Kid Piano Prodigy Lydian Plays Blindfolded

Well, it’s so nice to meet you. You live in India. Yes. But you’ve been here how
many times to America? Six times. And this is my sixth time. This is your sixth time. And do you like America? Yes, I love it. What do you like the best? People are very kind here. And it’s very clean. And they have a lot of? Where have you been? [LAUGHTER] And how many
hours a day do you practice? I practice five to
six hours a day. So I– Five to six hours. I practice like Western,
classical, jazz, and Indian. Right. And you just started
playing four years ago. Yes. That’s crazy. And the fact that you started
playing four years ago and you can play two pianos at
once, different songs, right? Yes. So it’s like for
example, in my left hand, I can play Mission Impossible,
and on my right hand, I can play Harry
Potter simultaneously. So both are different
time signatures. Yeah. You got to have two
pianos in your house to learn how to do that. That’s– you’ve got to
have a big room there. That’s incredible. And so how was it to
perform on The World’s Best? It was really a different
experience to me to have an opportunity
to play piano in such a huge
international platform and thankful to The World’s
Best team and the CBS for selecting me
as a contestant. And it’s really a fortune
to see so many talents around the world and
also so many judges from all over the world and
three American prime judges. And that was just really
awesome and my sincere thanks on behalf of my country and
my family to the United States of America. Well. [APPLAUSE] So I was wondering what kind of,
because we all need something to look forward
to and what we’re going to be challenged
by next, and I understand your
goal is to perform– you want to play on the moon. Yes. You want to get a piano
and bring it to the moon and play on the moon. Yes. So I want to go to the
moon along with my piano and play the Beethoven’s
Moonlight Sonata. I get it. All right. You’re going to play. But not only are
you going to play, you’re going to
play blindfolded. Yes. All right. Head on over. Thank you. That’s a very good blindfold. [APPLAUSE] [MUSIC PLAYING] [APPLAUSE] Ha! That was amazing! Thank you. That was incredible! Thank you so much. All right. I know that you want
to play on the moon. I can’t get you the moon. But I got something for you. Next time you play,
you’re going to play with the moon on your back. And so it’s close enough
to being on the moon. You can watch The World’s Best
Wednesdays at 9:00 on CBS. We’ll be right back.

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