– Is it on?
– It’s on – Today, we’re gonna make an outfit lookbook
kind of video – I’m with my friend – Yo , what’s up?!
– Kiki – Hai :3 – So, we are gonna travel around Jakarta
while showing our look – Alright, we are gonna travel with KRL (commuter line) – This was not sponsored by KRL but… – Yea…
– Yes 😀 SUDIRMAN STATION – Hai, we arrived at Sudirman – Yes – Sudirman Station and here the view look really different – Yeah, when I get out off the station I was
very very very surprised – They totally renovated and blocked the street and turn it into pedestrian walk – And, I swear Jakarta is so awesome now – Just like a developed country, take a look! – Exactly just like a developed country – And I’m really proud to be an Indonesian – Yayyy 😀
– Let’s go to the MRT tation – We only have to walk few meter from Sudirman Station – Yup, let’s go! – We are now at the entrance of MRT Jakarta – Yo~ Let’s go to HI – Let’s go! – This the inside of MRT and look how clean it is – Yes, so I wear this cool a$$ belt – It’s not Gucci it’s not Louis (Vuitton) – But I think it looks cool y’know *hyperspace activated* – This is so freakin’ fast – What about you? What are you wearing? – Today I wear casual outfit – A long-sleeve shirt, jeans and sneakers – My favorite sneakers – What brand is that? – Bershka
– Bershka? Oh – I wear Converse – So anyway guys this shirt is GOLF – GOLF WANG by Tyler, The Creator – I’m a big fan of him – He co-signed with Converse that’s why I just go along with Converse – I think it look pretty sick – I haven’t wash it in like months – But… Yeah it look pretty sick – I look cool as f*ck – And you too – You look like the most stylish hijaber of Jakarta – Amin
– It’s not a prayer! It’s a statement – Okay, okay thank you
– Aight – I wear goodie bag – Issa tote bag
– Yea yea it’s a tote bag *kiki getting pissed* – I wear this tote bag because the
color matched my outfit – Yes – C’mon Ki, do the dance *he kinda quirky doe* – Alright guys we arrive at Senayan and
we are going to change our outfit – Yup, we are gonna travel around Jakarta – We are changing our outfit that are suitable
for us in other places *he quirky doe (2)* *someone passing by while we do some dumb sh-t* – We are back guys! – Yes, guys
– This is our third outfit – The theme is…
– Yellow! – Just like our university color identity – True *bleep* – So in this outfit I wear a yellow shirt – To express the color of my
heart and that is joy and bright – All we did was changing the outer fit – Just by switching the outer we can create a
whole new look – A different vibes from the last outfit – For this outfit, I think it’s suitable to wear this
in a beach – It’s beach ready – Okay Ki, tell me what do you like the best from your
current outfit – My favorite part is my pants and my shoes – That’s pretty cool – I like the color of your jeans – It looks light
– The tassel design make me go uwu – Did you cut it out yourself? – Nahhh
– No you didn’t? – Of course not
– And also I really like your makeup right now – Awww thank you
– It looks fantastic – Hey! – You guys already saw all of our outfits – How many places did we visit? – We started from Universitas Indonesia Station, Sudirman Station – Then MRT Sudirman, MRT Senayan,
and lastly we walked to Plaza Senayan – And right now we are at Plaza Senayan – Out of our three outfits, you guys have
seen our recommendations – Which one do you like the best? – So now you have to comment which is the coolest outfit – Is it the first fit, second fit, or third fit?
– Or third! – Before we end this video, we have to tell you guys something – You may dress however you want – But keep in mind to wear clothes that
makes you feel comfortable – And outfits that increase your confidence – Don’t let anyone tell you different – You are the coolest person in the world
and you should believe in that – Yesss
– Love yourself – Love yourself – Don’t forget to like, comment, and subscribe – And also don’t forget to share this video to your
friends and families – I know they will be entertained by this video cause
we are cool as *bleep* – Okay, walk that way I’m going this way

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