JURASSIC PAR – Golf with Your Friends Gameplay

Oh, it’s ancient times. Goodbye. Oh, I’m a cube What am I? I don’t know yet That’s what we said. Aw, come on cube Get out of the way cube. -Yeah cube We’re gonna go cube ah. AH! Cone. Get in! I saw Lawrence pop in. This sucks. I got lucky. Oh there goes cone Nice nice cylinder sucks. Yeah cylinder and ball are actually very difficult in this one. Why ball? Ball is blowing chunks When crunchy ball, you roll up and down. Cube stops. Adam your cylinder looks like a sex toy I wish it was. Black with all the dimples on it Oh crunch ball. (slide it) Crunch ball, you got to back it NO! You’re rolling.You’re rolling again I like when he desperately tries to stop I know he jumps around Okay, this is my twelfth stroke. (Woah, oh) This is the worst Cylinder can’t make it All the way down. All right cylinder Just aim it just line it up. What do we get 12 strokes? I just want this to be over. No, cylinder Ah, cylinder just gave up That’s bad sportsmanship. Oh I’m a cone I got ball Oh, no. I got Adam’s stupid cylinder. Why is it mine? I got garbage cone damn it. Hey hey hey hey star watch it Star is too light. -I can get back to I need to get back. Is that a dinosaur egg behind us? Can someone nudge me. I’m coming back. -You guys forget the games. I think this is dinosaur egg behind us Cone! Come on ball There we go There we go cone Are we supposed to land up there? No, you ramp back around the holes on the other side. There we go. Hey cone. I made it Yeah, dunked it. Oh. There’s a shortcut here somewhere. Well. There’s dinosaur egg in the way (dino egg) Oh somebody’s star (stars in) stars the best. Oh. Wait. Boulders Yeah, Bruce. I’m gonna throw it. I’m gonna throw a mindfuck at you whoa, Oh bad time to be a cylinder If cars have blind biscuit song. Do you think it’d be as popular? Yes (twice as popular) where’s the hole? Yeah, that’s stupid life is a highway cover. Oh, No I’m right in the path of the boulder wait. Ho Ha. Ho oh, no. It’s not at the top What are you talking about someone figured it out? Yeah eggs have no problems. Cylinder sees the solution Come on. Ha cylinders first From last to last Come on ball Use your nature gravitational center *grunting* (Oh cylinder. James!) Jump. Jump Ut oh. Someone’s acorn. Who ever is blue is acorn Definitely purple acorn. Oh, thanks. Wow. There’s a nice bump for me. Okay. I’m Christmas ornament Can you say holiday ornaments? Oh you don’t. Oh okay (oh shit) GO! Go! *inaudible noises* I just needed to get away from that log. What is what is that blue cloth on hang on that log is that a piece of the Virgin Mary’s? Gown? This is the ancient level. These are biblical times Bruce These are the beginning of the world What are you talking about?The cradle of civilization Bruce There’s a shortcut. Go There’s a shortcut go we’re golfing over the River Tam Wait, where did it put me? Don’t be dumb Go. Yeah guys, I need someone to nudge me. (Fuck, oh shit) I need someone to nudge me. (Oh shit) You gotta float oh. Oh no there’s a ramp. Oh oh star almost there. It is. Wait, no. This is this is death. This is bad. This is real bad. Oh How do I get out of this? I don’t want to be in a raft forever. Yeah. How do I get? I think I just go to the go to the coast There we go, I’m kind of like wedged against this Is where God tested Abraham? Ancient times. Right in front of that giant oh No ball no. Remember when Jesus rode a pterodactyl me too. Come on star. Damn it egg. I know that I can make this with acorn Oh thanks. Thanks. Yeah God dammit. Blah God dammit dang kids Lawrence went Bleh. He didn’t even say a word even Acorns man, acorns James. James! Dammit. That was a tough one. You got to aim it right. I’m gonna watch Elyse here. You got this Elyse oh no no, oh wait damn it Give us some it’ll get a little more power Elyse. Watch you guys float like Moses Fuck you. Acorn will not. Acorn is tough, man. That’s a tough one Acorn fly like. Elyse stop jumping. Jesus fed 500 with two acorns. No, that’s not true those Numbers are way up oh You gotta do more power ball come on ball You got seven seconds by the way. Oh shit flow to the coast and get us hurry hurry Elise That’s it. That’s it. Ahh Ah no. It was so close to going in And that was normal ball? That was regular ball Swoosh. Woah Puck. Hockey puck. Go Go Go! Acorn bullshit I hit something that was bullshit. This boost did not do what its supposed to do Woah. Awh man There we go. Sucks to be puck Puck was great Way to far. Elyse is acorn. That’s impossible. Sorry Elyse. I can’t go straight! Acorn can definitely not go straight. Come on acorn you got it. No! In the tar pits. Right into the tar pits Your future fuel No. Oh shit Just at least just go closer to the yep perfect. Aw, in the tar pit Give it a little tap That’s not gonna do it guys oh? That’s it Keep going! Hit the drum drum drum drum faster drum, drum, drum Go left and add as much power as you can go left as much power as you can Oh well. You know You can’t win them all I’m no longer last Do you guys see dinosaur bones to our right? There has been dinosaur bones all over the stage. You really need to calm down about those dinosaur bones I didn’t know Elyse was such a fiend for dinosaurs bones. All right. Over the top. Ah Adam, I bumped Adam. That’s an easy hole guys Good round Bruce (shit) real easy I’m gonna go straight over the top Black acorn is gonna make it I bumped into Adam Come on get in there. I look like a dick Yeah you do. Just a little wiener Pop in there. Ha ha. James jumped over acorn How come they all have little slopes here? Oh come on. Holiday acorn. Finally That’s a fairly simple one I called it holiday acorn. I meant ornament Dingus. Dumbass Here we go (Oh shit) I’m cone again. Yeah, I’m back to cone He he. Con is the worst I got ornament which is mostly okay? Oh, sorry. It worked out though. Oh you bitch Woo! Going over the top. Oh, cone multi-cone. I know right multi cone bonus Elyse. OH. With the cone Yeah, oh the hot springs. I got crunch ball That did not work as the game probably intended it too What the fuck. Oh god why Acorn! oh shit you gotta be real careful where you aim this fucking shit. Yeah, I that’s not right at all oh Other people got acorn? Yeah, oh no acorn that’s too much (yours truly) I got acorn as well. Ah shit What are the chances? Get in the hole. Acorn stay on the course. Fuck Acorn come on stay on the course. Acorn come on. There we go shit. Come on number 12 (acorn) There we go. Oh no. Too much acorn Ooo. She’s going back now Crunch ball. Don’t hit it so hard. Just give yourself enough speed. Yeah, nice spin jump off Cuz the gas takes a while to lift you See so if you hit that front wall. You know what I was doing just fine before. Yeah Were you? Elyse, are you appreciating all these tips? I was top one And then I think. Elyse needs more hints and tips. More hints and tips Nice acorn The acorn is real tricky You got to measure the wind. Because acorns are a lot Slicker on hot windy days as they are cold cold days Cube can’t make this. You have to do a ramp shot. You think cone can make this? Cube come on jump. (Faster) Cube! Jump cube Go off those bones. Go off those bones. Go off those bones. Later suckers. Get in there black egg Shit shit ass damn. Elyse got the short end of the cone No. Star Yeah cube. Get in there cone Get in there cylinder. Cylinder pops in Guys. Elyse was the kind of cone, man, Elyse has had a real hard game I know, she’s been getting cones and acorns It’s real bad. Crunch balls There’s a gingerbread man back there Oh, last shot cone This is a raid in world of warcraft, dammit What we just did. That’s not right Stop rolling off Where’s the hole? (Shit) No, no, no, no, no The question I ask all the times James just poke around until you get into something I found it. Oh, Adam’s the big man in the locker room (this isn’t) Oh, it’s slanted No wonder i’m dropping through. (There’s a gap) Come on Come on puck. I believe in puck There we go. I’m rooting for puck Stop going back. You fucking shit star Shit star? Stop saying that There’s not much difference between star and puck Not really no. Not to you To me, there is subtle nuances. Might as well be an ocean Yeah, no such thing as a shit puck. Actually, maybe there is. It’s easier to fish a puck out of your ass then a star That’s what Adam told me Oh, i’m ornament. I’m gonna shoot into one of those branches there This is not a time for cone. There we go ornament good job Aw, i’m traditional ball I’m cube. Cone! You a piece of garbage ornament. Cone, cone. Cone sucks. Cone could be better. Cone could learn a lot from All the other shapes what the fuck come on, Cube. We’re taking this home cube town. Damn it. Overshot over cubed. I have no momentum as a cone. Oh ornament get in there, yes Acorn! Fuck oh. Oh there we go James got this acorn. Single acorn. Ah Get in there acorn, I’m waiting for it is Elise in no oh yeah, it’s glitched. There he goes oh? She was just waiting all right. What we got here? Where am I? Oh Oh Bruce, you’re up in the tube – this is awesome Is that playable holy sh ow Wow Bruce got into secret zone? There’s a secret zone? What does it look like he got all the way up there the top part you shot him out the bottom I’m in it too. That’s bullshit. It’s just whatever you know Bruce was up there. I made it up and I made it in yeah Bruce. You’re so cool. That’s right Bruce Bruce is my best friend. OH! Black acorn blocked the shot Woah. James jumped over Who hit me with the black acorn? *laughter* That was really funny Oh, dinosaur! Later losers. Fuck! You went the other way Ah, i’m six sided square. Ah, you hit me Acorn again And it nudged the tipi, right at the end Cone This puck has a lot of friction Oh a lot of friction. I don’t know when that acorns gonna roll Who wants to give cube a little love? Cube get in there. What are you waiting for? For a miracle Bruce Nice shot cube Crunch ball. There goes crunch ball Crunch ball is gonna make it in. Yeah Oh no acorn Poor acorn Failed my way into timing James Oh, I’m going straight over. AH! I was an egg What do you mean straight over? What are you talking about? Just go over. Ooo look at that, i made it up Top of the platform, are you sure from the top? There’s spinning swords over there. Yeah, it’s a tell so it’s all really ancient. Oh is this boring to you Adam? This ancient, Wonderland? What am I, am I crunch ball? Here we go all right. Egg! I think I got it. I just had to scream more Watch out for those knives guys Come on acorn Too much for acorn that acorn looks extra Gross Woah, black acorn bouncing all over the place He’s trying. Adam black acorn again I thought you were gonna get knocked by the swords I think I was I don’t think so okay, I have lost control There you go. That’s it. One more shot Straight shot. Aw There is no straight with acorn Choppers. See on the other side whoa, that’s alright. What? (Thank You) Oh you guys got smashed. You can’t smash egg. Egg smashes you They are notoriously know for being unsmashable Me egg also. Ancient times good You ride dinosaur to work? Boom! par Chipped it in (man we’re gonna) get in there egg ooh. Egg was made for this map Dinosaur eggs think about it. Yeah, which came first? What’s over here guys? This is Super Monkey Ball it kind of is yeah Later suckers Already got down here I’m not sure if crunch ball can make that Oh, I see you down there Adam yeah Hello James. What a shot! Did you hole-in-one? No but I I I fell off the edge. Birdie I fell off the edge and it bounced into the bottom Oh Crunch ball can’t do it. Yeah, that’s where you want to go Elyse I’m trying my heart out Crunch ball can’t make this. This is not a crunch map. Oh there we go crunch ball made it. Okay. Yeah, okay? Just jump whoa. Just fire it straight and jump not up. Fire it straight and jump off Jesus it basically oh fuck oh there we go Come on slider down Elyse is nowhere near you. Where’s she going? Where’d you tell me to go you see the other way. You get some hot speed there Bruce There you go as hard as you can and then bounce luck is on your side bounce there you go. You got it here Hey, no crunch ball. (Go crunch ball) get up there bounce my ornament no oh Right in the middle Elyse. Dig off that boom bouncer. Oh, that’s okay. Yeah All right there goes ornament. I can hear it scraping Where are you Christmas? Holiday. Say holiday. There we go, Oh watch those jumps. That’s going in all the way ornaments going in I’m trying to center it Don’t jump over the edge That’s okay, it’s alright save Christmas. What’s the handicap on ornament Nice. 141, look at that Oh, right through gingerbread man Be really careful There’s another boost. I have star. I have star as well. Oh, star off Square or cube is at least consistent I enjoy that Drum. That’s way too much star to know. Too much off the drum. Whoa way too far. What a bounce back I got so lucky. Oh you got on Lawrence I did Man they handed that one to me okay it happens No black cube Stop looking at me. You’re just the spookiest color. I can’t get over it. Oh boy. That was way too far shit I did that too itself. I found off the floor, and it knocked me back on the course. I got so lucky. Oh Elyse is cone again. Poor Elyse Oh no oh no Did it always make the whoosh sound? Like wind? I’ve never heard it before Maybe the music was too loud Big shot there cone. I think this is the last level. It was a par 5, which can suck my ass Big finish, Oh, in the water You know I have a good time, let’s do another level. Candyland Do whoever be last? Be going to Davy Jones locker See ye there Come on egg Would you like more sweetener with your tea? oh no too much power.What are you talking about? It’s like a waiter

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