Learning Tomahawk Serve Like Dimitrij Ovtcharov | MLFM Table Tennis Tutorrial
Learning Tomahawk Serve Like Dimitrij Ovtcharov | MLFM Table Tennis Tutorrial

60 thoughts on “Learning Tomahawk Serve Like Dimitrij Ovtcharov | MLFM Table Tennis Tutorrial”

  1. Andrej Hlbočan says:


  2. Matias Santos says:

    Nice Tutorial, Chap!

  3. Til Pröhl says:

    Nice Video

  4. Santiago Nogueira says:

    Great vídeo. Thanks dude. Can you please make a tutorial of reverse pendulom serve, please?

  5. Shehreyar Mehmood says:

    what bat does he use? could you guys recommend me a bat thats not too expensive?

  6. Arne Maier says:

    Your Videos are verry nice

    Greetings from germany 🏓🏓🏓

  7. Andrei Bucur says:

    do a tutorial with reverse tomakawk

  8. Ayush Gupta says:

    can we toss the ball backwards in service??
    As you are doing?
    Is it legal serve?

  9. 3isa says:

    Thankss mann!!! I needed that
    keep up the good work ❤

  10. İki dost thug life Ckvov says:

    Excellent tutorial man!

  11. Ivan Maio says:

    I have My own tomahwk serve with a Lot of underspin.but Nice video i hope to be a profesional in this sport

  12. TheFrenchBackhand says:

    6:42 me at 9-9 in the decider

  13. DaMen says:

    Recently, I tried to use this type of serve but I haven't got tutorial so thanks man for this great video 🙂

  14. nightzsche says:

    the most illegal throw i've ever seen

  15. 頻繁〆神滅 says:

    Is that T45 on red rubber?

  16. Mustafa Utku says:

    0:27 it like beyblade

  17. András Vati says:


  18. WwwKalaDendraGr says:


  19. シIReapZ says:

    Which material are u using bro?

  20. classicleon says:

    Ma Long is back! Even he hasn't got the championship of German Open, he's still showing how tough he is.

  21. C A says:

    Helpful instructions, Will practice further as you showed. Thanks !

  22. phaniraj patel says:

    I usually go all the way down after ball toss to produce more spin on this serve. Ofcourse getting back into position is little hard, but favors if you can go for a 3rd ball Chiquita from backhand as you’re already low. Great tutorial by the way 👍

  23. Michel Azijn says:

    Technically, illegal serve. You have to toss the ball STRAIGHT UPWARDS

  24. JL music says:

    The title saids it all like DIMA if you're not throwing the ball into your body or more than 30° you're doing it wrong mate 😂😂

  25. сергей селенков says:

    Хорошая подача! Доходчиво и понятно

  26. Daniel Medrea says:

    Illegal serve

  27. David Roddick says:

    Great video – they are all good. Thanks

  28. MN Phú Đa says:

    Làm tiếp video dạy cú giao BH của Ovt đi em ơi!

  29. SADAB SHARIF008 says:

    dont lie u didnt searched for this video

  30. Robert Koren says:

    nice…. this is how to serve illegal .

  31. Charles Chan says:

    Toss is backwards and the ball release is at head level.

  32. topspin topspin says:

    Hello! Thank you very much for the videos. I always watch with pleasure. What blade do you play? Thanks.

  33. kim jansson says:

    You make very helpful videos, but plz remake this with legal throwups🏓👍🙏

  34. Александр Катаев says:

    Hi,show a couple of lessons on the game with short pips, technique and all sorts of nuances, please!sorry about my English)))

  35. Archana S says:

    Three tip in table and this service

  36. BACKHAND2222 says:

    Do you have to throw the ball that far backwards for it to work.
    I thought the ball had to go up as near vertical as possible.
    You are starting with the ball stationary by your right hip and hitting it well outside of your left shoulder.
    Look at 2:40 to 2:50 and see how far the ball travels backwards.
    If someone served to me like that I would just catch the ball.
    Try throwing the ball straight up with it starting by your left hip and see how much spin you can get on the ball.
    I would be interested to see the outcome.

  37. Muhammed Özer says:

    Backhand tomahawk serve from kenta matsudaira🤔

  38. TheCeilingFanCollectorHD says:

    I refuse to do the cool tomahawk serve it doesn't fit my flicky style.

  39. Тёма ОченьЗлой says:

    Hi guys. Thank you for the video. Please advise a good tennis racket.

  40. Gaurav Chopra says:

    I love the way you explain!!

  41. Burak ateş says:

    İllegal serve

  42. MasterSpin77 says:

    Nice try but your tossing the ball backwards…

  43. Neo Khezhie says:

    Came for the tips, stayed for the laughs. Made my day 🤗

  44. Qomar Qomarudin says:

    back to 80’s thanks a lot coach.. great video

  45. Thắng gà gamer says:

    hướng dẫn giao bóng ma long đi các anh chị

  46. Thắng Đỗ Xuân says:

    What is your equipment used in this video?

  47. Max Logan says:

    Hi, thanks for the video, good tips as always! Which blade and rubber do you use?

  48. Ryckah says:

    illegal serve due to throwing backwards

  49. Hanhinaari says:

    The rules say u need to serve to ball up straight line

  50. Zé du Breju says:

    Isn´t it illegal? The ball has to go up and fall at the same place, or am I wrong?

  51. Hekiko Chang says:

    great video!

  52. András Vati says:

    What blade should you use?

  53. András Vati says:

    What rubber should you use?


    The channel I can watch during the exams as it is already on mute

  55. neon cz says:

    The toss is legal

  56. EBH says:

    Hi… Can I serve without lifting the ball too high….. Is this in the rule of the game??

  57. Saurabh Dudhbade says:

    Can you please make video on best rackets to play…… I mean to say best FH/BH rubber and blades…..from India

  58. こーちゃん! says:


  59. Todd Custer says:

    I was taught a very similar serve by my father 50 years ago. The only difference was the height of the toss and instead of side under spin I used side over spin to serve around the net to my opponents left side setting me up with a high ball off the table or to my right for easy smash. Smart opponents eventually would bring it down and onto the table low to my backhand, but not before I had won several free points.

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