Let’s Fish!
Let’s Fish!

James: my name’s James Thornhill and I’m the
project manager here at Get Hooked on Fishing Ealing site. We’ve been running
this programme for Mencap for six weeks. It’s been an amazing programme, been really successful and I think it’s hopefully bought a lot to these
guys who have come in and I think they’ve had a wonderful experience so
it’s nice to see them all smile on the last day and all having learned
something and being able to actually catch some fish. Jamie: I’m Jamie Wang and then
I like fishing, just catching the fish. I want to do more. Grant: Hi I’m Grant Fear, I’m the
London Angling development officer for the Angling Trust. We’ve been asked to
set a pilot project up with Mencap, Angling Trust and Get Hooked on Fishing
as a partnership. The idea is that the Get Hooked on Fishing site here at
Ealing is accessible for them to come back and have a go at fishing in the
future. Participant in the project: I haven’t done fishing before. I like catching them using like a fishing rod,
bit of line, yeah, a float. Bit of lunch first, and then we do fishing afterwards, yeah. Um, might come again. Grant: The skills start with getting on a bus, learning how to travel to here,
how to access the park, how to conduct themselves around water, how to fish with
animal welfare in mind. Their actual confidence and their self-esteem has
built. They were definitely a bit nervous and a bit subdued to start with, but now
they talk a lot, smile a lot and they feel part of the project here. Teacher: I’ve been teaching the guys for the whole programme. It’s been a great experience I really
enjoyed it. They’ve learned how to fish learned a bit about the wildlife, how to
work together, and there’s a lot of etiquette involved in fishing and how
you act when a good pal catches a fish and hopefully build up a lot of memories
as well. James: As this project’s been so successful with the involvement of
Mencap, the Angling Trust and Get Hooked on Fishing, I think it’d be a really
worthwhile thing to deliver more of these programmes and hopefully roll it out nationally to our other Get Hooked on Fishing projects around the country. Participant: true fun! Jamie: Brilliant

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