Last to LEAVE the CAR wins a TOY ROOM!!

– [Dad] Tickle Branson! Ah! – No one can be on a
seat, only on the floor. Only on the floor! – My butt doesn’t fit! – Your seat is lava! Your seat is lava! – Sixteen people in this van right now, I am now going to turn off the AC. – Oh no!
– [Crowd] Oh no! – Just kidding! (laughing) (upbeat music) – What’s up, TOA squad? Thanks for joining the Ohana Adventure. We have an epic game today, and we have the best family with us. – [Crowd] The Tannerites! (cheering) – These are our besties, guys, and we’re so excited to
play with them and hang out. And guess what we’re gonna do? …We’re shoving all of these people in the van. – How many of us are there?
– Oh! – [Mom] Oh, I don’t
know, let’s count. One. – [Crowd] 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 15… – I think that was confusing.
– 16. – [Mom] All right. Okay,
everybody. Everybody in the van! – (crowd cheering) – Whoa! – [Dad] Yay! – [Mom] Close it up.
Wow, now it’s like quiet. – Whoa.
– Whoa. – [Mom] Did we get everybody in? – [Crowd] Yup! – Yup. I’m here. – Just a bit squishy. – Okay, let’s figure out.
If Branson’s the oldest, he’s number one, let’s count off. Branson, one. – One!
– Two! – Three!
– Four! – Five!
– Six! – Seven!
– Eight! – Nine!
– Ten! – Eleven!
– Twelve! (laughing) – Yes, we did it. – We did it, we actually got everybody. – Sixteen people in this van right now. Guess what guys? I am now
gonna turn off the AC. – Oh no!
– [Crowd] Oh no! – Just kidding. (laughing)
– Oh my gosh. – Okay. Today we are playing
last to leave the van. Are you guys ready? – [Crowd] Yeah! – And the winner gets to be
first in the massive toy room. – [Crowd] Yeah! (screams)
– Okay, now I’m ready! – That means I could be first
in the massive toy room! – No one’s gonna win, only I’m gonna win! – I want some toys.
– [Mom] I think Sarah wants to be first. – I’m gonna win, yeah. – So, what the toy room is, we’re at a toy convention right now. They have a 20,000 square foot room, filled with over $200,000 worth of toys. Do we get all of them? No. Do we get to run free and kind
of get what we want though? Kind of. So, the winner,
– (crowd cheers) – gets first access. – So, we are gonna play some challenges, to see who’s gonna last in the van. I want you guys to hit this
poll right here, and comment, is it gonna be a Tannerite or
is it gonna be a TOA Squad, that is going to be last to leave the van. – Tannerite because it’s gonna be me. I wanna be the winner, for sure. – Ohana! – All right, our first challenge is… – [Dad] Tickle Branson! Ah! (screaming)
– (laughing) – [Mom] All right, ready? You have to, last person to trade places
with a different row. Go! (bell) – (chatting and screaming)
– [Mom] Different row! Different row! Different row! – (screaming) – [Mom] Nine, eight, seven, six, five,
– [Dad] Whose leg is that? – [Mom] Four, three,
– (screams) – [Mom] Two, – I have a foot and I don’t, this is not Cora’s foot though. It looks like it’s Cora, but her foot is not this big.
– [Johnny] Oh, whose is it? – Shae’s. – This is Shae’s foot.
– Oh, it’s Shae down there. – I got it! – [Mom] Okay, did we do it? – [Crowd] Yeah! – [Mom] Uh oh. I think Rykel’s out,
– I know. – [Mom] she’s not in a seat.
– I’m not. – [Johnny] Oh no.
– She’s not in a seat. Rykel is out. – [Crowd] Bye, Rykel! – [Mom] Okay Bye, Rykel. Okay, everybody is ready? – [Crowd] Yeah! – Challenge number two. Your seat is lava! Your seat is lava! Oh, you can’t put your feet on the ground. – Wait, I can’t. – [Mom] Uh oh, uh oh! (bell) Who’s on a seat, who’s on a seat? Uh oh, I think Evee was still on the seat.
– You’re touching seat! – [Mom] Evee’s out.
Daniell’s touching seats, Daniell’s out. Johnny’s out! Daniell’s
out! Evee’s out! Cora’s out. That is one, two, three, four out!
– Dang it! – That was a trick. – Bye!
– [Crowd] Bye! – [Mom] Okay, how many do we have left? Now you can sit in a seat, let’s see everybody in a different seat. One, two, three, four,
five, six, seven, eight, – Nine,
– Nine! – And ten. Oh my goodness, there are five TOA Squad
and five Tannerites, guys. We are tied up.
– Ooh! – [Mom] Who is gonna win? – Me?
– [Mom] Gonna be you? – Me. – [Mom] I know Branson
wants first in the toy room. – Oh yeah, oh yeah. – [Mom] Which toy are you working for? – Toy of the toys. – [Mom] The toy-est toy. – He’s looking for the Barbies. – I’m looking for the smashy mashy! – I’m going for the smashers because last year I won World Cup. – Next challenge, you have to get on the floor. No one can be on a seat only on the floor, only on the floor! Who’s down, who’s down? – My butt doesn’t fit! – [Mom] Jase is out! – Look! I literally. – [Mom] Okay, we got Canyon
and Shae on the ground. Clay’s butt’s on the ground. Wyatt? – [Wyatt] Hi! – My bunny is too big. – [Mom] Your bunny is way too big, you’re out, Jase!
– (laughing) – Bye, Jase! – [Crowd] Bye, Jase! – Bye, everybunny. – [Mom] Bye. All right, this one is gonna be difficult. In your seat, you must touch your toes. You have to be straight, your legs have to be straight-ish. – [Branson] Oh no! – [Mom] Straight-ish! Straight-ish! Oh, they’re touching, they’re touching! Oh, you’re touching! – I’m touching! – Oh, she’s touching. I think Branson’s out! (screams)
– Branson, you’re out. – Ah!
– He did not touch his toes. – I’m not flexible like everybody else. – [Crowd] Bye Branson! – Bye.
– Now we’re tied up again. – [Mom] We are four Bennett and TOA Squad and four Tannerites. Are you gonna win? He wants to see the toy room. Is it gonna be Az? Is it gonna be wyatt? We are gonna play blindfold hide and seek. And the first three people found, are out. In order to play blindfold hide and seek, they have to just hide in plain sight, in the van obviously,
somewhere in the van, and if they get touched
and their name gets called, and it’s correct, then they’re out. I am going to be the seeker. – No! – I’m gonna count to ten right here. Ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one. Where are the people? This is a Klai. – Nope. – Oh! (laughing) – What is this? Is it Az? – Yeah. – Az is out! I heard a giggle, there’s
gotta be more people. Oh! Somebody with fuzzy legs. Is this a Wyatt? Is this Wyatt? – Yeah. – Wyatt’s out. This is somebody that has good hair. Must be a Tannerite. Lizzy? – No! – Was it Savannah? – Yes! – Dang. Okay, she’s still in. I gotta find one more. Oh! I got a little body! I know this is a Gego! Is that three?
– Yup, that is. – Oh my goodness, that was hard. All right, what are we down to? – You literally, like, went so close to me so many times.
– We’ve got Savannah and Lizzy. – [Mom] And?
– And Shae. – And me!
– [Mom] And Klai. All right. Bye, Gego.
– Bye, Gego. – That’s right, two
Tanners and two Bennetts. – Totally gonna win this,
guys, don’t get your hopes up. And, guys, please get your hopes up so I can crush those hopes! – Whatever, I’m gonna
win. You don’t even know. – You don’t know how much I’m gonna win. I’m gonna win a hundred thousand. I’m gonna get in that toy room and I’m gonna get everything
before anyone else does. – I’m gonna win that toy
room and everything in it. – All right, we’re tied up guys. It is time to hit that poll again and tell us who you think is gonna win, because the prize is ultimate and awesome. Are you ready, guys? – Yeah, I was born ready.
– I’m nervous. – [Mom] Are we ready? – Yeah. – This is going to be speed round. The seats are lava!
One, two, three! (bell) Oh, Savannah’s out. She’s still on a seat. – Still on a seat. – [Crowd] Bye, Savannah. – Bye. – All right, ready? The floor is lava! The
floor is lava! (bell) Oh, I didn’t catch anyone. – Oh, my shoe fell off though! – [Mom] On your mark, get set. Different seat, different row! Different seat, different row! Gotta be in a different row! Oh, Klai was last to sit.
– No! – [Mom] You are out!
– What? – Bye, Klai. We really don’t
have hard losses for you. Going down, Lizzy. – Nope, I’m not, Because I’m a tannerite, and you’re an Ohana adventure. – Ohana Adventures are
pure family from the heart. I’m winning for my family. – I’m winning for the toys. (laughs) – [Mom] Okay, this one
is gonna be hard, guys. You have to plank across
the top of the seats. No feet on the ground,
and no feet on the seat. So, you have to be on the top part here. Ready? Set, go! Okay, plank on. Last person to fall is the winner. If you lose your plank you’re out. – I could do this all day. – I could do this all year. – I could do this even when I’m dead. – I’m doing it. I’m
gonna die doing this, so. – Same. – [Mom] Uh oh. Shae’s
starting to lose, go down. Is he starting to go down, Shae? – No! – [Mom] Hold it up, Shae, let’s do this. Hold your body up! Are you starting to get weak arms? – Nope. – [Mom] How’s your abs? – Good. – [Mom] Good? Are you falling? Shae’s starting to go down. Shae’s starting to fall. Don’t give in, Shae. Are you falling, Lizzy? – Nope, I could do this all year. – [Mom] Savanna’s being creepy outside. She has lost the van and she’s so sad. Holy cow. We’ve been in here for, like, 30 minutes waiting for these guys. Lizzy, are you gonna give up? Are you gonna fall?
– No! – [Mom] Uh oh, Shae’s starting to sink. Lizzy, are you holding form? – I’m falling. – [Lizzy] He touched the seat! – [Mom] Shae is out! – Yeah! I won! I won! – Ah! No! I’m a loser. – Bye! – Lizzy is last to leave the van! Guys, we’re back in the van, guess what?
– What? – Lizzy is the ultimate winner! (crowd cheers) – I get all the toys! – I wanted toys!
– Tannerites! Tannerites! – Tannerites for the win! – That’s right, we’re
gonna let Lizzy be first to run in the toy room.
– Lizzy, go go go! – Let’s go!
– Go now! Go now! – Go! – [Mom] Oh, there she goes. She’s running! She’s running! – I’m the winner! (crowd cheering) The toy room is this way! – I’m coming! – They’re coming, they’re
getting- (kids screaming) I hear the toys! – Yeah! – I’m here! – Guys, check out the Tannerites. We are playing last to leave
the golf cart right now, so make sure you go and check that out. We’re gonna link them at
the end of this video, as well as down below. Look at this. They are trapped inside the golf cart. Are they gonna get out? Who will be last to leave
and win their cool prize? Like, look at this huge golf cart. Okay, we had so much fun playing
last to leave the van with, – [Crowd] The Tannerites! – We also played last
to leave the golf cart, which is super crazy. Go and check it out on the Tannerites. The Tannerites.
– The Tannerites. – Make sure you go and check that out, we’ll link them down below and at the end, you can click on that. Thanks for hanging out with us, everybody! – [Crowd] Mahalo! (upbeat music)

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