Legacy – FJ Contour Series

When I first put on a pair of contours back in the year 2000, it was a trial sample and I remember walking 18 holes in them. And the most astounding aspect of that product was I never knew I had them on. Iforgot about them within’ 2 or 3 steps after putting them on and I didn’t think about them until I took them off after those 18 holes That is when I knew we had something very, very unique and different. Because with golf shoes, you usually are aware of some aspect of the product on your feet and in this case they were so effortless, so incredibly comfortable that you forgot about them. And that is one of the greatest aspects of contours even today. It seems that the contours fit my feet better than any of the others that I have tried And after you walk 18 holes, because I walk the course, you want your feet to feel good. and the contours do that for me You keep intact the original three concepts of fit, comfort and construction. You take everything else around it and you try and make it better. We were able to do that by increasing cushioning, increasing flexibility and decreasing the weight by about 12%

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