Learn the Perfect Golf Takeaway: (Rotary Swing tells you what you should focus on)
Learn the Perfect Golf Takeaway: (Rotary Swing tells you what you should focus on)

Any time we’re going to hit a golf ball,
the real tool is our body. Our body moves the club, the club hits the
ball, so how we move our body dictates all of this. I find too many instructors and too many players
get too worried on what the club is doing, and not worried enough about what your body’s
doing. If we make the correct movements with our
body, everything else is going to take care of itself. One of the biggest myths out there is with
swing plane. People get so fixated on having the perfect
swing plane — and trying to dictate this with their arms and hands, and get the club
exactly where it needs to be — that they forget about the real important pieces, which
is how I move my body, how I’m rotating my core and my torso and loading up to get
torque. The club simply goes in the correct place
all on its own. For an example here, we talk a lot about loading
up and using the right side of your body to pull, especially in the takeaway to get the
club in the correct position. I’m going to line up. You can see I’ve put a stick in the ground,
representative of where I’m going to line up in the distance there. For my takeaway, all I’m going to concentrate
on is pulling my right shoulder behind my body. That’s going to put the club in the perfect
spot during the takeaway. Now, a lot of times people try to put the
club there. They’re trying to use their arms and their
hands, and just physically put the club where it needs to be, but they’re not concentrating
on the correct movements to get the club into that position. When I just concentrate on the correct movements,
turning my right shoulder behind my body, it’s very simple to get the club there. If I try to place the club there with my hands
or arms, I can start to do all kinds of things wrong. A great example of this is swing plane. This is something that I see people get really
bent out of shape about, and they’re forgetting what they’re really trying to do. With swing plane, I can make what most people
would consider to be a great backswing. I’ve hit perfectly on the swing plane here
— or pretty daggon close to being on perfect swing plane here — but I haven’t moved
my body correctly at all. If you look, I’ve actually not rotated my
chest or loaded up and gotten any kind of torque or coil. I’ve just flipped the arms up in the backswing. From this position, if I had a backswing that
looked like that, with no body rotation at all, I probably couldn’t hit that ball past
100 yards with a 6 iron. Even though my swing plane is perfect, that’s
not all that matters. What really matters is how you move your body. Focus on how you move your body in the swing,
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28 thoughts on “Learn the Perfect Golf Takeaway: (Rotary Swing tells you what you should focus on)”

  1. whetedge says:

    Spot on!

  2. RotarySwing.com Golf Instruction says:

    Thank you whetedge. ~Clay Ballard

  3. lynnsmith86 says:

    Super video. Looking for a great instructor due to being a beginner and I think I found one. By the way, the app is great. 5 stars.

  4. RotarySwing.com Golf Instruction says:

    Thank you lynsmith86!! ~Clay Ballard

  5. captainschroeder says:


  6. RotarySwing.com Golf Instruction says:

    Thanks captainschroeder! ~Clay Ballard

  7. swingtrade2 says:

    hey chuck. like starting the backswing with back shoulder. do you play that way with all shots?

  8. RotarySwing.com Golf Instruction says:

    Yes, you will want to start your swing with every club the same way. This will help you to become very consistent. Good Luck ~Clay Ballard

  9. Ken Melotte says:

    Great swing thought (pulling right shoulder behind the body). I've always struggled with my backswing and tried manipulating the club into the right position on the backswing. Looking forward to better shots!

  10. RotarySwing.com Golf Instruction says:

    Thanks melokj17!! ~Clay Ballard

  11. RotarySwing.com Golf Instruction says:

    Hello Joel. This is Clay, from the video. It sounds like you are most likely holding of your release. It won't show up in the shorter irons, since there is more loss, which means less ball curvature. I would recommend watching the left hand release video on the site. That will help you to better square the club, with even less effort. Good Luck!! ~Clay Ballard

  12. Gerard Funds says:

    Im on a QuestToPar aim to scratch by next season, I downloaded your app this summer but didn't really use it. I tried the weight shift drill, it worked so well I decided to listen to the TRUTHS of Instruction videos, and I decided to completely relearn my swing from scratch starting with Move 1 – The takeaway and practiced it today for about 300 balls. WOW!!! What difference in my ball striking!! Cant wait to work with RotarySwing techniques through the off season as my QuestToPar guide.Thanks

  13. RotarySwing.com Golf Instruction says:

    Great! If you are interested in joining my learning group, I would enjoy working with you one on one in the off season. Good Luck! I will talk to you soon. ~Clay Ballard

  14. George Tallabas says:

    This swing thought worked great for me with my driver and fairway woods but for some reason I was pushing and even slicing a lot of my mid to long irons. 

  15. Carl Lowe says:

    Hey Clay, very informative videos. Complete opposite of what my pro has got me doing. Iv got a tendency to swing around my arse (with shanks) because my takeaway is too much torso rotation so Iv been trying to move the club away with my hands and arms and let them rotate my torso. Works well sometimes but others it feels like my arms disconnect from my body and have even felt my right elbow 'flying' and wrist cock doesn't seem to happen naturally.
    You thoughts on this mate? Also do you do video analysis?

  16. DASH1ful says:

    you are definitely right the swing plane is just a myth. and the body has to work freely, in the way it is designed to work. i do think though that we need to ask ourselves why the right elbow points at the angle that it does in the address position. i feel sure that its position, that it gets itself into naturally, is a means of helping the body to move freely in the back-swing.

  17. luke taylor says:

    Once you get the club in the right place like you did then what? Because that only got you to half a swing

  18. LANCE GOODMAN says:

    I need help with my takeaway and when I try this drill the club is GOING TO THE INSIDE RIGHT AWAY!! What am I doing wrong I just don't understand SOME BODY PLEASE HELP!!!!

  19. Ben Rust says:

    you changed my game! I was taking the club to parallel with toe up but without rotating my right shoulder. The rotation of the right shoulder put me in the correct position at the top, slowed the back swing and created torque to rip the golf ball. Thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Terry Naples Realtor says:

    Thank you RotarySwing!!!!! OMG….your KISS (keep it simple,stupid) and contrarian (vs. swing plane, turn, etc.) approach to simply rotating the shoulders/chest is the KEY to a great swing. It's the only swing thought i need to hit longer and more consistent shots. Thanks again. Top Cat

  21. Pieter VanMaaren says:

    All I can say is that after watching this video, I went to the range, and presto…fantastic consistent swing with all clubs…thanks!

  22. Jeff Bills says:

    Awesome! Will try this. Have been also trying the "secret 2-inch movement" with the shoulder blade (right) and it has worked, but I have been focusing (maybe too much) on pushing my shoulder blade down and in, that It hinders me from making a complete full turn (lack of power). I know I need to work on this, but wanted to ask: I've heard of accounts and read articles that say during the backswing, you should feel as if you're pressing down with the inner pad of your left hand on the grip of the club. Does this occur naturally with the correct amount of hinge or should I press the grip end towards (make a known effort) the ground during the backswing with my left hand? Thanks!

  23. P SMITH says:

    It has already been proven that 'internal' focus (ie. concentrating on body positions and moves) is detrimental to the golf swing and lots of other sports . Unless you are willing to commit a year doing these repeat moves using practice drills BEFORE it becomes an unthinking move in your actual course swing, it would be better to use 'External' focus. This means concentrating on maybe swinging to a target in your minds eye or focusing on swinging the clubhead over an intermediate target. It has been proven that people learn quicker and perform better if you use external keys . If for any instant you use an internal key in your actual swing you will short circuit your kinetic sequence of body movements (ie. your rhythm). Let me add that it takes a lot of mental strength to continually use an external focus ,even if its for a couple of seconds. Video your own swing using an internal and external key to prove it to yourself. You will see quite a difference between the 2 swings.

  24. Coochicoo says:

    WOW. That tip of pulling the right shoulder behind the body has transformed my golf swing. I wish I saw this video a year ago.

  25. bruce m says:

    Maybe the most important concept for people leaning golf– great clip.

  26. Sunk TheBirdie says:

    Pulling the right shoulder behind the body. Not feeling it.

  27. Michael Guynes says:

    This video is like getting blue balls

  28. scott_909 says:

    Just got back into golf after a 5 year break and this single tip of feeling like turning your shoulder behind your body has got me hitting the ball cleanly again. Thank you so much!

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