LITTLE Z VS. HARD DK! With Alpharad

Alpha : Well, here we go he’s finally here
Z : Hard DK oh boy, it’s my time to shine So, it’s me Alpharad a hard DK’s coach I’m just here from the sidelines giving him support with my boy little Z Z :I’m so scared. Actually my best character Wario my main. I’m already at 85. I’m at 117.
Alpha : He’s a… Alpha: You got schmixed (don’t ask me wtf it means) ! Z : all right. I was just talking about how you know, I could win with my main Yeah, I didn’t realize I would die in 3 hits
Alpha : the thing is DK is the best character. Well, he doesn’t even want it Z :He can’t even punish it.
Alpha : Oh, I think he’s gonna punish it is the worst first game of Hard DK I’ve ever seen Oh now now you got a hit. you took his job Okay Z : Oh god and he’s straight back in the mix isn’t he?
Alpha : No, no. Okay. Well now it’s your last stock Z : i’ve dealt 23%
Alpha : Hey ! You earned that 23% ok? You’re popping off a little bit. Oh, he’s almost in orange numbers. Oh, it’s a bad time to pop off Z :I’m gonna take a… ooooh. Okay, huh. I was gonna say take a stock but look how that went. That was a warmup Alpha : That was a hilarious game. I just got to say he’s just playing really well today What do I do? I’m stuck in shield.
Alpha : You’re a deer in headlights there
Z : every time I hit one up-tilt I’m like in my safe zone my happy place cuz I know I get like four more
Alpha : Dude he just don’t like your bike – sure Z : Yeah, well I did 30% I think it’s going better than the first match
Alpha : yeah 30 whole percent Z He’s in your head man.
Z : Oh my god. He lands it ! Hard DK. He knows the exact times to go for every move Okay. This is it Alpha :Yep,
Z : I hit a weak fair that probably dealt 0.5% I don’t think that dealt a whole percent Alpha : I mean, 0.5 is pretty generous Z : I Really just want to take a stock at this point Come on ! that is my curse that’s happened both games Alpha : Don’t don’t mention you want to take a stock or else he will take a stock.
Z : I need to try one more with Wario Okay, I gotta just throw the bike at him. He doesn’t like projectiles right is that it sounds like
Alpha : he really hates your bike He he has F smashed it – every time it’s out
Z : That only did 9?! *Hard DK grunting noises* Z : You Know what that does more than when I tried. Yeah, he actually gets a powerup. It’s the same bike Why does it do more damage when he throws it?
Alpha : He throws it harder?
Z : He’s got the muscles. Alpha : Hey you might take a stock now Z :Don’t say that. That’s the curse. Remember,
Alpha : you know, you could you could take this He used the bike to extend his down smash hard DK genius he is an artist and this game is his campus Z : Every time I pull out the bike, I know he hates it Alpha : Dude he f**ks that bike ! I think that’s the funniest thing Z : Wario isn’t the answer All right. I’m winning the ditto.
Alpha : This is bold move Z : Okay, at least I didn’t die off stage Okay, he’s got a great perfect mash. Just got to juggle him. Like he’s been doing to me the whole match.
Alpha : Yeah, he just goes for forward airs And that’s not the best landing option. Uh-oh Z : He can’t mash out this one, surely. I got one stock Alpha : You read the air dodge turn of air dodge there. Oh Z : Okay. I wanted to get there reverse dunk on him coming back.
Alpha : He looked into the code for that one Yeah Yeah, that’s all she wrote Yeah Z : Have faith. Alpha : I don’t
Z : I don’t either but please Alpha : okay, you could take this stock. I do believe you could take this stock Uh-huh. Not anymore your hubris. Got you this time My favorite part is that when we played against this all of the fans all the comments are like I could bet hard easily and then we challenge like 200 fans so be hard DK literally none of them beat him and then we put that video up and everyone’s like I Could have beat him though Everyone’s stubborn including me. I don’t know how much time you got, but even if it takes me days weeks Z :I’m gonna beat this hug.
Alpha : I’m just mailing him to Australia after this. It’s all yours. Z : Don’t do that I’ll actually go insane if I can’t beat him. Oh That’s a zero to death.
Alpha : Hey, I was touching his amiibo during this maybe he couldn’t see during that Every time Hard Dk looking is to edge guard me. I just accept my death.
Alpha : I think that’s the wise thing to do You’re a god-fearing man, and there’s nothing wrong with that Like you have like a slight percent lead against them and it’s kind of like when people enter the lottery, you know Cuz they’re like it’s so big. I have to enter now you feel confident, but that just means that odds are stacked against you man and they stay stacked against you You think Bowser’s the answer, huh? Yep. Okay, it only took 42%
Z : I Don’t know why I think Bowser is the answer But I can get the Bowsercide cheese
Alpha : that requires you to be a stock up Z : And it’s not looking good for being a stock up when I have 0% in this match.
Alpha : Hey, man, that’s the start though Rome wasn’t built in a day. Okay Okay, oh Z : I though you said he always choose the right get up option Reverse zero to death? Alpha : Like I think hard DK has this thing where he doesn’t like killing you until your number is bright red Like just that’s just a personal thing for him Z : He’s like a bull he sees red and then he goes in before he’s just playing with you No Alpha : He still wanted more this hard DK is insatiable Z : This is why I wanted the Bowser. Oh Alpha : Yeah That feels uh-oh to me Where is he going? He’s trying to end your career man.
Z : He already has, multiple times.
Alpha : He’s tryna give you a new one and end that one too Okay, that’s dead. He’s gonna up smash you you did not down air. He’s gonna up smash you. That’s just a calling card right there Z : He told me not to jump Yeah, okay if I can’t win with skill I gotta win with RNG Alpha : Yeah, I mean just put $5.99 into your switch and then who knows what could happen? Z : If I get lot of projectiles uh-oh, this is lame, how is he gonna deal with it though?
Alpha : I mean, it was just he’s studying Z : This is the first time he’ve seen Hero. Oh, my DK was trained before the 4.0 patch.
Alpha : He’s just waiting there Nope. That was not good Z : Yeah magic burst off stage from immediate down B It’s gotta be not one of the best ones
Alpha : Oh bounce just in case he throws a projectile at you You got to be careful. Who knows what hard DK is pulling in
Z : see if that crit I actually would have I would won
Alpha : I feel like DK loses this match up
Z : Ther’s no way he deals with Magic Burst No one can deal with magic, but how’s he living?
Alpha : Cuz you had 30 Mana That was phenomenal pressure
Z: He gave up the stage for jokes. He just knew I was dropping shield Alpha : He was so confident in that read Wow, he really challenged. I would not have challenged that I would got hit by them And that’s why DK is out there and I’m all right here, you know
Z : my Hero did worse than all my other characters Okay, I’m not giving up on the hero just yet. Uh-huh. I just had a bit of bad luck you know Alpha : You had the wrong skin that’s all.
Z : why see I’m looking through the down-B menu. He doesn’t care. He runs up straightaway Alpha : Yeah, luckily for you. DK can’t read. So he just approaches willy-nilly, okay Z : I could be hovering over a thwack and he would still come in. He doesn’t get it.
Alpha : Yo nice, Hey I don’t does he not mash in snooze cuz he mashes in everything. Okay? It doesn’t break his shield !
Z : Come on this is not fair. He’s got an extra option that no human player could have Alpha : Shielding hatchet man He wanted to footstool you I
Z : I used all my mana up. Oh, this is not going well It’s cause the only thing i’m tryin… oh?
Alpha : You cheesed it, nice Z : This is… ok.
no no your life is… wh-what does he want? What does he want? Okay, Z : I Really thought he just wouldn’t know what to do
Alpha : should have given him the grabs. He would have gotten something saucy Z : All right hero’s, not the answer clearly
Alpha : I agree Z : if it’s anything by, you know, the cannon then the villain AKA king K.Rool He should be the natural enemy
Alpha : who hum… who wins in Donkey Kong Country? Z : Look, I was really bad at that game. So in my case, K Rool won I gave up and K Rool won. That’s what I’m channeling here I’m already at 72. Come on Alpha : Oh that gun could be some cheese though Oh god, he’s going high. If he doesn’t have a double jump, he does like to go high for some reason That is a little cat toy. I’ve learned from Hard DK me trust me. I’ve been around him a lot. I know his habits That’s one them
Z : I got the crown hit though. That’s something *Multiple struggling noises* Alpha : He’s going sicko mode
Z : he gets one hit and he goes insane. Does this just beats everything. Alpha : He found one opening. It’s like a shark smelling blood in the water. You have to Z : Okay Alpha : It’s starting to look like your version of Donkey Kong Country. Oh Z: I’m dead. It took him so long for his fat monkey ass to get sucked into the cannon. I just hit the blast zone Okay, honestly, how far do you think hard DK would go in bracket?
Alpha : I think he’s could win I honestly think he could win smash con Z : It depends on how much people know about the match-up
Alpha : Like if they just go in with no experience, Hard DK wins If he gets a counter pick and he loses. Oh, it’s over I should open like a booth and do money matches during Cup A.
Z : It would make way too much money Alpha : Okay better view like yeah, I give you $5.00 if you win because otherwise, that’s highway robbery See that bait
Z : he purposely missed the grab because he knew I was gonna jump Alpha : That was the sickest thing i’ve ever seen ! AHAHAHAHA OH MY GOD So you’re invulnerable when you get shield broken and then he push you to the side, edge canceled it Z : I’m actually getting put in a Hard DK combo video at this point.
Alpha : Yep, you’re dead Z : I did not see myself fly off the screen it’s like Hero using thwack, i just disintegrated. Alpha : You were on screen for like two frames after that F smash hit I feel like he’s better on FD than I was giving him credit for cuz that shield break punished is an FD exclusive It’s not looking great?
Z : He doesn’t like the projectiles. I just gotta stick with my like, online K Rool tactics. Look at this Alpha : Everyone’s having so much fun Oh Turn around. Okay. Look I believe in you. Okay. Well well
Z : As soon as he sneaks in past my wall, I I’ve got nothing going Alpha : Yeah, i like how you can’t land with Nair because sometimes he just breaks it Oh Z : Where’s he going? Alpha : I think he wanted to footstool you but you take those. Last stock ! Last stock you can do this
Z : I have to go for it
Alpha : oh you shitty son of a bit** Do you think he wasn’t prepared for your gimmicks? You got cocky Z : I just thought that was the most effective way to win and can you blame?
Alpha : No, yeah yeah yeah I thought it was too old. He ding-dong you Jesus in this economy Oh, the back airs. Oh, oh, oh little Z popping off. Whoa! Oh What was that trade?
Alpha : you got one Hail Mary left. Oh Okay, this could be huge Well, did you jump into it? You know all I read that got it. You got it. You got this just down air him Z : YESSSSS I’ve done it.
Alpha : How does it feel Little Z
Z : that feels amazing I was at about two hundred thirteen percent, I lived Like three hits that definitely should have killed me Alpha I personally think he didn’t choose to kill you, but you took the win and that’s what mattered
Z : and I’m retiring, you know Alpha : Oh, yeah. No, I understand. He’s on to his next victim by now Z : It was like ten to one but I’m claiming that
Alpha : You got the one you won the last game Z: Exactly, this is like when you versus someone ten times on elite smash and they win one and they they’re out. That’s me Alpha : That’s you right now, uh, see you later

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