Live 2018 Golf R Car Stats on your phone! The VW DataPlug
Live 2018 Golf R Car Stats on your phone! The VW DataPlug

Hi guys. Volkswagen DataPlug, what is it?
Today, we’re going to find out. Okay, so… DataPlug. I think these are quite popular in America and
Germany. DataPlug – Reads out vehicle data and sends it to your smart phone via Bluetooth.
Easy connection to the OBD2 Port underneath the steering wheel. Okay, so I think the main
idea of these, before we jump in to it, is that you can plug it in and then you can get
like driving data about your car, you know like, it kind’ve gamifies it a bit. So, like,
you can get points, you can try and improve your driving style, I think the idea is to
just improve fuel economy. And then I think it can do things like if you’ve parked and
your phone’s been connected to it, and then you walk away, you can go on and see where
your car’s located. So, like, in a shopping car park, or something like that. What I don’t
think it is, I don’t think it’s like a full-blown tracker. So, you know, if your car gets pinched,
or something like that, I don’t think you can go on to the phone and see where someone’s
driving it about. I don’t think it does that. Okay, so DataPlug. You also need, just a quick
note on the app, the Volkswagen Connect app, which is that one there. I don’t think you
get given one of these when you get your new Golf – or your new Volkswagen – you might
have to ask for it. We got it from one of our dealers. I’m not sure if, at one point,
they were selling them. I’m not sure about that. But if you ask your local dealer, I’m
sure they’ll be able to sort you out. Okay, so, as you can see, I’ve already had a go
at getting inside. Instructions… loads of languages…
and there we go, DataPlug. It’s tiny! By Texa. I wonder who Texa are? They’re the people
who’re going to have all the driving data of my car, which is nice. Where it goes is
– oh yeah, that’s it. See that BT PIN? You need that number. That BT PIN is the code
that you put in to your phone when you want it to connect. It’s also on the box as well.
Okay, so, the Port’s down there, just under the steering wheel. We’ve got a shot of that,
which we’ll put in now. It’s a bit awkward, so we’re not going to film. We’re not going
to get a very good angle of me putting it in. Tim: Not a flattering angle. Not a flattering
angle as I… I think it’s in! Keys. Let’s boot her up. *Car
makes pinging sound* Please refuel, not at the minute. Okay, so I’ve opened up the app.
Short check. Is the ignition switched on? No. Internet Connection on mobile phone? Yes.
DataPlug and PIN ready? Okay. Let’s go. Okay, enter PIN. Insert DataPlug in OBD Port. Okay.
Oh! Okay, so what’s happened is, it’s come up with a Pairing request from the Plug. That
was quick! Quite surprised by that, I didn’t think it was going to work to be honest. So,
that sort’ve shows you where it goes, so there’s your pedals. Obviously, that’s a left-hand-drive
car, mine’s on the right-hand-side of the pedals. It could take up to 60 seconds. So,
we’ll speed this bit up. Oh! Connection successful. Good news. Off we go! Proceed without login,
I’ll do that because it’s just easier. Mark Service Partner as Favourite. Okay. Okay.
Okay, so I’m just going to pick the closest Volkswagen dealer to me, which is that one.
Add as favourite. Okay, so we’re just going through settings at the minute. Urgh – registration.
Okay. Hopefully this is painless! Okay, so we’re in. First thing. “Your vehicle
needs fuel,” which is good. And actually, what happened was, I got a little push notification
to say, “Your vehicle needs fuel.” And I think it does. I’m down to 35 miles. And it says
there, 8 L – I presume that means 8 litres. So, that’s pretty good that it’ll keep you
notified of, like, your fuel. Scroll down. My Volkswagen – so it’s got all the different
details there. Battery voltage. Mileage, which is interesting. My challenges, points. Okay,
so what I think happens there is, as you go out on your drive, it’ll come up with challenges.
So, it’ll say try and improve your score next time you go out, or do this… x, y, z. Scroll
down. Service Partner. It’s got the different dealerships you can call. Under Trips, it
says “No Trips have been recorded yet.” So, what we’ll do is, we’ll leave this plugged
in to the car and over the next few days when I’ve been going home, coming back to work,
out and about. It’ll stack up a load of information, and then we’ll do another video, so you can
see what data we’re getting back. And whether we think it’s very good, or not. Okay, so that was just a brief introduction
to using this Volkswagen DataPlug in my Golf R. So, as I said, I’m going to drive it round
a bit. Get some data put in to it. And then we’ll feed it back to you guys, so make sure
you subscribe so you get notified when we put that video online. Thanks for watching,
see you again!

16 thoughts on “Live 2018 Golf R Car Stats on your phone! The VW DataPlug”

  1. SRT8Cat says:

    Thanks for the video. My dealer gave me a Data plug last week after a service.I haven't fitted it yet but that info was useful!

  2. Joe Summers says:

    Does it void the warranty after 3 uses? 😂
    Another great video. Cheers guys!

  3. Eddie Gibbons says:

    Yes at are branch we had loads of these never used one. No good on my golf R the stats will be bad lol.

  4. Rob Toogood says:

    What happened to Dave?

  5. virwal says:

    Thanks for the cool vids gentlemen. Can you next talk about the DCC? Whether you actually notice a difference? Cheers

  6. Dan Hardaker says:

    Hey guys, are you doing a follow up to this video? I picked one up installed it in my Golf R and it records stats but not trip data? wondering if you guys had the same issue?

  7. saab900t16 says:

    Aye mucka, how many miles to the gallon do you get from your 'R' estate, I get about 300 to the tank on my Clubsport Gti.

  8. DeathDrive says:

    Is this going to work on VW Fox 2008 ?

  9. Darren Jackson says:

    Is that beard real?…….. it looks like one from life of Brian…. no ladies here!

  10. Yasmin Seyfollahi says:

    Is it worth buying?

  11. jhamm15 says:

    I'm surprised Volkswagen Car-Net isn't available in the UK, I guess it's just a North America thing?

  12. Arthur Cabral says:

    Is there anything similar to other car makers? Or maybe third party… I remember something like this being news a couple of years ago

  13. Andrew says:

    I've just been given one of these after a service, probably not going to bother unless the challenges are "Beat your previous top speed around the tunnel bend"!

  14. Paul2377 says:

    I've just bought a new Polo and my dealer didn't mention this at all. I only found out about it when filling out their post sales survey. I wonder if they're no long promoting it.

  15. BLK PEARL says:

    Where i cn buy this

  16. Sumy Saragih says:

    just wondering if this enable android auto or CarPlay as my car atm doesn't have them so I can't put navigation on my screen 🙁

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