Lamkin Full Cord Golf Grips
Lamkin Full Cord Golf Grips

Hi, I’m Bob Lamkin CEO of Lamkin Grips. I
would like to show you our line of full-cord golf grips. For golfers playing in wet conditions
or in need of grips that offers a very high level of traction, full-cord grips are an
excellent option. Lamkin offers two very different cord grips. The first is a Crossline Full-Cord
Grip. This is our best selling cord grip and features the classic Crossline pattern with
a moisture-wicking cord fabric integrated into the synthetic rubber material. The Crossline
Full-Cord Grip offers the ultimate in traction and slip resistance performance and it’s the
only full-cord grip currently offered in the midsize and oversize model. The Tour Series Full-Cord Grips are produced
using a unique cord buffing process that offers a much softer alternative to traditional cord
grips, and the light texture of the grip feels extremely comfortable. The Tour Series is
ideal for golfers who need the wet weather performance of a traditional cord grip but
want something more forgiving on their hands. If you’re having trouble controlling your
clubs because of moisture problems either wet hands or wet and humid weather, check
out Lamkin’s extensive line of full-cord grips.

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