Lifted Street Legal Golf Cart 6pr from Bintelli – Built in USA
Lifted Street Legal Golf Cart 6pr from Bintelli – Built in USA

Hey everyone, Justin Jackrel from citEcar
Electric Vehicles. Today we are in Gainesville Florida doing this product demonstration on
a 6PR Lifted Street Legal Golf Cart. It has the same features as our regular golf cart
but we also add the 24 inch tires, the racks, the lights on the roof and a bunch of other
features to make this a really great vehicle to not only drive on the road but also off
road whether you are hunting or driving in different environments and climates. So I
am going to go ahead and go through the different features of the vehicle, give you a test drive,
and show you what this vehicle is all about. Alright so I am going to start at the back
of the vehicle and work my way forward. First off, on the back you have a flip seat. Obviously
standardized seating will be available for the rear passengers but you can just flip
this down and can be used as a cargo bed that locks into place. It easily folds back up
again and there is room for two passengers. Going forward you will see there are grab
handles on the roof which are really important especially in the off road setting. All of
our seat belts are DOT approved seat belts. Underneath this seat is where you will find
all of your batteries. The white tops are what will allow you to access the fluid levels
of these batteries. Once a month you will want to take those white tops off and actually
fill the batteries with distilled water to make sure they are fully rejuvenated. That
folds back down, this seat right here actually just pops right off, and underneath here you
have your charger which has a nice long six foot cord that plugs into any standard wall
outlet. Once again you have DOT seat belts and more grab handles. This windshield is
actually a DOT1 approved windshield which is actually one of the requirements for making
it street legal. On your dashboard you will have a headlight switch, forward and reverse
switch, your windshield wiper and you will have a set of keys. Here on your steering
wheel you will have your turn signals, horn, and a golf cart holder if you do want to take
this on the golf courses. You have a digital dashboard which not only shows your speed
and voltage but also has an odometer as well. Now I am going to take you to the front of
the vehicle and show you some of the features that are specific to this golf cart, and then
we will go on that test drive. Okay taking you to the front of the vehicle
I want to show you some of the features that our lifted golf carts have that our standards
do not. First off we have this front basket here and this front brush guard which is really
good if you are off roading to make sure you do not hit any trees or brush. We also have
those roof mounted lights and I will turn those on for you. Obviously it is a bright
sunny day but you can still see it is a pretty good light there especially when it is dark
outside. You can see that the headlights are on now as well. So these are an option, it
comes standard if you do not want them or you can take it off if you do not want them
up there but it does come included free of charge. You will also see we have the 24 inch
tires. These tires are great for both on road and off road. Comes standard with the steel
wheels but you can upgrade these to a mag wheel if you want to, there are a lot of different
color wheels and styles available. The seats that we use on our golf carts are all black
but we can do a tan or white seat for no additional charge. So now I want to take you on a quick
test drive to show you how smooth this vehicle is on the road even with those off road knobby
tires, and then we will come back out here to finish up and if you have any other questions
please feel free to give us a call. Alright so the last thing I want to mention
about our lifted golf carts is that we actually use an upgraded AC motor instead of our standard
DC motor. On these lifted carts you want to have more range since you are taking it off
road and you will also want to have a little less maintenance when you are out in the woods.
The AC motor actually is brush less so you do not have to worry about maintaining the
brushes inside the motor, and it also gives you a longer range per charge which is great
for taking it off road. You can also add a solar panel on the roof as well as a bunch
of other features we can add. Because we manufacture them here at our Gainesville, Florida facility
we are able to add any feature or accessory that you can think of so if you have any other
ideas of what you would like to add on your vehicle to make it the perfect vehicle for
you please give us a call. Our phone number will be at the end of this video and our website
is at the bottom of the screen. Once again my name is Justin Jakrel from citEcar Electric
Vehicles, I look forward to talking to you and hope to get you the vehicle of your dreams
soon. Thanks for watching.

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