Kids Make Impossible Basketball Shot! DUDE PERFECT 2! (FGTEEV Gameplay / Skit)
Kids Make Impossible Basketball Shot! DUDE PERFECT 2! (FGTEEV Gameplay / Skit)

Alright, Mike. See if you can take your best shot, dude. ERGHHH (shoots ball at hoop, scores) Yes! Alright, Mike, that was a good job dude. Boom! Oh yeah? Watch this! (shoots ball at hoop) (ball flies away) (ball makes it into net) OHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lex, you did it! Dudette, that was perfect! (Ball Bounces On The ground .) (Kid picks up the ball) Oh yeah? Watch this! (footsteps) (throws Ball and bounces Out of the door)(should only bounce once) (bounces with long spaces in between) (bouncing Down the street) rewind sound effect breaks illusion of continuity. (goes through hoop) Dude, perfect! Yeah, I did it! It’s FGTeeV! Dude… what…no…wha..what? Dude! Perfect! What’s up FGTEEVERS? We are playing Dude Perfect Two. Chase! You’re playing too? Are you playing too, two, Dude Perfect Two too? Okay. You guys requested that we are going to play, and we are going to. Lexi’s gonna start with level one. Chase will do level two. I’ll do three and four. Alright so, you’ve got a little arrow.(I would only have the middle facecam, in the bottom corner and put an image with perhaps social links to cover the space? Or extend the gameplay footage and overlay the facecam on an unimportant bit of the screen That arrow you can… uh.. choose its direction. And you have a power meter on the arrow. So Lex… Give it the best… appropriate power to get that in the basketball hoop. And lets see if you get it. Lets see if you get a little swish. And… No swish. But it’s going to get in. But it’s going to get in, because it’s level one. And if you fail level one, well then… we’re gonna pray for you. I’m just kidding. (man lungs giving up on life) (Me battling the evil) Cough attack. Cough attack. Alrighty, and the — Three star bonus. Three stars. Nice Chase. You’re gonna do number two? Chase is going to do number two. (Toilet break) That’s gross dude. Chase? Chase. You… you’re failing at number two? My goodness. Oh, sweet soul cakes, Chase. Sweet soul. Chase, what did
you get? Three stars? Sweet soul. (Dude Perfect) Sweet soul cakes! Good job. Chase, high five. Too slow man. Already, and play. I’m just kidding man. (high five) Boom! Alright you have a limited number
of shots — Oh, look. It’s Dr. Panda’s Panda from the panda restaurant. Or it’s Po. Or Po. Oh, so now we have two here. Let’s see if I could do good. Boomples. It’s not that level. I played it on daddy’s iPad. Go, go, go, go. What were you gonna say Chase? Say this. Winner. Thumbs up. Here you go Mike, number four. Wait, what’s number four? Number four is when you fart, or you pee out of your butt. eeeewwww! (Toilet Flushing) Alright, go. So, Michael — Whoa, the net’s behind you dude. Oh yeah. Oh, you got two of them, opposite
sides. Come on Mike, can you do it? Can you do it Mike? Can you do it? Swishy. Can you guys get me out of here? It’s so creepy man. (zombie growl) AAAAAHHHH!! That wasn’t a swishy, but it was… it was…
it was a good shot. No. Too much power. Take down the power, just a little bit
man. Yeah! Good job. Thank you FGTeevers, for recommending this. If you want us to see you guys say for us to play number one, the perfect number one, then let us know. What’s this? The bowling ball, like
smash it through glass. What’s a tutorial? Tutorial. Tutorial. No, that’s the first time I saw that. And I’ve decided… It’s the “one-torial”. You said “two-torial”. Was this a corny joke? No Okay, good. I didn’t think it was awesome. Alright, so you have to use a bowling ball to smash through little ice things made of water. Let’s go bowling ball. Are they made of water? This doesn’t count as my real turn, right? Because this is just a tutorial? Oh, that’s just a tutorial? Wait, was that level five? That was just a tutorial. Oh, let me see. But that was level five. But it said tutorial. Yeah, that’s a level five tutorial. And I’m doing level six. Chase is going with level six. Come on Chase. Come on Chase, you’re taking to long! Stop. Stop. Stop? (Swishes it twice in like 2 seconds) Yay, I did it! You did it? I’m so proud of you. Chase got three stars. I have six now. Okay. Number seven! Number seven. Hey, you’re just copying me. Yes. Level seven, play. Eww, Chase picked his nose. Eww, picky! Get a zoom-in action on that one. In some levels you need to use different balls. Change your ball by tapping it. Alright, let’s change my ball and… And what? You lost. Bow! Let’s see… Boomples. Switch my ball up
there, and then… bow! No! Eww! What happened? Chase wiped a booger on me. I almost got a swish, dude. Pound it. No, no, no. Not me, you’re pudgy. Don’t call me chunky. Pudgy, pudgy, pudgy. Alright, level complete. Wait. Mike, is it your turn? Mike, I think it is your turn. And Michael, level eight. Level eight. Level eight. Try to say that weird. Say the word: level eight. Level eight. Level eight. Let Chase say it. Go Chase. Level eight. Level eight. He’s not talking about Love-a-lot Bear
from Toy Story. “Love-a-lot” Bear? Isn’t that… wasn’t that his name? No. What? Come here. Show the camera. No. Boom. Alright Mike. Take down level eight. Mikey go. Come on Mikey. Come on Mikey Mike. Boom. Alright, you didn’t make it in. Dude, that was pretty perfect. Alrighty Lex, your turn. It’s not perfect, it’s “perfect”. “Perfect”. “Perfect”. Level nine. Alrighty Lex, Dr. Panda. Dr. Panda, coming to town. Uh oh. Master power. It was chaos. You’re evil your little kid. Bamples. Oh, what? Sweet soul cakes. Sweet soul. Sweet soul. Oh, come on Lex. You gotta get perfect on this. Too hard. Ready, and… and — Dude, perfect. Here. Ohh. Woah. Yeah! Pound it. Boinkles, binkles — Bonkles! Bonkles. You got it. Come on Chase, let’s go. Let’s do it. Okay, Chase’s turn. Chase’s turn. Chase’s turn. He’s gotta learn. He’s so little and the fire’s burning. Burning hot. Burning hot. I hope that you just get the shot. Sweet soul cakes! Cakes of the sweet soul. Chase… … pound it right there, in my knuckle. Pound that — Oww, why you’re so rough? Pound it, Chase. Oww. You can’t — Michael knows how to do it. Oww! Daddy? Here Mike, your turn. Yay. Alrighty Michael. Chase and Lex, you guys did awesome. Mike — Oh wait, wait. It’s my turn. Alright, it’s up to me and Mike
to keep up the awesomeness. This really gonna be really hard. Alright, let’s try this. Ready? Bounce it right there. Bomples, comples. Shrimples, jimples. Jimple, fimples. Aw yeah. Jumple, somples. Aww! Come on. Creample, gomples. Yeah! He’s like yeah. Well, you kind of look like a big hairy dude person. We skipped — Wait, hold on. He just said I was a “big hairy perfume”. And then last time, he said “Alexis is successful”. Alexis is successful. Come on Mike, you got this. Now, now, no! Michael did better than me. Good job Mike. Alright, [Lex’s] turn. Change character, let’s see that. Eww, is Chase farting? Eww. Let’s see. Equip, equip, equip. Ohh, unlock for 5,000. Why do we want — I picked Cory. Cody wearing his favorite hat. So we don’t have enough money to buy these dudes. Panda! Literally. Let’s save up — Wait. Oh, he’s cash. Oh yeah, we’re never gonna get that. Yeah. What else can you buy enough? That’s it. Wait, what’s that? Change ball, change ball. 5,000? We gotta seriously get some
more monies. Unlock for free. Okay that’s great. How many more? We need 23 more. Alright, level thirteen. Thirteen, thirteen, thirteen. Let’s do this, kids. Okay… I just throw it there, right? Boom! And… Oh yeah. No way! You got a swish. That is what I’m taking about. So you can’t give her the 500. I’m waiting for a pound. Remember, remember. Lex, remember our hashtag? Right? Hashtag! I hope that catches on. Yeah. Ready Mike?
Hashtag! No, no, no. Doesn’t work with him? No, no. Mikey, it doesn’t work with you. Michael, let’s do something else. You ready? Oh no. “@” sign! How do you do an “@” sign with you hand? “@” sign! Follow me @Skylander — Ow! It gives me a muscle cramp when I do that. Woah, look at — I never knew my hand could move like that. I got it daddy. It’s like a weird claw that attacks all the children nearby. Alrighty, Chase is playing Dr. Panda’s Dude Perfect restaurant basketball, level fourteen. Chase is using magnets. You can flex that — Chase is using magnets. Woah, look at this dude’s mu — Chase is using magnets. I’m like, legit punching him. And he’s so strong, that it doesn’t even hurt him. Chase is using magnets. So whenever he throws the ball — Did that hurt? No. This dude is strong. Guys, you have to listen! I really don’t care. Chase — When he — Alright, fine. Just tell me. There’s magnets. So he did the magnets — Listen, this… this game play is titled “Michael’s Muscles”. That’s what we’re talking about. We’re not talking about something named “Dude Perfect”. I’m just gonna say it. If Mike becomes like 13, and I’m like “Mike, you’re grounded”! And he’s like, “What dad”? I’m like, “Nothing, nothing. You’re good, you’re good. You can go, you can go”. “You can leave the house”. He is like, “I’m sorry Mike, I’m sorry”. I’m a little scared of this little kid. He’s a little rough — Daddy. Yes, now tell me. Alright, now let’s retitle the video called Dude Perfect awesomeness on [FGTeeV]. Chase is using a magnet? Yeah! He’s using a bowling ball. That’s how the bowling ball attracts to the magnet. So he gets it in the hoop. Alright, I think I’ve got it. I got it! But just in case, tell me the whole thing again. I wasn’t listening. Good job, Chase. Let’s see here, number sixteen.
Oh, fifteen. Play! Alright. Woah! Lex, look. There’s this new thing with a magnet. I bet you it does something about attracting something with the bowling ball. Whoa, this looks tough. Bomples! Bimples. Yeah, yeah, yeah! Come on, come on, and… Yeah, that was awesome! Wanna do it again? [unintelligible] [unintelligible] [unintelligible] Alright, this is going in. This is going. Goal! In. Let’s try this. Bomples. No! Bimples! Yeah! Put it down a tiny bit, and… Bimples. Yeah! I’m so good at this game, I love it. I like it a lot. I have 50 coins? A lot. Come on, Mike. What’s that, what’s that? Clumsy Ninja. Dr. Panda’s Restaurant. Reverse-Flash, who’s not reversed. And me. We don’t want that. Hey daddy. [Mumbles] Come on Michael. Let’s go Mike — Oh, oh, oh! Niceness! And that’s a “C” for Chase, and an “L” for Lex. Hit that right there. No, no. Right there. Go, hit it. See, I told you! I told you, you had to hit the “LI”. Oh yeah. Alrighty guys, that was us checking out some Dude Perfect Two. So… Without further ado, we want to say to you, thank you for watching FGTeeV YouTube… Channel And subscribe, and peace out, and — Dude Perfect Two. Yeah. So look at this. That’s real a muscle. Show them the muscle again. I don’t even think they got to see that. You’re ready? Go. What? How does a little kid have a muscle like that? I have it. Are you cheating? Are you boosting? Are you exploiting the human body? Am I spitting on your face? I have it. I think I see it. Wait, let me see. I don’t see anything. Just kidding. Now let me see you do it again. Lexi’s squeezing so hard, she’s gonna fart. Oh, Lex! I didn’t fart. I promise I didn’t fart. I have another one. Daddy. Why are you playing? You’re supposed to be stopping. Good job Chase. Chase is on there. There’s more “LI” again. What, what, what, what? Nothing. That was bad. Alrighty guys, we’ll see you later. It’s my turn. Dun, dun, dun. Okay Rose, take your shot. Good job, Rosie. You did a good job. Thank you.

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