Lamkin Golf Grip Tips: Cleaning Your Grips
Lamkin Golf Grip Tips: Cleaning Your Grips

Bob: For all of us that watch golf on the
weekends and we see players all the time. And you’ll see before a critical shot the
player taking the towel and wiping the grip down. And what we’re very excited about with
the Ace Material is that if you take the grip before… I think and again if you’re able
to wipe the grip down and get back a tacky feeling that we have with the Ice Material. What we want to be able to do is take this
grip is when you actually move the grime off it. I’m sure your caddy does this all the
time for you, right? So when you move you take it and you wipe it down, two things are
happening right now with the Ace Material. And this is great about technology and the
materials that we’re using now. We’re reviving the material, okay? So we’re bringing it back
to its original tacky state because once you get the dirt off this and you’re putting some
friction on this, the grip is going to come back to that nice tacky feeling again. Before you’re hitting a critical shot, you
want to make sure that again your hand pressure is consistent, the grip feels consistent all
the time from the time you start the round to the time you finish the round. So what
we’re talking about is really getting the players that play every day that love the
game, that are serious about their game, to wipe their grips down with the Lamkin grips.
And what you’re going to get. You’re going to get a brand new feeling grip right away.
I’m sure that you see the players do that. I would image you do that as well. Brendan: Yeah, if you walk up and down the
range before a tournament round on the PGA tour, you’ll see all the caddies wiping the
grips down. That’s one of the most important that they do before we get started. And you’ll
see a lot of guys do it before certain shots. They may get into a practice swing and say,
“Something doesn’t feel quite right, let’s just reset this and wipe it down and make
sure that we got the feel that we need.” This game’s hard enough even when everything’s
perfect. So you’ve got to make sure that you don’t have a problem with your connection
to the club in order to hit a good shot. Bob: With the Ace Materials when you’re wiping
them down on the golf course, you’re going to hit a shot. Obviously I do it all the time
because I’m cognizant of it. It’s like a brand new feeling grip to me. But what it’s also
telling me, it brings me back to grip pressure. Wow, this grip is really tacky, right? Okay,
Bob, nice light grip pressure, let’s hit a good golf shot here, especially if you’re
playing and you have to hit a good shot. Whether it’s getting out of a bunker in one, right?
Or you got to hit the fairway on that last hole.

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