Kelly Rohrbach’s Embarrassing Baywatch Audition
Kelly Rohrbach’s Embarrassing Baywatch Audition

100 thoughts on “Kelly Rohrbach’s Embarrassing Baywatch Audition”

  1. Kaleb Calverley says:

    I’ll Rohr your Bach

  2. Pritom Kaneria says:

    kelly 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  3. Pritom Kaneria says:

    some people calling her dumb..dont know why…she seems intelligent…and beautiful

  4. JCL C says:

    Jimmy behave…lol!

  5. NerVousWreckk 248 says:

    If your going to continually overtalk and interupt your guests while there trying to talk, at least make sure youre actually funny… his jokes are terrible and he just drowns her in them shut up and let her speak bruh

  6. Mytty Dohun says:


  7. Ryan Smith says:

    She's what we call the perfect blonde

  8. Ryan Smith says:

    imagine a foursome with the girls of Baywatch

  9. bbq at home Benny's smokin' BBQ says:

    He's a f**** pig

  10. godra051 says:

    Damn. I would love to tear that ass.

  11. Danny says:

    Schools will make up any stupid program just to take your money

  12. Elijah Clark says:

    She seems like a great person

  13. SiriusGD says:

    She won't be young and beautiful forever. Take advantage of your good looks while they last…

  14. Emotional Idiot says:

    What makes her hot is her smile.

  15. BOSSMAN 123 says:

    I have up most respect for women. Who are thots by the way

  16. Poppy XoX says:

    I thought it was Loren gray before clicking lmao

  17. Daily Alex Vlogs says:

    2:48 of course she had contacts!! I hate people like that who want to make us believe they did all the hard work by themselves… This might sound sexist, but girls like Kelly Rohrbach generally get hired because of their looks and charm… But I am of course happy she played in Baywatch and succeeded… well done! 🙂

  18. please dont subscribe my channel says:

    Jimmy does a great job in maintaining an eye contact and not stare at her breasts.

  19. A J says:

    How did Jimmy manage to not look at those hard pokies?

  20. Leif Rudnick says:

    Must be super rich

  21. RKeddyy says:

    Loving them hard nips x

  22. Thomas Milliken says:

    "You smell very good" isn't that a bit rude? I know he's trying to be funny but that's a bit of an odd way to greet someone on your show for the first time.

  23. Ben Whitty says:

    Stop sit down boy not the time

  24. David Cooper says:

    Oh! My , like her alot

  25. Test1 test2 says:

    She looks like the skinny taller version of Kelly Clarkson.

  26. R.V 01 says:

    She’s very pretty. I wish I had a girl like her

  27. kwstas lwstakis says:

    I love you. Just saying…

  28. Kingsly Matthew says:

    6:32 Kelly looks like Holly Willoughby

  29. Mawu02 says:

    Ist wer deutsch? Titts

  30. Steffe Lindman Media says:

    Damn she's hot!!! ✨🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥💥

  31. Jack Angwin says:

    Aussie Aussie Aussie

  32. cocktail mix says:

    Cute hot and the whole damn package

  33. Faruk Ahmed says:

    Fake laugh

  34. Cinema Time says:

    I now want to smash

  35. Regina George says:

    she cheated on leo with julian casablancas from the strokes so he dumped her

  36. just van rooijen says:

    Bruh everyone here is giving an opinion about her about how she looks about how smart she is about her acting and you are sitting here doing nothing with youre life like me

    About, about, about

  37. footyfan101ful says:

    She probably knows more about my country than i do! 😂

  38. Talib Anwar says:

    Imagine if the Casting Director was a Girl 😂

  39. J1MB0 says:

    I’m not seeing anyone call her dumb…

  40. Andrew Crockett says:

    This is what happens when a normal person gets interviewed on national television about their normal life. She couldnt have been any less famous sounding. Nice person.

  41. Chavanun Siphomsay says:

    Thank god that she did a topless photoshoot.

  42. Nahuel77 says:

    The most beautiful woman that I have seen

  43. Афон Слепцовский says:

    DiCaprio was in her.

  44. Noah Magesa says:

    Kimmel really helped her through the interview, excellent hosting

  45. Ezra begin says:

    my 2 favorite celebrities are Taylor swift and Kelly

  46. Righteous1 says:

    Good looking woman

  47. Fidel Rodriguez says:

    Sencillamente hermosa

  48. Sychrari says:

    So many people has been giggling in this show

  49. SisyphusTwo says:

    We should have refused your exit Visa and retained you in Australia.

  50. Lucas says:

    Damn the audience hates her

  51. Misterdeeh3000 says:

    Ugly face

  52. Nico Montinola says:

    poor girl just proved herself a bimbo

  53. ankur Patel says:

    man she dumb aF

  54. Team Manuvious says:

    Hey killer😚

  55. Malik Abdul Majeed says:

    so fake

  56. Dave Lewis says:

    Stop looking at the audience you beautiful knucklehead!! She’s so excited about the 200 people watching he in the audience but forgets about the millions watching her in tv.

  57. LaZy Liime says:

    Respect our culture girl😘

  58. angie weathers says:

    4:56 what did they cut off?

  59. Denis Jasewicz says:

    She's beautiful

  60. ThePrince Karma says:

    She is fit

  61. Dave Walls says:

    Saying aborigines is highly offensive to the aboriginal people of Australia

  62. Nikola Salinger says:

    I TOOK HISTORY OF AUSTRALIA TOO. wait I just live here. goddamit

  63. Brent Mcnutt says:

    Good thing she is hot and has an amazing body on her because she def isn’t bright

  64. sr. xivi says:

    She’s fine as hell

  65. Daniel Vargo says:


  66. Redwanur Rahman says:


  67. KM Paul says:

    Looks like a cute intelligent everything perfect on the outside but still feels fake

  68. S S says:

    Fakest person ever

  69. TobyRecorded says:

    History of Australia, that book must be 10 pages thick!

  70. Yi Jin Lin says:

    As a Australian History of Australia is boring AS sh*t

  71. Mike V says:

    So hot. Wish I had a time machine–I'd threesome with her and prime pam until my heart gave out from the hard sex and coke.

  72. Vincent Cardona says:

    I can tell she was quite nervous and no was laughing when she tells jokes and puts on a rather fake laugh.

    So relatable. She's the girl I can relate to myself

  73. Alex W says:

    starring at her nips the whole time

  74. AGJ says:

    The audience was stale but Kimmel helped keep her up

  75. Melih Çelik says:

    I always wondered, why the hell the captions follow the video like 3 seconds late? I always keep my captions on even if there are none captions added to the video, I just trust Google's voice recognition but this one is just bad. The timing is just awful.

    I didn't even watch the video, I see it and I remembered this issue so I come to a video that is 2 years old to comment this. Very clever move by me. I am not going to watch video too I dont know who these people are, what move/series they are talking about and so on. Have a great day.

  76. Young Dre says:

    It hurts when they don’t laugh 😂😭

  77. alexkg1 says:

    The way she trips over her own words is adorable

  78. Proth7 says:

    She seems pretty smart but she behaves like that to have fun 😛

  79. Alex Sparks-Bakota says:

    If I got a nickel for every time she made a joke and the audience laughed along with her I would still be living in my parents' basement

  80. Ed24dyt says:

    I can see her nipple outline

  81. TheTraffic247 says:

    Lol look carefully folks, this is what talentless ppl look like. lol, she keeps checking herself in the screen. Sad and superficial.

  82. Danijel says:

    Im sure she was sucking just the tumb

  83. ami hoilam says:

    She's pretty….i would've gone for at least a fake laugh :")

  84. Shoobi Doobie says:

    She's perfection

  85. Isaiah Grandt says:

    Me thinking of master of puppets the whole time

  86. william smith says:

    What a dumb person. Goes to college and still can't remember anything intelligent to say! Must have done some "extra stuff" on the side to get a diploma!

  87. 03 AI says:

    She's damn hot😍

  88. Bob Stone says:

    Damn she fine I'd be her best friend 😉😉

  89. Dangerous One says:

    At least she’s pretty. Bless her heart.

  90. Pani Smith says:

    Geeee!! I feel Aboriginal now…
    You my sista let's f…

  91. Alessio Sutera says:

    KELLY BUREZ – 1983

  92. Richard Dewar says:

    Hmmm . . wonder who she slept with to climb the latter??? nothing but another pretty face, really

  93. Lounis Tiar says:

    Her laugh is so fake but she still look stunning

  94. David L says:

    If she smelt good, she must be fantastic in bed…

  95. tahna dana says:

    you cant mask dumbness

  96. Block99Productions says:

    She was reportedly an unlikable diva on the set of Baywatch. She’s been passed around from agency to agency due to her nasty attitude. Virtually everyone on this video has nothing but negative things to say. But guess what? Kelly Rohrbach doesn’t give two shits what anyone thinks. She married into the Walton (Wal-Mart) family of multi-billionaires. She’s set for life whether or not she gets another big acting role, or an adoring fanbase. With all that being said, I salute this woman regardless. Not everyone can get that lucky.

  97. Molly Crombie says:

    Can someone actually timestamp when the audience weren’t laughing cause there are all these comments saying the audience are a tough crowd but they seem pretty chilled and normal to me

  98. XY Z says:

    I would so fall in love with her if she ever said hi to me 😤


  99. Bruce Wayne says:

    She took the easiest classes… no wonder I never saw her on campus

  100. Iaindeveraj says:

    she looks like bill skarsgard

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