Kids Golf Channel: Golf Course Layout

Hi welcome to The Kids Golf Channel I am Viviana and this is Anissa. In this video we will be talking about the course layout. A typical round of golf conists of 18 holes the first shot you’re gonna
take on every hole is gonna be here at the tee box.
We call it the tee box because the markers are called tees right here and this is the only shot you get to tee up your ball as we have here. This front
marker is for the less experienced and these back markers where my sisters is at are for the more experienced players. After the tee box comes a fairway. The fairway
is part of the golf course where the grass is kept nice and short
my sister is standing in the middle of the fairway right now. This is a view to
the fairway from the tee box. Let me see if I can hit a good shot for you As we said the fairway is nicely cut
grass but when you get more into this side it’s called the rough the rough is
a thicker grass on both sides of the fairway. Ideally you want to be on the
fairway but if you’re in the rough that’s okay too.
In the center of the fairway we have markers. These markers indicate how far
we are to the center of the green. For example, this white marker is 150 yards
to the green from here those red markers over there are 100 yards to the center
of the green however each golf course is different
so I suggest before you start your round of golf you ask the pro shop what their
yardage is for each marker. The culmination of every hole is to get to
the green. I am standing on the green it is where the grass is the shortest and
you will find your flag and the hole. The last thing we will talk about today are
the bunkers. The bunkers are holes on the golf course filled with sand. You can
find them by the green like this one or on the fairway. Thanks for watching the
kids golf channel hope you like our video don’t forget to subscribe and like
our video down below. Make sure you stay tuned for more videos bye.

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