Lawrence’s Last Word: President Donald Trump’s Golf Socialism | The Last Word | MSNBC
Lawrence’s Last Word: President Donald Trump’s Golf Socialism | The Last Word | MSNBC

100 thoughts on “Lawrence’s Last Word: President Donald Trump’s Golf Socialism | The Last Word | MSNBC”

  1. Deirdre Oliver says:

    LIBERAL: willing to respect or accept behaviour or opinions different from one's own; open to new ideas: • favourable to or respectful of individual rights and freedoms

  2. Project Tomorrow says:

    freshmen democrat ? such a weak point . Representative's terms are only for 2 yrs . she has 2 yrs to get things done . who is paying her opposition . we didn't vote her in to wait her turn . Congress is not a Country Club .

  3. Project Tomorrow says:

    Finally a good job done here explaining the variety of socialism.

  4. Superb Man2552 says:

    Is this news or an opinion piece?

  5. David Wise says:

    The GOP fears AOC. And for good reason. She knows the right questions to ask which expose the GOP's evil plans.

  6. Marnie Mutascio says:

    Amen Lawrence

  7. Project Tomorrow says:

    AOC and other progressives are for 1 money out of politics 2 downsizing the military war machine 3 ejecting warmonger politicians and mainstream media 4 no regime change wars by US 5 single payer healthcare , etc. exactly what the Americans want that voted them in . Centrist Dems and mainstream media support corpdonorpac and the millionaire+ class that majority of Americans don't. Get with it mainstream media you are outnumbered . Do not preach millionaire values. this is a democracy .

  8. Strong Mountain Runner says:

    I am a PROUDLY LIBERAL!!!!

  9. eponymousIme says:

    Thank you for saying her full name, instead of lazily abbreviating it to "AOC."

  10. G S F says:

    Liberals created by the KKK. Time to wake up. #BLEXIT

  11. N S says:

    Republican policy, end Social Security and Medicare to give tax breaks to the rich.

  12. Dan Forster says:

    Book 'em Danno.

  13. M F says:

    AOC is a rock star she's THE ONE wake up young ones your future is with AOC

  14. David Rodenborn says:

    Honest is the simple mis equation explained that a social type program doesn’t equal a society…then go after the the low hanging fruit that is Trumps truth…

  15. Girl Etherial says:

    Good Job Lawrence!

  16. Kris Haynes says:

    Love you Lawrence. Keep it up. You are the only voice of reason left on MSNBC

  17. David Kleiler says:

    AOC kills it:

  18. Chris Scrogum says:

    This video needs to be included in any Democrat's preparation for a debate against any Republican. Actually — Lawrence, are you up for being our next president?

  19. TechnoEstate says:

    If only this video didn't have that "MSNBC" logo slapped on it… :sigh:

  20. john e Lawler says:

    AOC is good. i'd hate to be on the wrong side of her

  21. Dave Schultz says:


  22. Alienadin says:

    Senator Bail Organa, ladies and gentlemen.

  23. Moreh Yeshiah History Lessons says:

    MSNBC is better than CNN

  24. Robert says:

    AOC has proven herself to be much more than a fast starter, but the most effective legislator there has ever been…….
    Quick, simple and to the point without useless posturing and ego displays, not intimidated by opposition from either Party and immediately feared, hated and attacked for those qualities.
    Guaranteed to be
    President AOC as soon as she is age enabled. There will be weeping and the gnashing of teeth from those who oppose her. The mindless attacks have already started which testify to the fear of the others.

  25. Kit's pics says:

    Why stop there Lawrence…over 300 billion in corporate welfare to the fuel industry…but thanks for the conversation.

  26. B Storm says:

    And yet again the Republicans start the 'Socialism chant' to keep people from voting Democratic. They have been doing this for decades now and sadly people keep falling for it. Oh no, socialized medicine, gasp… that's just socialism, communism. Obamacare or actually the ACA is socialism, anything the Republicans disagree with is socialism. 

  27. Jody Sparks says:

    trumpsters will tell you he screwed the system that screws us and he needs to be there to help us stop it. this is very telling of education in amerika

  28. Susan Ashley says:

    Thank you for posting this!!!

  29. Keith Rodgers says:

    Corporate handouts to businesses is massive, tax write offs for business expenses, tax write offs for donations to churches, free cash for businesses moving into a high unemployment area. The corporate welfare is massive yet they go on about social benefit claimants, its a pure hypocrisy. Well said sir well said.

  30. Ingwer Schwensen says:

    Watching Americans talk about `Socialism´ is so surreal, absurd, funny, and: devastating. The latter because here are people from a country with a very proud inspiring history of socialist activists of all creeds and colors, and these so-called Americans of today are on average utterly devoid of any accurate representation of their own history. To recuperate a word hijacked by their – the shoe fits – President, that really is just sad. (And dangerous)

  31. Lee DeCoske says:

    At least we now know that Republicans are anti-christians. They hate socialism to the core. If you follow the teachings of Jesus, you are by your actions a socialist.

  32. Alan Wong says:

    Trump is all fake and false. Even his height he wants to falsify it. What else he can’t do especially when it comes to deceiving other people’s monies?

  33. unknown unknown says:

    Republicans are not the party of Lincoln, the party of Jim Crow.

  34. Randy Fiedler says:


  35. M G says:

    I agree… 100%. The Democrats should be brave enough to say so and show the world that the Socialistic views that they so abhor— is the world that the Republicans live by– on a daily basis. What about the billions of dollars going to the farmers in the midwest right now.. That is not Socialistic ? Someone should point it out the Castrati… The second choice -and a smarter one – for the Democrats would be to follow exactly how Deng Xiaoping did SO SUCCESSFULLY in China while he was trying to make communist China to adopt to "Capitalistic" changes. He got TWO teams. One comprised of the country's best technocrats and the other China's most ingenious Marxist theoreticians. Deng then asked the first team what policies the
    economy needed and then commanded the second team to define those policies as socialist. The smart, enlightened, Democrats should take a lesson from this and work exactly this same way— but of course in the opposite direction. This is the only way out for them to outsmart the
    Republican demonizing socialism. The trouble is that none of the Castrati could even spell socialism– let alone understand what it is.

  36. Kelly ward says:


  37. Salnsd says:

    Librals is gest gellis of Tromp cos hees smerter thin yoo

  38. Doreen Gordon says:

    I just love the way Lawrence o'donnell opens up about what true socialism is…

  39. Wonder Wonderful says:

    When something effects Trump, it's a National Disgrace. But if it's about someone else depends on who it is, "he's a nice guy it's ashame." If it's another race peaceful protect "those son of bit*h" they should be find. Donald Trump has so much hypocrisy about himself it is unreal. Never ever seen a president behave as he does, the American people except his inappropriate behavior coming from a man that calls himself the president of the United States of America. Trump wants people that's willing be his fall guys!!

  40. OSKA says:

    When this is all over Trump will be exposed as one of America's biggest Crime Bosses…
    and the Dumbest…Trying to stop Mueller is a clear indication of Guilt 🔥☠️🐍

  41. Michael Schwartz says:

    Trump Golf Socialism. Yeah, I'm stealing that one

  42. 4c1dr3fl3x says:

    I always figured I was 27% Socialist/73% Capitalist anyways. That's what comes out of my pocket every year.
    And you know what? That's an OK balance in my book. Socialist vs Capitalist isn't a binary state. Because my 27% goes into keeping America great. It didn't need to be Great Again. It already was, but the MAGA unfaithful aren't after a Great America. They doubt America, and always did. What they are after is the Confederacy.

  43. Germán Rosas-Ibargüen says:

    Finally, America will understand what good Socialism means for the very few rich and what it really can help the other 99% of America! Socialism is not Communism!

  44. Tracey Edwards says:

    I have a friend that lives in Scotland. Most of his & other communities hate Trump because of his golf club. (I don’t know if he has more than 1) It was the way he came in & bullied people. Some how he acquired land & kicked families out & some of those homes had 1 family owners for decades & even centuries. It’s so sad…..

  45. Moon Watcher says:


  46. Gess Healey says:

    Great scene from a my favorite show West Wing (still!!), I didn't know you wrote that scene, Lawrence~well done. I've shared the clip on FBk a time or two.

  47. KaikalaMoon says:

    3:51 Mr O'Donnell I had my device ready to make the comment that I had just learn from a COMEDY SKIT tax $$ builds elaborate stadiums with fish aquariums around the perimeter, and we SHAME HUNGRY PPL.

  48. Sam Downer says:

    Republican Ideal #1 Privatise the profits and soicalise the losses.

  49. Sam Downer says:

    Republicans practice anti socialism. They are antisocial. They think society has simply been created for their benefit

  50. SuperUbermensch says:

    If the founding fathers were not liberals we would have remained in the Empire.
    Jesus was a liberal, the founding fathers were liberals, the GOP under Lincoln were liberals.
    All conservatives seem to due is wax nostalgic over a past most never experienced and which they can never reclaim…because it IS the past.

  51. Lynn Lamont says:

    Does anyone care what this Jesuit stooge thinks?

  52. erghjkm vbnmlp says:

    DEVELOPING: Ocasio-Cortez and Chief of Staff Chakrabarti COULD FACE JAIL TIME for Their Federal Finance Law Violations

    by Jim Hoft 5 March 2019
    According to a complaint filed with the Federal Election
    Committee Monday (FEC), two PACs founded by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s
    top aide, Saikat Chakrabarti funneled over $ 1 million in political
    donations into two of his own private companies, reported the Washington Examiner.
    So much for Ocasio-Cortez’s promise to reduce “dark money” in politics!
    Chakrabarti founded the two PACs in question in 2016 and 2017.

    Brand New Congress was founded in 2016 and Justice Democrats was
    founded in 2017 with the end goal of getting ultra progressive
    candidates elected to Congress — ultimately these two PACs helped
    radical Communist Ocasio-Cortez win a Congressional seat last November 2018.

    Ocasio-Cortez never disclosed to the FEC that she and
    Chakrabarti, who served as her campaign chair, controlled the PAC while
    it was simultaneously supporting her primary campaign, and former FEC
    commissioners say the arrangement could lead to multiple campaign
    finance violations. The group backed 12 Democrats during the 2018
    midterms, but Ocasio-Cortez was the only one of those to win her general

    “If the facts as alleged are true, and a candidate had control over a
    PAC that was working to get that candidate elected, then that candidate
    is potentially in very big trouble and may have engaged in multiple
    violations of federal campaign finance law, including receiving
    excessive contributions,” former Republican FEC commissioner Hans von
    Spakovsky told The Daily Caller News Foundation.

    And fellow former FEC commissioner Brad Smith told TheDCNF that if “a
    complaint were filed, I would think it would trigger a serious
    investigation.” He also noted that such a probe could potentially result
    in jail time for Ocasio-Cortez and her chief of staff, Chakrabarti.

  53. Tom Saltsman says:

    Anyone who flushes a toilet is a 'socialist!' Or maybe there are Republicans who are dumb enough to turn our water supply over to a private monopoly ownership and pay $5 a flush. I wouldn't put it past them.

  54. Marton Steve says:


  55. Lynne Rexrodt says:

    Anti-socialism is anti-human being. So…

  56. pacificvibe says:

    Wow I am shocked. This seems like an honest news report. I get that old school news vibe.

  57. Omoruyi Egharevba says:

    Firebrand journalism at its finest. You go Mr O'Donnell !!!

  58. Squizzy Bollocks says:

    He's built the golf course…..but still no club house and the pro-shop is a tent….at $200 a round the locals are flocking there. Of course it's losing money.

  59. Funky .Monk says:

    Yes he made very bad and greedy decisions and selfish damage but he is no monster like trump who incites and praises the very hate that has gotten many people killed. Hope his sentence gets reduced to promote people reflecting and speaking up. Hes got a long life ahead of him wish him the best and to remain on a good path. Im not necessarily defending him but think what Russians could do to you or your family if you spill the beans… Its not an easy position the goverments protection is not perfect.

  60. Marc Gunyon says:

    Jimmy Smith kicked his butt

  61. Samuel Gonzalez says:

    Wow, great analysis! You might want to start your own YouTube channel cause NBC is not going to have you straying off the company line. 😉

  62. Funky .Monk says:

    As many have pointed out, the lady on the left back side pf Cohen is the cherry on top of the questioning. Such a fun, smart and necessary moment in the hearing. Say what you want but I also enjoyed her "lightning round" game. Makes everyone look so incompetent and silly, not for the lack of intelligence, but the immaturity of politicians and lack of common sense which usually coincides with an easy life of privilege.

  63. Linn Specialist says:

    Why? Indict Trump in 2021.

  64. Jim Menard says:

    TRAITOR OBAMAS selling out America SOCIALISM and Fake Lying news medias SOCIALISM.LAWRENCE Fake Lying news socialism.SEDITION AND TREASONOUS CRIMES AGAINST AMERICA AND AMERICAN CITIZENS that's what Fake Lying news media will be charged with shortly.GITMO SOON

  65. Chris Parnham says:

    This is insanity – the billionaires in America are the best socialists in the world for their own benefit – what a farce!

  66. Bunchoffuckingbullshit says:

    Think on this: Every social aid program that you, your kids, your parents, or friends have needed or are currently enjoying, e.g. Social Security, Medicare/Medicaid, food stamps, unemployment benefits, CHIP, etc., was initiated by DEMOCRATIC/LIBERAL Congressmen and signed into law by a DEMOCRATIC/LIBERAL President!! Go on…LOOK IT UP!!!!

  67. Monica Barrales says:

    The lady in the back of Cohen has the best expressions LMAO

  68. Michele Kett says:

    AOC, you nailed it. Trump using a public facility for his own gain! How about the people who allowed him access? Go get ‘em girl!

  69. Ralph says:

    #AOC is simply exposing the truth and corruption of money-hungry (MOST of them in our White House) politicians and businessmen…of course she is NOT going to be liked….duh! A wise man once said: "The evidence of knowing you are doing something right, is the resistance and opposition you will get from everybody else". I am glad someone is finally talking about the existing socialism right now, right before our very eyes: Trumps' Golf Socialism! #AOC is right about this one.

  70. Political Toast says:

    It's strange how the Republicans are now whining over what they deem as socialism but never say a mumbling word about the fascist fervor that has taken over their party. The GOP turned into no more than a domestic boondoggle.

  71. Windsor Woman says:

    Love you, Lawrence! That's not bulls**t.

  72. debbie541 says:

    how about that golf course in scotland that was just horrendous what he did there, quite the swindler

  73. nelsonta00 says:

    I believe a good ideology is one that is flexible and capable of changing when the situation demands it. A hardline to Capitalism or Socialism would not work, but an integration of parts of the ideas is more feasible in providing for the mass populace.

  74. Chuck-U Farly says:

    The USA has always been a Socialist Country. It is written in our Constitution. We have always had Social programs. The CONs only want the social programs for themselves in free handouts like with trump's golf course but nothing for those that need it the most.

  75. CBDMiracles says:

    The republiCANT party is history after 2020, they are ALL disgusting, corrupt, greedy, POS… Ship them all to a deserted island and leave them there forever!

  76. ONNIE TALONE says:

    out side looking on, kinda knew that something was not copasetic when news first broke that Mikkel Cohen had admitted he had lied to Congress when Republicans wished his lies to be true, but when special counsel Bob Muller a proven hero got him to recant his lies and tell truth best he could, and for cooperating he will advise court to, show mercy as when one now does look back, had he not cooperated special counsel would have had a harder time, as had he stone walled it surly would have made investigation delay, ($$) as we have seen some who have been under scrutiny have stonewalled, and one in particular was feeding line of questing back to others who are also being looked at as far investigation if by chance other governments have found a way to sway votes? that is question? now Democrats have been branded or at least trying to , if all citizens law abiding citizens are given or shown a path by leaders to have health care for their children, is that a bad society? so have said pro life anti abortion, yet reality sets in now or shortly if not issue as baby boomers have come close to threshold of being at near of moving on to after life, how will society deal with that, cancer if allowed to complete its course devastates body and mind how far does one let person suffer, can one ask to have life ended at a certain stage? like when in coma? some hang on for a long time, but they have no faculties? such hard questions for a society, especially a democratic one, yes tis is way off topic? getting back To special counsel, but did I miss something, what's with Presidents lawyer saying that his client was unable to tell the truth? he was joking? which Lawyer said that? opinion only, glad President Trump did break ice between North Korea and America, Progress, they are hurting North Koreas peoples as leader is overweight and his captive followers are in need of food, why not remove food sanctions, ? another olive branch, better now yes he has achieved dialog? , ,

  77. Hyper Sonic says:

    Pure capitalism or pure socialism is bad, needs a mix like steel.

  78. Hyper Sonic says:

    Has Bernie Sanders watched this video?

  79. Josh J says:

    Liberals = PROGRESS

  80. Mark Keller says:

    I see why they separate the "Joe in the Morning" program from the rest of the MSNBC lineup … Because Joe and Mika pale in comparison to the rest of the channel.

  81. jp says:

    Excellent clip!

  82. jp says:

    Trump and his cult members are so shallow. The leaders use labels like "Liberal" to categorize EVERYONE that doesn't agree with Trump and the GOP. Look up cult tactics on the internet and you'll see that "name-calling" and "labeling" is a KEY and FUNDAMENTAL tactic used by cults to keep their fold of indoctrinated members under the control of their leader – it's always an "us against them" mentality! And, of course, you can add in a dose of "the sky is falling" used by all cult leaders to instill FEAR in their support base – it's call fear-mongering, which is yet again a tell-tale sign of a cult. Look this stuff up folks!

  83. Javier Bonilla says:

    Socialism is the Government bailing out the super rich every time they fail. And you want to scare them with “socialism”… ha ha ha

  84. Tommy Boy says:

    Lawrence is the GOAT

  85. Who am I ? No one! says:

    Wow ! Amazing ! The last part was gripping. Great job of acting , everybody ! Isn't T.V. great. It really grips your guts. No ones going to get to see anything when the lights go out . As you're sitting in the dark and the world is at war around you. The people go , " Shssss , be quiet , or the enemy will find us !"

  86. Senam Lawson says:

    Should I report this video to the FBI? Somebody got killed, on that stage! 😄😁

  87. joyfullydreaded13 says:

    Soooo…are you saying, on the sly since we know who your employer is, that you are supporting Bernie, Lawrence? Because Bernie will be the Democratic nominee AND he has no bones about saying he is a Democratic Socialist. If so, glad to have you, come on in and make yourself comfortable! #Bernie2020

  88. Wado Waleli says:

    From the time I first heard sanctimonious politicians preaching to the orchestrated, systemically poor in America about "pulling themselves up by their bootstraps," I was able to observe those very same politicians, almost always white, privileged, Southern Republicans, doing everything in their power to take away the bootstraps. And so it is today. The only reason they don't preach that sermon to the rich is that that is the group buying them off, or at least the ones they invite to try.

  89. Tommy Hayfield says:

    Trump is spreading bullsoot around our midst. His air is full of bullsoot.

  90. magicalhearingman says:

    1:10 "Ayyy it was Matty Calamari, Nicky Provolone and Timmy the Rat"

  91. Nicholas Thom says:

    Lol New York has been getting screwed before Trump and will after Hes long dead. The leaders are running it into the ground. Aww

  92. Gorge Taylor says:

    MAGA# Pelosi is a socialist communist

  93. grabitz says:

    Fools . The Republican party was started by blacks they set themselves free only to have the Democrats trying taking credit for it. Goldwater girls like Hillary do nothing but lie. So many blacks walking away from the liberals today because they are finding out the truth. Lawrence O'donnell's has been wrong for so long now why start believing him now?

  94. Jason Boggs says:

    How does this dude still have a job? He never gets anything about the President right. He is a buffoon!
    It amazes me these idiots buy anything this guys says!


    Ugh, your views don't age well…


    It's always the losers and failures who want socialism. Use the tax codes to work in your favor. Learn to earn money and invest.
    Quit being a player hater. Smh

  97. Romeo X10000 says:

    I guess i'm gonna have to watch the west wing now

  98. Pensa Simpson says:

    DJT is the symbol of a mafioso who demands charity and applause only for himself. He speaks in code. He is a traitor and an obstructionist. He and all his comrades need to be'
    imprisoned for crimes against humanity. And we need to repair our government and country. NOW. We cannot wait until 2020. We need to act NOW. We need to stand up and say enough is enough.

  99. Joe ward says:

    Everything he said about “liberals “ you can correctly replace with Republican with the exception of the horrible social security program which is about to bankrupt this country. But all of the equal rights issues where fought for by republicans and there was no big switch in parties, only two Democrats switched parties. Prove me wrong. You can’t.

  100. Kim Von Berg says:

    Corporate socialism is RIGHT! Thank you SO much for this video, Lawrence O'Donnell!!!

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