Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump Train For Mar-a-Lago
Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump Train For Mar-a-Lago

(Jared sighs) – Fore! (chuckling) Just kidding, I’m not gonna hit it that hard, I’m gonna
hit it soft, that’s the, putting is the soft one, see, I’m learning how to putt to impress my… daddy, father, Mr. Trump, President Trump. (Jared clears throat)
(ball rattles) – Ouch, Jared! You hit my fucking foot again! – My goodness, my darling, I’m so sorry. Here, I’ll kiss it and make it better. – No, don’t kiss it. There are Jimmy Choos.
Right, of course. – I don’t want your slobber
all over the patent leather. – Yeah, no slobber on patent leather. That’s something I say all the time. I mean honestly, I should
crochet it on a pillow at this point, I say it so much. – I don’t think anyone
would wanna see that. Jared, please try to
get good at golf, okay? Daddy invited you to
Mar-A-Lago with Rex Tillerson, Sean Hannity, and Steve Harvey. I don’t want you to
embarrass yourself as usual. – No, and I don’t want
to embarrass myself. Or you, or yourself or Daddy’s self. So I will get better and I
will, you watch, right now. – He’s not your dad. Let’s try to do something right for once! – I do love Steve Harvey.
– Oh my God, he’s hilarious. – And underrated, too.
– Yeah. He needs to be in movies and more TVs. – Okay, here we go. (dramatic music) – Jared. No. – Mm. – You look like a
cartoon of a drunk camel. Aren’t white people good at golf? Now I understand why
your dad went to jail. – You watching, Ivanka?
– I am. – You watching, look, trick shot! – I should’ve married Topher Grace. (upbeat music) – Do over! Bad Jared, bad, you’re
doing bad at putting! – Just pretend that the hole is money and you want more, I don’t know. – Okay… last one. – Ow, Jared, you hit my foot again! – Ooh, my foot, ooh. Ooh, baby, kiss it please? – I’m not gonna kiss your foot. I’d rather go to Nordstrom Rack. – I’ve been to Iraq. – No, you haven’t. You’ve been to Afghanistan. – No wonder they haven’t gotten my mail. – What have you put in the letters? – Just secrets.
– No, Jared! Never secrets in the mail! – I have a pen-pal in Kabul. – Never secrets in the mail! goddammit! – You wanna play more putting? – It’s called golf. – Let’s play putt, swinging and putting. – It’s called golf, Jared. – Ivanka, let’s play putting. – (laughing) It’s not
putting, Jared, it’s golf. I’ll take your dick out of
your cage if you get it in. Jared, you cannot be sending mail. – I made pen-pals when I was there. – No.
– Lots of ’em. – [Ivanka] Mm. No, no, no.
– All boys, don’t worry. – [Ivanka] (chuckling)
No, that’s bad, Jared. – Am I good at petting?
– No, you’re very bad. – Mm, what am I good at? Putting?
(Ivanka sighs)

57 thoughts on “Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump Train For Mar-a-Lago”

  1. Suraj Rajbongshi says:

    I just love these both actors.

  2. Getter BΓΌcked says:

    The thumbnail is the stuff of nightmares

  3. Roxas says:


  4. wickandde says:

    Loool aw man these make Jared look so cute and innocent πŸ˜‚

  5. hannah blyth says:

    So absurdly great! Worthy of Chapelle….

  6. Michelle says:

    Love this series. Keep em' coming!! πŸ˜‚β€οΈ

  7. Marilyn Rodriguez says:

    This Ivanka reminds me so much of Cersei from Game of Thrones

  8. Jordan Iasenza says:

    goddamit jared

  9. Cris Cris says:

    STEVE HARVEY!! funny

  10. Cris Cris says:


  11. Rebekah Banks says:

    Your legs are fucking gorgeous!!!

  12. Buch says:

    putt fucking

  13. chill mccool says:

    lmao the best

  14. Sam Blackman says:

    ok Aaron looks amazing voice and everything is great

  15. AlterEagleProduction says:

    The comedy writing of these sketches are lazy and unimaginative, total bottom feeder humor. College Humor and Cracked are way better comedy channels.

  16. Apple Lynch says:

    i live for these

  17. Jazhua Vanboven says:

    I absolutely love this series. I wait for the new episode with baited breath and when a new one is uploaded I become so happy. There was a few times when my day was horrible and the actors characters of Ivanna and Jared immediately made men laugh out loud. Wanna know what else is fun? Being in the middle of the video (owning YouTube red btw so I thought matters like this were in the free version.) and seeing the FUCKING INFORMATION ICON COVER THE ACTORS FACE NOT ONCE BUT TWICE!" The best part of comedy is seeing the characters reaction to the scene! I PAY EVER MONTH TO AVOID, THIS FUCKERY! AHHHHHHHHBHHH

  18. MTisOK4me says:

    NO WAY would Jared practice a skill for that long…

  19. Verum Quaesitor says:

    So close to reality it's scary πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  20. eheck25 says:

    The best and only good thing to come out of this presidency

  21. Bo Pugh says:

    Funny how your all over Ivanka trump but wouldnt go near Obamas kids

  22. Zeluth says:

    OK, I get it now.

  23. Brooke Jennings says:

    I looooove these, thank you !!

  24. Eva Bodnar says:

    How about one where Ivanka and Jared get called in to school because their child cheated

  25. D G says:

    I thought this video would be funny, I was wrong πŸ™

  26. Bad Fairy says:


  27. Adrian D says:

    HAHAHAHA. That Ivanka, though. πŸ˜€

  28. ilovewhisperers says:

    These Jared Ivanka skits make my day!!!

  29. Cheekiestheart says:


  30. Rae Menace says:

    Just saw the commercial. Thought they were finally getting their own show on TV.

  31. PEPSIMAX2020 says:

    pure awesomeness … the jared "new judas traitor" looks so innocent here … the actor is so impressive !

  32. Daniel V says:

    Much rather watch Karlie Kloss and the other Kushner guy!

  33. bngltinkerbell says:


  34. Love Joy says:

    he's not your dad…lol..and i thought white ppl are suppose be gd at golf…lmao…..

  35. Maria Carlomagno says:

    And Steve Harvey…

  36. andrew johnston says:

    I have such a crush on Ivanka.

  37. Yanna says:

    Dude who plays Ivanka has better legs than me. F-ck my life.

  38. Doc Darlin says:

    She SHOULD have married Topher Grace. πŸ™

  39. Honey Chiles says:

    He makes a really cute Ivanka.

  40. nina Maldonado says:

    I love this actor who plays Jerad he plays him sooooo gay but not the good kind the ass kissing kind like a lot of straight ass kissers. he does a good job and the Ivanka she/he is priceless..I love this show. I hope they do not get cut off by the real Narcissus Ivanka, what a fucked up communist country name, ivanka

  41. Dustin Hamm says:

    These are priceless

  42. Deborah Bryant says:

    "…but I have a pen pal in Kabul!.."

  43. burymeinpink says:

    "What have you put in the letters." "Just… Secrets?"

  44. NaNe Scarlet says:

    Somebody is getting spanked tonight. Bad Jered. No mail!

  45. Rachel Garber says:

    He really looks like Jared

  46. Samith Pich says:

    "Never secrets in the mail! Goddamit!!" Love this series

  47. charles neely says:


  48. dena81 says:

    "I have a penpal in Kabul" OMG XD

  49. C. Lint says:

    Y'know…..this series would be so compelling IF it were funny. It's quirky, marginally entertaining even, but definitely NOT funny.

  50. Kane Big Bi says:

    can we have one with Trudeau?? Please πŸ™‚

  51. Amy Alice says:

    Where is season 3?

  52. Naomi Malone says:

    MORE. For the love of God MORE!!..these two are so cute.

  53. Oopss7 says:

    I'd rather go to Nordstrom Rack
    I've been to I-raq
    No, you haven't. You've been to Afghanistan
    Never secrets in the mail, Jared

  54. Assel Tukmanova says:

    Copy Jarred

  55. James Powers says:

    Ivanka πŸ‘€ s like a dude in this.

  56. James Powers says:

    So since this isn’t funny when is the dying part?

  57. CITRUS KNIGHT says:


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