Keeping Your Head Down is a Myth
Keeping Your Head Down is a Myth

(Patrick Nuber) ‘Keep your head down,’ that is possibly the worst golf advice and the most inaccurate diagnosis of a problem I have
ever heard. Either you’re guilty of saying it to others or even listening to
it. Unfortunately, it’s just been passed down from generation to generation to
say to somebody after they hit a bad shot. We’re gonna talk through why that’s
bad to say, why you shouldn’t say it and then what you should be trying to do if
someone’s telling you keep your head down, here’s what you really should be
trying. So the reason you don’t want to keep your head down is it limits how
you’re gonna do the follow-through and creates a lot of havoc at impact with a
couple different variables, not only with where you hit the ground but the path
you swing on. When you keep your head down into the follow-through it limits
how much you can bend yourself backwards, turn through the shot and keep your arms
really straight. When your head is down you stay more forward bent, you don’t
turn as much, your elbows begin to collapse and then you start hitting the
ground all over the place, it’s a game of chance on whether you actually hit it
good or not. So what you want to do is allow your head to turn through the shot
and actually watch the ball in flight, so saying at least keep your eye on the
ball is a little bit of a step in the right direction with some advice. So what
you want to do to practice, is without a ball, just take a practice swing and
allow yourself to turn your head and as if you’re watching the ball fly all the
way to your follow-through, that’s what you see the people on TV do. You never see
them keep their eyes down, that’s ridiculous.
So turn through the shot that you’re gonna feel yourself bend backwards a
little bit more, feel like your follow-through is much further, you can
stretch everything out, those are the pieces that you want to put in place. Try
that a couple more times. Just turn, feel like you’re turning your
neck, watching the shot stretching everything out. Ultimately, though you got
to put it into a shot, it’ll look a little something like this. And there you go and that would be
something to practice if somebody’s telling you to keep your head down I
would try that. Now from here on out say it with me, ‘I won’t tell anybody else to
keep their head down.’ If you don’t know what to say tell them to go get some
help. That’s what you should do.

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