Lamkin Golf Grip Tips: Releasing the Club
Lamkin Golf Grip Tips: Releasing the Club

one of the comments that you said earlier
just resonated with me I the golf grip is when your finger grips
its part science part feel and when you talked about releasing
the golf club if if you’re grips are not fitted
properly you could actually could you release too
early or too late or not release it all yep definitely you can do all three okay
I’m depending on what your swing is in everybody’s got their own unique slaying
in their own interest intricacies in the slaying you’re gonna
need a different size group you’re gonna need a different type a group you’re
gonna need a different firmness in the grip cell you’ve gotta
make sure that that’s a very individual rights and you may see something that you’re not even thinking
out I maybe the right grip for you may be the right size maybe the right
density I whatever the case may be it may not be exactly what you think
should read or watch about it out at also releasing the club to me i think is
is it’s really interesting to me because I
don’t know if you consciously think about releasing the club or because you have the right grip the
grip size in the grip pressure well that club automatically release I
think that the cops should automatically released okay if you’ve got everything
else working correctly thought you got the right grip size the
right grip pressure and you’re coming into the ball correctly yep then it
should release now if you have that one of those things that isn’t working
properly then you might release early mike got it
late you might not release at all I’ll but its it can be very specific to
each swing but those things are the most important
things that make sure that you have all three up

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