Kristen Wiig Made Maya Rudolph Want to Return to ‘SNL’ – Extended Version
Kristen Wiig Made Maya Rudolph Want to Return to ‘SNL’ – Extended Version

Just making sure
this is the table. [SLAPPING TABLE] No, this is a table. There’s no box here. Nobody’s in here. OK. Yep. We’re not scaring you. Good. Unless you want us to. No, thank you. Would you like to be scared? Nope, I’m all good. It’s Halloween time. It is, but I don’t like
that kind of Halloween. I like funny Halloween. I see. Will you be dressing
up for Halloween? (HESITATES) Sure. [LAUGHTER] Whenever there’s that many
syllables in that word, that’s not true. I have to trick-or-treat
because I’ve got kids. That happened already. What? Halloween was last week. Oh, Halloween was last week. What am I thinking? [LAUGHTER] Oh, you guys know that, right? [APPLAUSE] I can come back out. Merry Christmas. Then I can fix it. [LAUGHTER] I never know what
day it is here. So what did you
do for New Year’s? Yeah. [LAUGHTER] Did you have fun? I was disappointed
in your entrance. I felt like you gave
such a great entrance when Melissa McCarthy was– It’s true. –guest hosting for me. It’s true. It’s the best entrance
I’ve ever had in my life. It’s the best entrance
any anyone has ever– Everybody deserves
their name in lights at least once in their
life, behind them, with– doing that whatever
this move is. Doing that thing. What is that? Is that the Orange Justice? Is it? Yes it is. Is it, children? Is it the Orange Justice? Yes. Thank you. You knew what to do. I knew what to do
because my son does that. He does that, and
then a little clap. And you gotta make a stink face. Yeah. [LAUGHTER] Yeah, that’s what I did. That was pretty impressive. It was really fun. Yeah, you didn’t want
to do that for me? Here’s the thing– I’d be happy to do that for you. But? At home. I see. Not here. You know what? I would love to come to your
home and have you do it for me. Would you? Yeah. Not at your house– No. –At my house. No, I’m not letting you
set that up at my house. [LAUGHTER] By the way, that’s something
that would happen at my house and people would be like, oh. There’s so much
mayhem in my house, they’d be like,
oh, that’s great. We’ve been texting
recently because I was hoping you were going to
get this little doggie that needed a home. I know. But you didn’t get it. I didn’t, but he– –got a good home. He got an amazing home. Yeah, our dog’s brother
needed a home, and– And Ellen and I were
texting to make sure– and I really wanted
to get it, and I’m not going to name any names,
but someone that I live with said we can’t have
any more dogs. [LAUGHTER] So I wanted to make
sure that he went– I have four kids,
and a dear friend of mine, Molly [INAUDIBLE] has
three of the most amazing kids. And it’s the most loving home. And he now lives with them. Yeah, our doggy’s brother. And we keep– and they
look exactly alike. They do. They’re the same
beautiful chocolate. Yeah, they need to meet. I know. I was hoping that we could have
a doggie reunion when I’m here, just like, I’m the matchmaker. [LAUGHTER] I don’t know about a matchmaker. Is that weird? Yeah, because they’re
brother and sister. Yeah. That’s weird. Yeah. That would be weird. That would be weird. Yeah. It’d be weird if
they got married. [LAUGHTER] Because they’re
brother and sister. Well, they’re not going
to get– they’re dogs. [LAUGHTER] Dogs don’t get married anymore? No, not anymore. Huh. They stopped that. [CHUCKLING] They put a– They put an end to
that in the 1900s? Yeah. Got it. Got it. You’re here, and
Kristen Wiig was supposed to be here with you. She’s not feeling
well, so she’s– She’s not. She’s here in spirit,
my little buddy. Yes, she is. She’s right there. She’s right here. She wouldn’t have a chair. She’d just be standing. Nope, just sitting right here. I’m putting my hand
around her waist. Oh, that’s so sweet. Hey, buddy. Oh, that’s a tall waist. She’s very long. She’s long in the waist. She’s built like an asparagus. [LAUGHTER] Hey, buddy. Like an asparagus. I was thinking like a– anyway. So anyway, she’s your pal. And you met on SNL,
or before that? We actually met before that. We both went to the Groundlings
Theater out here in L.A. And we met at a
friend’s baby shower. But it was thrown at Melissa
McCarthy’s, who we were also in the Groundlings with. Oh, wow. So I think we met making,
like, dumb guesses about the size of someone’s
stomach, or something like that– baby shower games. Yeah. But we never worked
together until SNL. And it was right after– I was on maternity leave, and I
was actually watching the show. It was the Christmas show. And she did the Two A-holes
sketch with Jason Sudeikis. And I remember watching, and
I thought, I want to go back, and I want to play with her. [LAUGHTER] It looked so fun. Well, the two of you
together are hilarious. I have a favorite
sketch, but I think it’s the same– what is
your favorite sketch? Is it the one where
we’re game show ladies and it’s the super showcase? Yes. And we just can’t
keep it together. Right. Yeah. She couldn’t keep it together
the minute we read it out loud. And she couldn’t keep it
together at dress rehearsal. But then we started
doing it on air, and I thought, OK, we
got all the giggles out. And as soon as that golf
cart came out, she lost it. And I knew– because
there’s something– when you’re old
friends with someone, do you come up with
those voices that you do? They’re meaningless. We call each other gurhl. And I don’t know why, but we say
hey gurhl, and it’s that voice. I don’t know what it is. No, the voices are so stupid. They’re so stupid, and
it just makes us laugh. I understand. And then once you
start laughing– It’s over. But it’s so fun to
watch that, too. Yeah. And she’s not– some people
can fabricate the laugh, but that’s someone who really
usually held it together, although maybe not every
time we were together. Well, both of y’all
are so hilarious. So you were just on recently
doing Kamala Harris. Now, when you get
that call to go back and to do Kamala Harris, are
you excited, are you nervous? How do you feel? It’s all of the above. It’s sort of like– it’s joy and fear
wrapped all in one. I mean, I love SNL. It was really– Saturday Night
Live is my first love, truly. But I wasn’t prepared. I got called on, like, a
Tuesday, like, what are you doing this weekend? I was like, oh my God. So I was saying it feels like
I have this underground bunker that I put my super SNL suit
on, and I press the button, and I just get shot
out of a cannon to NBC. Like, kids, mommy’s
gotta go to work. And then I go to my second– my alter ego is me on SNL. You obviously had
done her before, and– No, I’ve never done her before. Oh, really? No. She– I had a feeling I
was going to get the call. I mean, look at us. Yeah. [LAUGHTER] So there were quite a few
people for a while saying, I’ve been reading online– and that’s how it works now. I feel like if a lot of
people say something, then you get a phone call. It was right before my birthday,
and it was it was Lorne. And I thought, it’s
either about my birthday or it’s about Kamala. And I said, he never calls
me on my birthday, so– yeah. It’s fantastic. And she tweeted at you
that she hopes that you get to do her for eight more years. How cool was that? Yeah, that’s very cool. That really blew my mind. That was amazing. Yeah, yeah. [APPLAUSE] And what a great sense
of humor about it all. Yeah. It’s, like, great. All right, we’re going to take
a break, and we’ll be back.

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