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year, down here in Florida and founder of Scratch Golf Academy. Today, we’re gonna have a
look at the great young player Jordan Spieth and what
makes his swing tick. Stay tuned. (energetic music) Okay, we’ll see what makes Jordan such an incredibly good player, at least my opinion of what does, and then I’m gonna come
back at the end of it and give you some ideas as
to how you might incorporate some of these things into your game. If you like the video,
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here with Jordan’s swing. Okay, let’s have a look at Jordan, here. It looks like he’s hitting a, oh, it’s hard to tell. I would say a seven or
an 8-iron, probably. Maybe a 6-iron to a par-3, here. And what makes him so good? Well, listen, he’s got
a lot of intangibles, this guy right here. He didn’t just suddenly
burst onto the thing. He was a great junior player. He played briefly in college, was a phenomenal college
player and has just absolutely come on strong on the pros
and has continued to do so. He’s also a fantastic
putter and, by all accounts, I’ve never met him, just a great
person from a great family. It seems to show up pretty well on TV. So why is he so good, in
terms of hitting the ball? The main thing I think you
can take away from this, if we look at it from a couple of angles, is he just uses his body so freely and dynamically in the down swing and he lets his arms be really
passive and reactive to that, which gives him a lot of repeatability. Now he’s a pretty good-sized guy. He’s pretty strong and he’s
obviously got some speed. He’s a young guy so he can
hit it pretty far doing that. But let’s have a look at that in practice. So nice, simple backswing line,
straight away from the ball. He has a couple of slight idiosyncrasies, kind of curls that left hand a little bit. Never been able to
examine his grip up close but it looks just a little,
little bit unconventional. Beautiful, clean, plane lines though, lovely position at the top. Now, watch this lower body. Watch him drive that and, I mean, at that point in the down swing, there, you can already see that his knees are back to square with the target line. In other words, he’s unwound
his legs enough at that point that he’s back to his address position. He’s also got great squat
against the ground, there, and by the time he gets into that ball. I mean, you can really see a
lot of the back of his body, so he is freely clearing out there and it just pulls those arms through, where he really doesn’t have
to rely on his hands much at all to square the club. He has, as I said, a
couple of unconventional, slightly unconventional looking things. We’ll see his arms from the front view. He almost drags them through
and bends that left arm a little bit more than you might suggest, but obviously it’s working
pretty well for him. Great body motion, there. You’ll notice as well, he does
a nice job as he does that. A lot of people, when they try to use their
body really aggressively, tend to pull up or lose their body angles. Now this camera may not be 100% still. It’s pretty still. He sinks down in there a little bit and you can see the front of his hat logo and the back of his
tail, right in that spot, as so many great players do. He’s compressed slightly
down into the ground. It gives him a much more dynamic look, and boy is he on the mark,
there, as he hits it. Beautiful motion through the ball. Now, have a look at this view of him. (birds chirping) I would hardly call that unconventional but there’s certainly some
bend in the left arm, there. Not always typical of
today’s great players and a moderate amount of wrist cock. If we look at his body motion, here, he loads in behind the ball,
maybe a little more than most, but he’s still certainly well within the confines of his ankle and he’s got a very nice kind
of load there in his hips. It’s not like he’s shifted
or lost any stability there. Here’s the bit I’d really like you to see from this angle, though. Let’s just put a little bracket
on the front of his hips, and in his case, even a little
bit if you look at his head, as he starts down, he really creates some
push towards the target. I mean, look at that move there. And you can see how passive his arms are. They haven’t done a thing
as her starts down there. Just hanging in space. So many of us tend to
really fight to get the club down to the ball and
over speed our arms up relative to the body. Not Jordan, that is a fantastic move and it’s just really
putting some pressure down in that foot from where
he can clear out from. Again, you can see he’s
slightly lowered himself as he does that and once he’s there, he just rips through there. Again, there’s that
slightly awkward looking left arm position, but hardly
something to criticize, especially not with his record. And his wrists have
released beautifully there and there’s just a lot of
energy going out to the target. So it’s a swing where he never looks like he’s guiding the ball. His body works beautifully and his arms respond so nicely to that. So let’s see what we
can take away from that, that might help you. So as we mentioned there, with Jordan, great body motion,
beautiful weight transfer, arms are passive to the body and the body is really oriented out to the target as he goes through. So here’s a couple of
ideas you might take away to try to implement some
of that in your game. Number one, you’ve gotta
experience what it’s like to have your body more open
as you hit the golf ball or more facing the target. And I think if you take a
short iron, this is an 8-iron, look out to the target, no ball, and just picture tossing
the golf club out there. You can even toss it if
you like if no one’s around and just start to notice hey, if I was really tossing
a club there versus, say, trying to hit a ball here,
how would my body feel? I guarantee you, you wouldn’t
toss with your body like that. You’d be in this sort of a position. Once you’ve rehearsed that a few times, look down a bit and see if you can create the same type of an image. And you’ve gotta feel something before you can really repeat it, so that’s what we’re looking
for in this golf swing. And then I’d simply hit a few kind of half shots out here like that, emphasizing not only
trying to duplicate that, but as much as possible,
emphasizing that the arms are soft and responsive to the body. There’s no hit whatsoever in the arms. Something like that. You can see the sort
of rhythm I had there. No urgency, no hit, and try to duplicate
that sort of body motion. Initially, it’s a little scary. It feels like you’re almost
going beyond the ball and almost opened up too much, but I promise you, that’s a
secret that can really help you. If you can get some of that in your game, you may not be hitting
it quite like Jordan, but you will improve your golf game. Hope this helps. If you like it, hit the like button. You can subscribe to the channel. We’ll get you more of these videos and of course the home site’s (energetic music) (mouse clicking)

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