Jasper and Errol Attempt Synchronized Swimming | JASPER & ERROL’S FIRST TIME

-Hi, guys.
-Hey, how you doing? -Good. I’m Coach Candy.
-Hi. Let me introduce you
to my girls. ♪♪ Errol:
What the fuck? Are you ready for
some synchronized swimming? -Pumped up now.
-Yes. -All right.
-Let’s go. There you go.
[ Chuckles ] How they do that. ♪♪ [ Laughter ]
Candy: You got it. Candy: All right.
Make a circle, grab wrists. Woman: Okay.
We’ll support you. You’re gonna lay
on your left side. -What’s my left?
-Ready and kick, flutter kick. -We are beautiful.
-Awesome. -Oh, snap.
-Yeah. -Straighten your arms.
-Oh, shit! Look at this shit. Let’s put our feet
in the center, then we’re going
to open our legs up. Try to touch toes. -Ah! Ooh!
-Get your feet up, head back. [ Indistinct shouting ]
Feet up! -Push down towards the bottom.
-Oh, shit! You got to relax in the water,
so it’ll help you. Woman: It’s all about just
letting the water do the work. You got to be in shape
to do this, huh? -You got to just not be stiff.
-Yep. Do your hands move
like windshield wipers, as fast as you can,
and then march your legs. Candy: Legs together,
backs arched, feet together. Is it better
if I look at my knees? -First time…
-Hey, there you go. -Point your toes!
-Good practicing there. Candy: Down, bend, down, bend,
down, bend, down. -Keep going.
-I keep moving away. Candy: Awesome. No, we’re not.
Woman: Start in a straight
layout position. How long are you guys
actually underwater during, like,
a full routine? A full routine would
be anywhere from 10 to 30 seconds
at a time.
Okay. Jaclyn: But it’s kind of like if
you’re just sitting in one spot holding your breath,
that is a different thing. -Uh-huh.
-But doing the choreography, 30 seconds is a long time
underwater. That sounds forever. Is that how long,
like, a routine is? A routine could be
3 to 4 minutes. -Oh, God.
-Off the wall. I can’t perform at my best
while I ain’t got no air. Air is overrated. [ Laughter ]
There’s sweet and sour. -Ooh.
-Yeah, that’s a lot more. Candy: All right. We are ready
for the full routine. Six, seven, eight. One, two, three, four, five,
six, seven, eight! ♪♪ Five, six, seven, eight! Feet in the center,
two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight! ♪♪ -Spin!
-You got to open up the legs. Candy: And close,
close, close. Kick splash! And arm! Arm up! Off the bottom,
off the bottom. -Ugh!
-I would’ve messed it all up. Oh, God,
this the hardest shit ever.

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