“Kraft” – Magnus Lindberg auf dem Schrottplatz | NDR

Some of these sounds can really be sort of ugly. This piece uses the full forces of the Symphony Orchestra, but on top of that garbage. That would not normally be seen on the stage of a classical music concert. Certain things are important: First thing is to avoid toxic things! We don’t want lead. Copper is not very good either. And anything that you can hurt your fingers with – avoid it please! Wanna go? Good! It became like a tradition to come with the soloists of the orchestra to pick up some local strap to get it like a manifesto – that we are playing it now, in this part of the world. For me personally, it has become important spending hours together with the musicians of the orchestra Why use scrap for a piece of music? We have plenty of percussion instruments: Everything from drums, cymbals, gongs, etc. They are all more or less sounding instruments and I wanted to have a more dry world or metallic sounds also in this piece. A place like a scrapyard is the perfect place to find various objects. They add something to the big sound of the orchestra I would think of it like being chili – you put chili in food – different spices in terms of the sound work. I came to this kind of music from having grown up with Stockhausen and Lachenmann and all this fantastic music. Also – my first encounter with Einstürzende Neubauten in Berlin in the middle of the 80s was absolutely a source of inspiration for me to write this piece.

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