my grip depending on my shot and I believe you should do that too and I’ll show you what I’m talking about and um oh think you’re overheating again hopefully we’re still good let me know if something goes haywire here this is not good alright so um I’m just looking here my my ipad overheated so I want to make sure let me know if your you’re alright we’re good so far it just needs to cool down and hopefully it’ll not kick us off all right so if we get kicked off because my iPad overheated the heat here’s my wedge and what we want to do is when you’re chipping typically this is not all chips but a lot of times I want you to weaken your grip turn your grip way to the left for chips what does that do well it takes a lot of the wrists out of your chip shot when you when you’re and it allows you to to affirm left right in here you’ll see that’s what Bryson does on his shot you see it’s his swing he’s out here that weak grip allows you to do it and the larger grip with the weak grip that combination really allows you to do a lot but when I’m chipping I weaken my grip a lot because I want I don’t want a strong chipping grip because it equals too much flip now if I want that high higher shot and I want to do something like this and use a lot of wrist then I’ll do that but for me that’s a say specialty shot typically I’m weakening the grip here and I’m just no wrist I don’t want a lot of wrists in my chip shots I want very little because when I take out the wrist and this is key and potting – something to think about is remember this wise people struggle with lag putting its coz every mile an hour you swing a club the ball goes about three yards so 100 mile an hour swing you have a 300 yard shot okay so if I have a 30-foot putt and I and I add and I’m hitting a swing here for a 30 footer and I add a little bit of wrist I’m adding three my like about three miles an hour so the ball could go three three yards farther that’s nine feet past the hole I don’t want that just by adding a little wrist that’s why you want to eliminate wrist in especially your short shots if you’re doing a full swing I’m not so worried about a little bit of wrist in my seven arm because I’m really gonna max out with a certain amount of club head speed but on my chips the same rule applies if I add wrist you might wonder a why did my chip go 20 yards farther than last time it’s because you added some risks which probably added five miles an hour so your chip is a lot farther sometimes than others because you’re adding risk so weak in that grip and then you’re just swinging your big muscles that I can control if I always practice that and I always do that then I’m always controlling my speed and that’s just a little pitch like this this underhanded you see people do this like that I can control that there’s not gonna be a big variation distance if I’m tossing this you know you ever play whatever what is that game bocce ball or something you tossing those sandbags I don’t accidentally throw it 10 yards past the the thing right you’re pitching horseshoes it’s not like one hits the the stake and the next one’s 20 yards past it right that’s on how you’re close you’re within a yard so you can do that in golf if you take out your hands you don’t want to add all the saying I hope 40 yards pass you know what that so weak in that grip for your chip shots really good a week that might be not doable let’s say in your driver because once you weaken that grip too much especially if you add any or any rotation that clubs to be wide open you’re gonna just miss that thing all over the place if it’s not normal but and chipping it’s not gonna happen you’re just weak in that short little swing and you’re good that I can do that all day long and then when you have let’s say a 40 50 yard shot 60 yard shot you can do the same thing here’s an 8-iron weaken that grip and I’m just keeping a firm firm wrist and I’m going right through there weakened it a ton not worry about it slicing because I’m not gonna take take too big a swing that’s the same swing except that’s gonna go 50 60 yards that’s why I’m big on changing your grip from shot to shot like my normal grip with my 8-iron we’ll be here my chip shot with my 8-iron I’m gonna weak in that over here and that helps you flight it down a bit lower to check and run so yeah I would weaken weaken my grip depending on different shots for sure a box fan on your equipment all right box Han I’m gonna look that up this was the first time my iPad overheated usually it’s my one of my camera’s which is my phone for one camera the other camera one over here it’s a mess but I had the iPad sitting right in the Sun all right so I believe that when you open when you’re weak in your grip if you’re using the same grip you’re always using you’re gonna and you add any rotation the club’s gonna be wide open you’re gonna miss way right way right so if you hook the ball it’s something to practice for sure so remember with Bryson it’s not only weak or grip it’s weaker grip with a fat grip also with a no wrist rotation at all and this could really help you too cuz if you have any wrist rotation you probably miss right so you’re really you’re eliminating left and then when you miss right you just say hey I had too much wrist rotation I must have had some wrist rotation and you can slowly correct that as you’re playing especially out on the golf course I find when I’m playing if I’m missing right on the course I can correct that as I play if I’m hooking it forget it like I’m not gonna fix that while I’m playing golf it’s just not gonna happen you know I’ve got to come up with a like a band-aid Ellucian out on the golf course when i start hooking at big-time high hands that’s gonna be the key hi hands here and something that could help you for sure is I always do this drill get your stick and just grab it here your alignment stick this is gonna help you get those hands up now it should just go right along your left arm and then now if you have rotation you’re gonna that stick is gonna point too far that direction to the to the right no rotation I want that stick staying right down right down my toe line and you’re gonna go through there this is how you know if you have any rotation you’re up here just do little swings and practice it and that stick starts whacking you in the side of the body what that means is you’re you’re adding rotation afterward you know what that it’s straight here you want body rotation so that’s gonna be something that’s definitely gonna help you out okay let’s get to some questions here alright my iPads back up and running hopefully we’re good hopefully it’s still still alive and well alright well good um is there a drill for a full swing tempo I can only hit solid for about hit it solid half and 3/4 oz my full swing goes as far or shorter than my 3/4 swing seems like getting nothing from making a complete backswing okay right arm turn okay we’ll start with that first one here let’s see is there a drill for full swing tempo there’s a lot of drills for full swing tempo now you’re also saying that you’re getting the same basically the same distance from a 3/4 swing as a full swing so you I always say look if you’re getting it the distance you want from a 3/4 swing stick with it stick with it don’t even worry about fuller swings and you got to make sure though is it truly a 3/4 swing because sometimes I’ll do a 3/4 swing just kind of like this is gonna be my 3/4 swing but you look at it you tell me if it looks like a full swing to me that felt 3/4 but I bet if you look at that you’re like not look full full to me Matt you know so you’ve got to really note is it 3/4 because sometimes a 3/4 equals I’m looking at right there I look 3/4 all right but I like that I love 3/4 swings so if you’re getting good distance I would stick with it but we’re talking at swing tempo how do you get that swing tempo what’s a great drill to work on swing tempo so everybody’s gonna have a different tempo everybody has different rhythm everybody different timing look at Nick price just to do super fast everybody’s different right every summer really slow like so there’s an older dude long time ago or look at hideki Matsuyama matt sciama he’s like you know he stops up there man I couldn’t I just could I tried to do that a long time ago man it’s just I would be like okay that’s that messes me up so you got to first of all know what rhythm works best for you you can use a metronome that too and try to sync it up some people listen to music and just get a song that is kind of the rhythm sometimes people say names all right so that’s the easiest one for me so find a name let’s do a Arnold Palmer there you know that guy’s name right so that’s gonna be my swing so what I’m gonna do is I’m just gonna go Arnold Palmer in my swing that’s how I learned and right when I began golfing and so I would say I would find the name that will work best for me Serio Arnold Palmer okay that’s too slow for me I don’t like that so the the first name is too long for me okay so Arnold that’s two syllables Palmer – so – and – let’s go one syllable two syllables so I like one of my favorite golfers Lee Trevino let’s try his name okay so I’ll do that Lee Trevino I like that I had a better shot so I would pick a name that works for you for me Lee Trevino and that’s your swing like Lee Trevino and then just practice that and that’s your name right that’s your name so sometimes you this is gonna sound weird but I do this okay I have like Lee Trevino but sometimes Lee Trevino lets me down hate to say it Lee I love you buddy you one of my favorite players but sometimes out on the golf course I’m playing poorly but I’m thinking I’m thinking the whole time Lee Trevino and I missed the green and so three or four holes go out dude’s not working for me so I’m gonna go with someone else so I cut it so Lee you’re out you’re riding the bench you’re on the bench so now I think somebody else’s name all right and I’ll just uh I’ll go somebody up so uh who else we got who else do I like okay these out I’m going jordan Spieth let’s do it okay so now I’m thinking jordan Spieth change I just changed up jordan Spieth see time I went two syllables back one syllable forward so it’s a little different rhythm so maybe that’s gonna work for me today and the other one didn’t so that’s kind of where I go especially when I’m on course and that’s where we have the biggest issues is our rhythm on course so try that let me know if that works for you all right okay just getting back okay trying bring the club up to about 80 degrees 90 being vertical 30 with 3/4 I want to get to 150 okay good all right so Josh beam – see – all right so you’re talking you’re real analytical guy I can tell because which is great because you’re talking about 3/4 swing I bring it to 80 degrees 90 being vertical I hit my 7 130 I want to hit it 150 right okay you got all these numbers going on until you really peak picking apart your backswing 80% 90% 75% which is fine that’s who you are don’t change that okay you’re really in tune with those numbers that are working for you again I would work on my body rotation okay my body rotation try to rotate here and around your body if you have any sway going on it’s gonna lose distance okay if you’re rolling on the outside of this back foot you’re gonna lose distance okay keep that foot up and really rotate keep that back knee bent also all these things are gonna help you stay over the ball and get better compression okay try to take those hands out of the ball and here is a drill that’s gonna help you sense you’re just getting back into it here’s what I would do if I were you okay I would take it to 50 percent okay no wrist 50% and rotate through and hit the ball and full follow-through right here and try and see how far you hit it and just continue to try to increase speed from that position come 50 percent all arms I’m not really turning I’m turning a little 50 percent it turn little 50 percent and then engage that lower body fire through finish on your toe do that like about a million times not in one day but work that out and you’ll start increasing that club head speed all right 8-iron 8-iron 130 is perfect that’s awesome okay I have a 56 10 degrees of Bounce and a 60 10 but I seem to hit crispy or chips with my gap wedge but just don’t get the spin why do I hit it better than the others okay Josh you’re 56 I’m looking at that that’s a sand wedge okay your gap wedge would be the 50 to the 50 or 50 to I don’t know what it seems okay I have a but I don’t get the spin okay well yeah so I I’m gonna assume you’re saying your gap wedge is your 56 10 degree here’s what I would do okay let me find my my gap wedge or a wedge here to work with and we’ll we’ll get to it this is a 54 this is would be a sand wedge or whatever um Josh they are Mac daddy’s Mac daddy’s you should get lost man okay I would whatever you’re considered your gap wedge I would open the face a little bit okay open that face and then what I would do is I would bring that inside try this okay you’re gonna bring it inside and rotate through but you got to open the face when you do that okay open the face a little bit and you’re gonna take it back bring it inside and around what you’re doing is by opening the face it’s not gonna go right okay it’s not gonna go right and starting to go higher okay what’s gonna do is it’s only gonna go higher if you take it outside okay if you open the face and take it outside you’re hitting a high shot all right just let’s figure this out if you open the face and you bring it way inside you’re hitting a lower shot but it’s not gonna go right because your body’s gonna rotate okay what you’re doing is when you open the face a little bit you’re you’re enabling yourself to swing a lot faster creating more spin because what I’m guessing is when you use that 60 you have a lot more loft so you’re hitting it you’re swinging faster the ball is going a little bit higher and then you’re getting more spin the lower lofted Club you want to get more spin on it open the face a little bit because you then you could swing faster and it’ll go the distance you want or there’s shorter distance okay didn’t on the ball pops up okay no no what when I take a lob wedge with the tight lie I tend to get under the ball and it pops up any tips okay tight line tight lie so I don’t know uh Kunal Kunal Patel I don’t know the loft of your lob wedge which is fine but when you’re on a tight lie I would take less loft and open the face okay same thing I was just talking to a second ago less loft open the face then you’re adding bounce to the club and that’s gonna stop you from putting that that leading edge in the dirt you don’t want to do that okay okay so um and then when you do that when you open the face look when I open the face the the handle just automatically goes forward of the club face I’m like here’s I open the face that the handle just kind of goes forward by opening the face so now the handles more forward but that face is open don’t pick it up right if you pick it up you can just use scooping it here that’s what happened when that club goes out this way and you come down you’re you have nowhere to go but scoop it right here we don’t wanna scoop because then then then yeah you’re coming under the ball like that and that balls gonna flop up and you’re gonna hit it fat you’re gonna thin it and you’re gonna scoop it which we don’t want so open that get that handle forward a little bit bring it a little more inside no wrists and then just rotate if you’re rotating then that Club has somewhere to go it could go over here if you’re picking it up it has nowhere to go you’re gonna get bunched up in here and you have to flick through the wrists okay so open the face inside and rotate through you’ll stop chunking that ball and then it’s a matter of just picking the right wedge for the distance you are but you’ve got to open face is the key component all right and it’s all about doing that and eliminating the hand riskiness all right madam door sure took your advice on driver migrating outside fixed it thanks right on love to hear it love to hear the success the successes will get it and now with our let’s look at this with your driver okay when you lift those hands up like Bryson does you’re gonna it’s easy to take that straight back that’s gonna be a lot a lot easier when your hands are low you know it’s easy to come way too far inside here because you’re you’re flipping that you’re getting in here it’s easy to get cupped back here you don’t want any of that it’s people do it I know I know people do it but in the long run it’s gonna mess you up it’s just not going to be consistent okay yeah here we go we’re talking about that right now what’s your name crash and burn crashing Bernie any tips on keeping the driver faced closed yeah okay so what happens is we start this is the myth the myth of golf everybody says turn that toe up okay don’t don’t don’t don’t ever do that can’t practice this turn that toe down just that’s what you want to practice practice this move here okay I’m not saying do that all the time but instead of here okay you don’t with that practice here keep that toe take that club back I want you good set up hands high and here’s the drill we did it earlier get your alignment stick hold it in here okay like right in the middle of it’s gonna be good now if I wrote my hands and open ecla face that points to like my head my shadow my head way out there or by the ball it’s out here if I shut the clubface it’s it comes down okay so I’m gonna keep that face square I don’t want this out here I want that stick to stay under my arm and then that’s how my clubface is staying shut and just practice doing some swings like that keep that stick under that arm right you’re gonna mess up for sure especially when you’re looking at the stick but it’s gonna help you keep that face closed and do short swings not hard at all you’re just trying to feel it when you get over it take it back feel this okay so it’s like here’s how you rev up a motorcycle with your left hand hmm right whatever hand you do it with let’s say it’s your left hand you do the opposite that you’re gonna rev it down rev it down so as you take it back my hand is going down here and that gets you that bowed that bowed wrist as well so rev down rev down okay as you take it back rev it down that way that’s gonna close that clubface and it’s gonna feel very very awkward but if you’re opening it too much what’s gonna happen is um you’re you’re going to probably just be right where you need to be and it’s gonna feel like you’re shutting it and that’s what that was my guess is that you’re going to feel like you’re your revenant and close and get it on the backswing but in reality it’s gonna be perfect it still might be open you know feel and real aren’t always the same thing so I’m gonna feel like I’m shutting that face on the backswing but in reality it might just be perfect I felt good I’m I started doing that okay hasty Jay it’s got a question in I’m new to golf how do I make solid contact with iron’s I’m either making a huge divot or hitting line drives all right common common stuff I’ve been there all right huge divots equals equals you’re coming straight down on the ball okay so you’re here and you’re coming straight down BAM just sticking that thing in there or you’re coming down with your club and you’re coming up with your body equals thin line drive that happens all the time all right so here is what you get your towel all right roll it up roll up your towel sure it’s all wet all right who’s gonna be your drill for you come what you gonna you gonna put it down not straight but you gonna turn it like that all right that’s you this happens all the time especially with people learning or new to golf go 45 for now okay this is what I want I want that club to come back your first take aways in here and then you’re gonna try to swing out this way okay so you’re gonna set up square your clubface is square your not everything’s perfect you’re going to bring it way inside and push it outside okay this is your drill in here and out there you cannot get steep on the ball by doing that and I want a short swing half swings on this start start away from the towel and it’s just in here don’t hit the towel and push that out there okay that’s gonna be that’s gonna be your drill I always finish on your toe – okay but you really want to work that Club inside – out for now until you stop taking those big divots and then I hit me up and we’ll get you the next phase of this because you don’t wanna swing like that forever actually it’s not bad but but that’s the that’s the drill it’s gonna help you stop digging into the ground all right that’s a great drill these towels I’m gonna I might have some mr. short-game towels made up if you guys want them just to remind you of some some key fundamentals key drills you can do with your towel okay but like you look at the bryson to Shambo he’s trying to go straight and straight and just using his body hi hands I love this high hand setup high hands stay high Club hovering above the ground you’re good to go very little is gonna go wrong you be so consistent don’t worry about distance don’t worry about that you don’t need distance you need more distance grab a different Club come don’t don’t worry about hitting your 7-iron look I play with the guy I gave it I gave a kid a lesson he’s 19 years old hits a 7-iron 190 190 I hit my 7 I like 165 but you know he shoots in the high 80s yeah I shoot in the low 70s and this is high sixties so there’s it doesn’t necessarily matter if I need to go 190 I grab my 5-iron so don’t worry about distance worry about accuracy and consistency that’s gonna be the key for your game okay where do you focus in the setup on the ball behind the ball also and also putting where do you focus what are you thinking target or take away follow-through all right Pete and we go what do I focus on okay when I’m setting up to hit a shot I’m focused on all I focused on I picked my target okay and I set up okay now all I’m focused on this point is my routine to be honest I’m not folk I’m not worried about where I’m looking at the ball I just look at the ball I don’t really some people look in front some people look at the back some people look at the top whatever I don’t do that I just look at at the ball I don’t really focus on any particular piece of it what is in my mind is my routine and I’m just trying to make sure my routine is what I practice so I set up and I’m here right and then I lift the club and I I wiggle like this and look and I go 1 2 wait that’s it is that what I do I go like this I I go 1 2 3 is back at the ball and then I just barely make contact with the ground and then I swing so it’s like this I set up you know I’m looking one two no I say I’m messed up it’s actually two to Wiggles I set up I kind of look there we go and that then then I go this then I go one wiggle to wiggle down go and that’s what I focus on is my routine I do the same thing chipping chipping and putting is going to be the same I get over the ball good grip you know chipping I’ll do some practice swings right to the side of the ball like three swings and then I’m right in here and then I’m like one two down and I go so it’s routine that’s what I focus on is my routine I don’t worry about the target I don’t worry about the ball and here’s why I’ll tell you why I don’t do this I used to look at the ball I used to focus on a piece of the ball okay and then I’d be so focused on the ball sometimes I take the club back and a piece of grass would jump on top of the ball right where I’m looking and it would totally mess me up so I was like oh my gosh what what happened like and so that would screw me up or I’m looking at the ball you ever do that in like a bug lands on it I can’t stand that so if I focus on my routine there’s nothing gonna land on my routine right there’s nothing gonna mess it up other than me but the timing of it so that’s why I went to routine only because grass will fly my ball and the harder I focus on a particular point if something moves in its way like a shadow the Sun a bird flies by like that stuff would distract me so I started just focusing on my routine and it really helped me okay uh thanks Nick Nick’s trying to give me some likes come on Nick if you hit that like button you get a free probe you won Wow Nick’s gonna send everybody pro you want thanks Nick okay all can you say why do you have no problem why do I have no problem hitting my driver right to left flight and my irons are blocked and shorts are okay so look at that so typically if you’re doing that if your driver is going a little right-to-left here’s what’s going on usually it’s okay watch this so you’re hitting your driver perfect little right-to-left shot remember your drivers more forward in your stance it’s probably off here it should be off your left ear so you’re coming inside here and then by the time you get to the ball your club is squared up which is gonna create a little inside with the square face gonna create a little right-to-left shot even if that face is slightly open you’re good to go however now I got a 5-iron now that ball position is backed up let’s say center of my stance so now I’ve got the same swing path I’m a little too far inside out and thus the club is still it hasn’t squared up yet so that ball starts off right and stays right it’s a block or a push and so I would work on my take away being a little straighter back and then when you come through that club should get more square up so I would get my towel here okay just put it on this side and work on this with your irons sometimes we get we just get too far inside put that towel here okay and so I’m trying to take it back here and up and that way that club can travel more less from the inside because the more from the inside you’re going to start pushing that so keep that towel there try not to hit it take it out here and what we want to do is get those irons to start straighter so try that try that that should help you out I don’t imagine you probably have a pretty good swing you’re just getting a little too far from the inside and it’s common problem and then try lifting those hands a little higher we’re talking Bryson to Shambo style right so try keeping those hands up higher those hands get low it’s easy to keep them low and if they’re too low if you should keep your hands low on the backswing you’re going to be inside so get those hands high it’s you know that feels weird so then I’m a little more apt to keep my hands in the club outside of my hands as opposed to bring it inside so just lift those hands up a little bit use this towel you know it’s like that one hits center of the net okay so watch if I have low hands lower hands I’ll probably take this inside and it’ll hit more on the right side of that net let’s see yeah yeah it hit right on the right right side of that net more right and now I’m going to do the same to him he’s gonna lift those hands up and that club should come straighter back and that was right more in the center than that so just a little setup position same swing really can make a big difference in where that ball starts and say you should take it back to inside that was way on the right side the net and I hit a solid shot and then same same swing lift those hands high right in center that’s a huge huge difference you were talking like three or four feet from here to there just imagine by the time it gets to the hole you know that’s gonna keep traveling on the right by the time it reaches 190 yards away we’re talking over 30 20 20 yards apart probably high why don’t you wear gloves doesn’t really matter um I do wear a glove when I play I don’t when I’m here I don’t know because I I don’t want to use up my glove just hitting just practicing so I don’t wear a glove here I just wear it when I play that’s that’s why no it only matters like if my hands are sweaty I wear a glove like on the course I don’t know it sweats more but I keep the go I don’t know but out here I know I just want to wear my gloves all right this week I found that the less tension I have the more consistent I hit the ball that’s true mark okay so Bryson swing your right it looks very tense he looks up here I mean you’re right it looks robotic but you can’t argue with his results that’s for sure he’s getting some solid results he’s like the robot machine so yeah that time if you’re loose here and um okay do it right but what we’re trying to do is eliminate the hands some people are some people are better with their hands than others some people aren’t so we’re trying to eliminate the hands I find it’s more consistent so I mean I’ll try to be loose here you know this is loose I can get in this position well I feel good so maybe that’s something I do I do I do believe in being loose Bryson doesn’t look loose but he’s a hottest player on the planet right now and he’s got the robotic you know single length same length shaft irons weird grips weird swing works right so well that’s what I’m trying to say is like you just don’t know what’s gonna work for you the best way to find out is try a bunch of different things and see hey does that work does this piece work does that work no yes a lot of times I find that I’ll do a drill or I’ll try one thing like a Bryson move and then I’ll go back to just me and I’m better like it helps me get back on track – by trying something so different than what I’m used to all right last question of the day what starts your downswing or first move Jay and buzzy RJ great question so I’m trying to start my move right here by I’m trying to activate my hips and my butt and just get this little thing going right here that’s what I’m trying to do it doesn’t always sometimes the start of my swing is just the stopping of my backswing right just stop and then and then I but I’m trying I’m trying to be in here in my lower body I’m trying is where I’m trying to have the start is here okay that should be what you want to focus on without moving forward don’t don’t move forward rotate okay so it’s a it’s here rotate that should be in my opinion your first move you know you can wait you can be patient up here let it all stop and feel this club fall that sometimes is a great first movies just to feel like it’s doing that and then you can that could be the start of of your swing sometimes I go there if I’m hooking the ball that’s how I do it I take it back and I wait to feel this and then I go and that would look like like this now it didn’t look like I did it in my practice swing but that’s what I feel like it’s doing in my in my swing if I just wait on that so it depends on really what is happening in my swing will determine the feel of my start of my downswing normal it’s it’s just here and I’m just trying to rotate my hips around like this okay so it’s either that or I feel my or I feel the hands drop down here and then I turn just depends on what’s happening in my shot that day and and then those two those would be the two feelings of what starts my downswing but it’s never ever pulling down it’s never pulling down that would be that would be death because you’re gonna you’re gonna come in here and you’re gonna you’re gonna pull down you again you’re just adding places where you can make mistakes and most of us don’t practice eight hours a day so that’s not gonna be a consistent move it’s gonna get you in more trouble you’re gonna get stuck you’re gonna get in here and then you’re gonna flip and you’re gonna do all kinds of stuff that you wish you didn’t do so I just never ever pull down all right I think that’s it for the day I’ve got a new video coming out tomorrow thanks for supporting the channel please pass it around tell your friends to subscribe just trying to make good contact content whoever gave me the thumbs down I’m coming to get you I know where you live I don’t but I got a friend who knows how to find you I’m coming after you anyways just kidding uh not really anyways thanks again we’re out for today I love you guys thanks for the support we’re gonna keep jamming alright we’ll see you next time you

8 thoughts on “Live Golf Show #18 🔴 What To Learn from Bryson DeChambeau’s Golf Swing!”

  1. Rodney Blackwell says:

    Ancer looked to be coming over the top.

  2. Mark Lags says:

    Great vid Matt, I made the switch to cobra f8 one length (5-lw plus hybrid) back in early March of this year. Took a while to get used to them, since you need to unlearn everything about irons that you've learned over the years, and relearn your play. As of yesterday, I haven't hit a round over 89 all year. I'm a regular guy who loves golf, but now I love it even more. I finally had a best life round of 82. But like you said, they ain't for everyone.

  3. Randy Mahony says:

    His putter is long and it goes up his forearm. His swing is very vertical.

  4. DanF says:

    You hit the nail on the head. Moe Norman 90+ % career fairways hit.

  5. Paul Melidosian says:

    Sorry I missed the live stream. I have been swing single Plane like Moe and Bryson for the last year. I play the JumboMax grips XL just like Bryson. The grips help stabilize the clubhead because you're able to hold the club in your palms. It also helps if you play more upright clubs. Least lease 2 up degrees.

  6. Brent Montzka says:

    Would love a mr short game towel with 10 drills written on the towel 😀

  7. JohnD says:

    Why would any one want to take the hands out of the shot? Hogan said he wishes he had 3 right hand. Snead said he hit it with the back of his left hand.
    Mike Dunaway said you need to marry up your hands with your body. We use our hands in every sport, so to say take the hands out is a misleading statement!!

  8. Rolland Hawkins says:

    You are misinformed. According to USGA rules, long before Bryson, except for the putter the grip must be circular in cross section only allowing for a spiral indentation in a wrap grip or a memory rib.

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