Lit Par 3 Course | Featuring GM Golf and Andrew Jensen
Lit Par 3 Course | Featuring GM Golf and Andrew Jensen

we’re at the lit par 3 course
yes tonight we’re gonna hit the shots chip shots punch everything wedge only I
think the longest full is looks to be maybe eighty ninety yards we’re not
really sure again the whole course is six hundred yards six hundred euro yards
yours yours so we’re gonna take it up let it fly one club only bar three
course under the lights let’s go yeah number one here looks to be about 90
yards little dark back here on the tee so I do apologize might be tough to see
the ball but we’re gonna do our best once we get into the light it’ll be a
little more visible let’s let it fly that sound a little thin a little long
there unfortunately I don’t know what these two guys made up there that was a
bit thin didn’t know the yardage but we’ve got about 25 30 yards left to the
hole yeah stuck that one closed we’ll take it at a
pretty good shot these greens are little bitty I will show you this one me and
Garrett both hit the green here these greens are about a 10-foot circle so if
you hit the green very well done so us two are excited about our shots
here on – look how small these greens are Garrett’s closer mine is on the edge
there and then Andrews is right back there we’ll take all three of these
shots I mean Andrews still only about 15 to 20 feet away from the hole yes these
greens are little bitty see if we can’t run this in for bird yes cramps at home birdie Goodspeed the
middle that was right in the heart bird on to number three little downhill
looks to be about 65 yards see if we can’t stick it close I think I just stopped this really is
pretty awesome I have never done this before the cups are huge so you’re able
to play with one club and the greens are small so hitting the greens is an
accomplishment in and of itself this might be the biggest green on the course
we are all pretty close kind of hit the green we’ve got another birdie look
right there for another to see if we can’t run it in look how big these cups
are this is awesome yes as a car on all three you couldn’t see anything Dara was
standing right in front of me but we bladed that putt I was awful we 3-putted
that was no good so on to number four you know that was a bogey there we went
bowed bird boat so those are pretty awesome shots I did hit the green here
hopefully we don’t three putt it this time very excited we’re hitting a couple
wedges decent tonight oh we loved that thing in Big Time we’re
not gonna really be competing tonight we’re all just kind of having fun but I
am gonna try to hold everything out so we win bogey birdie bogey birdie
I’m not going to catch all of their shots I’ll try to get almost all of mine
I’ll do the best just want a gel to join in with a little night golf with Andrew
dare it we’re hoping to get a hole-in-one tonight maybe really good I didn’t think you’d
spend it much nothing’s fun all the weight off the green it looks like hit a
good dunk it one hop it any words I just want
you guys all know life is just awesome when you let go and have fun and yeah
that’s all I have to say really but if smell the green grass go and you
know green grass go you know the the crack of the bat and the you it not only
that but like the grunts Long’s you know like just few things you know what’s a
cool angle back towards the hotel there I got Andrew shot went to record mining
Garrett’s and never hit record that was awesome
I think Garrett had a pretty good one mine was long in the bunker kind of
misjudged the distance thought it was playing a bit shorter than it actually
was I’m not sure if I said that right it I
played it a bit longer than it actually was not shorter I don’t know I’m
confusing myself now that I’m talking through this we’re long in the back
bunker that’s all I know let’s see if we can’t get up now what a man very nice sir very nice hit my bag not sure if you could see
that ball land from this camera angle it almost hit Andrew it ended up right here
by his bag that is true and here’s the green this is the smallest green I have
ever seen I’m not sure if this is regulation but
these cups are not regulation so I guess there’s that hope you’ve enjoyed this so
far this has been a relaxing round just have to make a par they’re really
keeping score today we’re somewhere around even par not quite sure on to
number eight some of these shots I hope you’ve enjoyed kind of the light you can
see the ball hopefully so we’ve really enjoyed it we’re having fun
number eight about 60 yards 65 yards no bubbles later in the whole I think
it’s a little long by this pretty good shot that is over the green and into the
bunker yes Andrew what do you think about playing golf not keeping score
just having fun what are your thoughts on that my
thoughts I think I love it it doesn’t happen very often in my world as a
professional competitive player and even in this new YouTube world it doesn’t
happen very often because we’re always filming a match people want to see how
we score or who wins and messes your rhythm up whereas this is yeah we’re
filming a lot but we’re just filming we’re not filming match we’re just
filming hitting and like not keeping score I mean we could think this is
actually what I shot but who cares so I mean whether it’s a six hundred
yard course or whether it’s a six thousand yard course sometimes as funds
just go out with your buddies and just have a hit because golf’s not fun like
don’t don’t do it stuff it makes it stay fine I agree completely I’m also
noticing how sunburned I am right now from this shot yeah it’s yes you did I did not go ahead take the bounce that
I was out before on to number nine par three again yep
maybe six five yards Twp walking up to the green andrew is doing
his winning dance party dance I think you are we all hit the green for the
very first time today all got looks at bird let’s roll it in hope you all
enjoyed the Lindt part three course with these two guys I’m not sure what they’re
talking about back there oh there they aren’t yep that’s Garrett Garrett right
Yeah right there and Andrew yep hope you’ll enjoy the live part three course
we did really keep score today and we weren’t showing every shop just having
fun I’m not sure exactly what I shot maybe two under one under 200 somewhere
in there had fun hope you all enjoyed it glad y’all could come along and I was
able to share it here on the channel and until next time we’ll see you only see

11 thoughts on “Lit Par 3 Course | Featuring GM Golf and Andrew Jensen”

  1. Zac Radford says:

    Have you ever played night golf?

  2. Mike Bury says:

    Those greens are tiny!

  3. Daniel Parham says:

    Got to play one time at myrtle beach s.c. place called midway par 3. That place is closed now but yea it's fun and relaxing playing night golf

  4. Jacobtt5vyhy. Hbbhhh h y Sanford says:

    I’ve played night golf and it’s a lot of fun but daytime is better

  5. James White says:

    I have, lots of fun

  6. Steve Don says:

    Think Garrett smoked to much of that green grass!!

  7. Steve Don says:

    I used to play night golf a long time ago where I grew up on the Gold Coast , Australia think it is still there, great fun, great vid Zac!!

  8. A Golfers Walk says:

    Looks like a lot of fun. 🎉Congratulations on 2k subs too!!👍🏼🍾

  9. MATTI Helenius says:

    Cool! First just tought you went to Dubai! Looks Good tought Zac. Congratulations getting that 2k! Let's go 10k! You totally deserved it mate.

  10. Brent Dowell says:

    Hi zack I love you and your videos congrats on 3k

  11. Yo Mama says:

    Only one jackass allowed and that's the host the d**** there in black, STFU

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