Ken Jeong Plays a Hilarious Game

Here’s how it works. You’re each going
to be blindfolded. When I say go, one of you will
bend over and taste the food on the plate in front of you. You’ll have to describe what
you’re eating to your teammate. But you can’t use the name
or actual food or your hands. Once your teammate guesses
what you’re eating, you’ll hear this noise. And then it’ll be their turn. For every food you identify,
Ulta Beauty will donate $2,000. We don’t have much
time so make it count. Put on your blindfolds. All right. All right? Ken, you’ll go first. And you– all right. Keep your hands
behind your back. Lean forward and
describe this to Twitch. [LAUGHTER] Um. It’s– It’s got a– it’s
got– it’s kind of a creamy, sour texture. OK. It goes– Sour cream? Goes well with like,
maybe pita bread or– Hummus. Yes. Yes. All right. Am I right here? Yeah. Is it right here? Yup. Oh. Oh. Oh. Oh. Oh wait hold it. OK. So so– also a creamy texture. You can eat it in the morning
for breakfast I think. Sour cream. No. Where is it? Wait, wait, wait. Where’s the– Oh. Definitely. OK. Um. You can eat it with breakfast. It’s very creamy. You can put fruit
in it sometimes. Like a parfait is made of this. Yogurt, yogurt. There you go. All right. All right. That’s not– Your turn Ken. That’s attractive. Oh. Oh! Yeah. You know what? It’s like, I mean, it’s sweet. You know, I love– I love– I love getting
this on Halloween. Because– Candy corn. Yeah! Yes! Woo! Yes. Woo! Twitch. [LAUGHTER] Oh! Oh! Oh! Hold up. Mm. Mm. Snap crackle pop. Rice Krispies! Yes! Let’s go. Let’s go. Let’s do this! Yeah. Let’s do this. Oh boy. All righty. Here we go. I don’t know what that is,
but the sounds you’re making, it’s crazy. Now it’s a little sour. OK. [LAUGHTER] Um. I don’t know– mm. It’s sour like creamy. It’s sour creamy. But it– but it just– I’ve got to figure
out what it is. I mean. [LAUGHTER] Um. I don’t– I don’t– I mean– What’s the consistency? Like, what’s the consistency? I mean, it’s kind of– it’s
kind of thick and thin. OK. You know what I mean? OK. And– and it just, you know– Sweet? Sweet savory. No, it’s more soury. It’s more sour. Um. OK. Lemon juice. Lime juice. We’re going to pass. Keep going. Pass, pass, pass. OK. It was mustard. Ah! Ah! [LAUGHTER] Oh hold up. Mm, OK. Mm. OK. So you can eat this when you
sick with grilled cheese. Right? Grilled cheese? Yeah it’s a soup. Red. Oh, chicken soup. Nope. It’s red. Alphabet soup? Tomato soup. There you go. Yeah tomato. All right. This will go good with mustard. No, oh my god! Oh, it’s that good? Yeah. With all due respect, it does
not go good with mustard. It’s– you can roast
these and make s’mores. Marshmallows? Yeah. Yes, yes! All right. OK. All right. That is it and that is– you’re going to round it up
to $20,000 from Ulta Beauty! [CHEERING] Yeah! Woo! We did it! Goosebumps 2: Haunted Halloween
is in theaters tomorrow. We’ll be right back!

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