Irish Golf Vlog au golf de North West Golf Club : Je vous emmène golfer en IRLANDE
Irish Golf Vlog au golf de North West Golf Club : Je vous emmène golfer en IRLANDE

Bienvenue à bord mes amis, je vous emmène golfer en Irlande ! well you’ll understand I will not make you this blog in .. in English because that my english is really pitiful but today I take you playing golf in Ireland So I could not go to Ireland, with the number of golf that there is … in this country and do not share a golf! it’s an old golf, I think it was created in 18 …. 1891 I believe! Near Fahan with a splendid weather and it’s for me my first links ! So I dropped a nice drive, followed by a 7 iron … we had to be 120 meters and I had the rebound that made me out of the green … nice ride but good! Irish reel bunker’s links we are on the beach a small double to start but it’s not serious it’s for really for the pleasure of golf! Go, right now hole number two Hole N ° 2 … a par 4 of 346 yard and yes we are not putting the yards you have to remove 10% approximately, to have a distance in Meter! Ireland is beautiful … as a country and this golf links, I did not know at all! We do not have many in my region look how pretty the sea is find her ! golf is here! the national road is there! Hop, let’s find my ball! My ball is in a kind of rough, we are at 150 yards so… I will not go out and do anything 1st teaching of Irish golf Do not go astray! go we test that! that’s bunker already! (laughs) It’s magic I’ve never had so much fun to be in a bunker I’ve done it well I have not badly released since she is going to be there! One two three … I have already played 3 shots on this par 4! In fact, the bunker impressed me Ahhh the rebound is average, it does not roll! today is not the score for the moment, it’s the pleasure of playing and then look at this decor! It’s the sea that’s when we say it’s the sea we are really by the sea and then we end up playing golf so that Right here it’s hole number three it’s a par 3 of 157Yards so he’ll do 140 … 145 meters , something like that so an iron 5 look at this ! wahhh wahhh wahhh the country of golf! Here we are at the green So my ball is right there I escaped that … look anyway all the bunkers are dug with a beautiful lip as we see especially on the majors Irish or Open The open the green is well rounded my 52° I will try to push it hop hop hop… ok so it’s a bit left but I am up to flags But look at these scenery! I do not know if I golf or if I make you the Irish tourist arghhhhhh It will be a bogey! do a little bit in the standards bogey and we will start the hole number 4 I’ll tell you right now what it is This hole is called Kinnegar So a PAR 4 … 343 Yards You have to do the conversion every time I let you do it! revise your mathematics go ! My ball left a little too much to the left she took a bad rebound we’re going to see what’s going on and then we’re going to go back, right now So here is There you have the fairway The flag is going to be there I do not know if you see on camera we have the 150 yards stake who is there! the 150 yards stake and I see my ball So my ball is there I imagine we have 120 meters for the flag The flag is right there i take iron 7 we’ll see It is properly posed She’s gone … she’s coming back I saw a trace of sand I’m sure I went for a ride in a bunker Come on we’ll see that So Ireland is the land of sheep! ….It’s everywhere with sheep fields I believe they are there by public interest for for garden maintenance (laughs) is that the least field Even in the most remote pampas from northern ireland where i went to visit the most northern ireland as soon as there are sheep the field looks like a golf! that’s wonderful And you have a grass … super super nice it’s really it’s really the country of golf! it’s a real pleasure and besides I do not know if you see it I started my stay it was terribly cold And there I am even hot in sweater Because it’s actually sunny today is a beautiful day to golf i take you playing golf in Ireland it’s amazing ! north west golf club Go to next hole So here is the decor of the day! Typical plants of the season I do not know what it is if you have an idea you can answer in comments and we are on golf north west golf club so, par 4 …400yards she is not bad …in Draw She comes back full middle of fairway perfectly placed and here we are at shot number 2 … my ball just there the green is all there the pike of the 135 yard is there so I think I am at 180 m something like that at 190 I’m going to see what I’m typing because I have a bag of which I do not know the clubs what do I have iron 6,7 iron 4 it’s Nike i have a wood I almost want to type an iron 4 yeah we’ll do that, to test it! clubs are pretty good … I have fun with The green is all there at least to put himself in position putt approach it’s the idea ! Arghhh, I did not go to the right place shame, shame, shame I was shy on my shot golf irish impresses me a little bit so here i went to put myself in the pampa the flag is there low Pampa is here I do not know what to play I will be honest with you! i don’t know if you will come to see something I went to put myself in the pampas there I have the flag there I will take this view I miss my 56 ° fetish I went out a bit no matter how I went to put me there! the flag is here so we’ll do that … you’ll see the ball happen I confess one thing I’m a little sloppy! Not because I do not like it … but because I have more fun discovering golf in Irish what to try to score absolutely! I take no good alignment I do a little anything but I enjoy sharing this Vlog know that you are with me there for this Irish part … go ! I could tell you that I’m on vacation and I’m going to go to beach but no but on the chain “I take you playing golf”, so I take you golf and here we are at North West Golf Club Hole 6…the WindMill so I do not have all the translation but wind I guess it’s a hole that must not be simple to play I am on the left border of the fairway I did not touch well but that’s not too bad I told you that I had more pleasure to share the moment than to score at golf it’s a links … All the holes intersect, there is no vegetation especially today there is no wind so we feel that it’s simple so then my ball is there and indeed the very badly typed since the board a hundred and some 150 yard is out there and the flag is here So I’m going to put an iron 6 to put me back ok let’s go for a putt approach It will get me well My ball is right there The green is there so I have no distance it’s yards I am a little lost great ! Ma balle est sur le green My ball is on the green, it’s pretty good I will try to putter … so I’m not next to the flag of either but I will try to putter properly! look at me these bunkers Well here it is, it was necessary to wait for the hole N ° 6 that I sort a little bit of the game it’s not the goal I’m having fun before anything else I try to share a moment a little privileged a golf in ireland and then at hole 6 the windmill that would not necessarily start very well ends with a PAR so I’m pretty happy go…hole 7 Why is there a road noise? In fact, the road is right behind this hedge there you have the sea is between the two you have the golf of northwest golf club so we are at hole number 7 … 420 yards I’m going to be in the Irish rough there we are in ireland, north of ireland but not in North Ireland ! between brexit, ireland, northern ireland it’s not easy to find each other … we’re next to Fahan, in the countryside Irish is beautiful there are tourist sites I invite you to come see ! … finally you do what you want it’s full of golf so I went to rent all the things, I brought my glove I did not come for that but I found it a shame to come to Ireland, to have a cap, a glove and do not share a Vlog so it’s done … here is my ball is there in the little Irish rough, the flag is there you down probably not see for fairway so I’ll try to play that iron 7 Shame, it’s gone left I saw the ball, I saw the rebound … then after more nothing so in fact it’s in surprise kinder mode what can we expect there so I went to put me there! … we went to see what it really gives Ben no actually it’s not bad ! watch the flag is there you have john who is on the green ! John and David are both partners that I had to leave when I realized that I had left … lost my car keys I hope she is on the green I do not know too much I do not know about the green … they seem to me to be very tall I hope but I think it’s a blow of putter … we can easily play the putter outside of the greens so much the fairway, greens and pre-greens are beautiful qualities it’s super nice to play playing in the land of golf go…my ball is on the green I’ll have to take out an anthology putt I’ll show you that now my ball est là the flag is there and we are going to try to get out of the big game just now then there is a slope I think she’s going to puke on the right bienvenue en Ireland, we are on North West Golf Club and it’s a pleasure to take you playing golf in ireland as a travel version Go, hole number 8 it seems to be a PAR3, I show you what’s next … My english is … rotten The hole is called the PIFFLER … 133 yards and the peculiarity you have a understand right now that’s the green is there … you have a net there because the road is right here we hear you have to hear the vehicles pass the sea is right there golf is a links taken between the national road and the sea and the start of the new will be alternating it’s pretty funny it will be just in front so I do not know how we’re going to prioritize but I will show you this Arghh I did not touch it well, it stayed in my hands! we have a small approach putt and it will go very well …. Go, right now on the green I avoid the bunkers do you have then there he is fearsome watch how TV! In truth my ball is there misplaced and the green is behind not bad at all … stop stop stop !!! arghh, she went to the bottom of the (green) Well after, look at the side of the road, the big bunkers there In short, it is quickly impressive to golfer in these conditions it was the line I hope you feel the pleasure of my voice … to share this Vlog It’s a delight Absolute then I’m talking to you, I’m just going to be careful because we do not see them but … ahhh bunker ! Go, hole number nine and we’ll finish this little improvised Vlog of irish holiday i take you playing golf to ireland it’s huge I’m too happy to do it is a treat! Super hospitable North West Golf Club, the club house and there the hole number 9 to finish go, come on I’ll show you that right now my English improves over the holes anyway you can not find! so here it is the fairway, well ras … there you have the road as usual it’s impressive the sea the green is there so the same, I will redo a coup de replacement because I’m not able to play anymore like this … I had a nice touch, a beautiful ball for the lie she had but considering the rebound I just hope there is not a bunker we’ll see it on the picket there! we will go and see what’s next! ok 150 yards here is actually my ball is there, a little behind so I have 135 m it tends to roll anyway so I go out to Iron 6 to finish this part, right now she is a little scraped a little bit scratchy but hey it’s not my clubs, I’m no longer there for discover! It’s my first time….(links) ahhh I thought I was on the green but no, I’m going green So … one, two, three, I’ll play the fourth shot! go take you there it’s the North West Golf club so an Irish club … club the historic Irish It’s a real pleasure to share this Vlog and to come and golf here and my ball is here to finish this 9 hole The green is behind I’m going to play Irish …. putter it was not too bad I hope it will be the last putt of the day oh what happiness! it was a bliss … true happiness to come and golf here and I’ll take you to a next place it will probably not be Ireland see you soon on the channel “I take you playing golf” friends

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  1. 7 Maxime says:

    Super Golf ! Difficile à jouer apparement mais au vue de ton large sourire je me doute que ça devait être un bon moment !
    J’espère bientôt un nouveau Je vous emmène golfer dans un autre pays !
    À plus

  2. nicolas nesci says:

    Super de voir çà rien que pour le plaisir que tu prends!!

  3. Slashergame says:

    Merci de nous avoir fait visiter l’Irlande à travers ce beau parcours c’était super 👍

  4. Padraig Maclochlainn says:

    Met you in the shop afterwards, glad you enjoyed your first links experience, the yellow hedges you referred to at the 4th are called whins or gorse 👍

  5. john moore says:

    Glad you enjoyed the golf course on such a fine day this is a fine golf course as you have seen the sea on one side and main road on the other with some tricky holes out of bounds on both sides stunning views 👌🏼

  6. Emmanuel Wyart says:

    Salut, merci pour le dépaysement et le plaisir communicatif.


    Que celui qui a piqué tous les arbres, les remette de suite sinon ça va barder sévère ! 😂😱
    C'est pas des bunkers de gonzesses en tous cas 😳👍🏼

  8. Jean Gerard TROUPEL says:

    En plus avec le temps parfait sans vent ?????? Ah au fait le râteau dans le bunker c'est pas au milieu mais c'est pas grave.

  9. Yauod says:

    J'ai rarement vu un homme aussi heureux d’être dans un Bunker lol ! Un plaisir d'avoir regardé cette vidéo ! magnifique !

  10. Jeanne DINARD says:

    Et le sac à divot !!!!

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