Introducing the Greubel Forsey GMT Sport
Introducing the Greubel Forsey GMT Sport

Hello to all and welcome on
and today we will rapidly talk about a pretty crazy and exceptional timepiece and as some
of you may know, I have always been a big big fan of the GMT Tourbillon by Greubel Forsey. I like every edition they made, naturally
some a bit more than others, I once had the chance of reviewing 5 of them at the same
time, that was quite special and sweet for me, I also liked it when a couple of years
ago they came with a properly and successfully revised version with the GMT Earth and what
about this year with the super spectacular Quadruple Tourbillon version, what an amazing
timepiece and the point I want to make is that to modify/play around with an established,
recognized and much appreciated design is seriously a pretty difficult challenge to
undertake, so when I first heard that Greubel Forsey was about to introduce a sports version
of the GMT, well of course I was a bit anxious to see how in the world they could pull this
off and you know what: they did! So I first saw this timepiece during the Dubai
Watch Week when it was discretely showed to me, kind of an under the counter thingy, but
then with Mr Forsey himself we took it out in style as we accompanied Salem, a very accomplished
horse rider to his training facility early morning to put this timepiece into proper
motion, a pretty nice way to start the day. So what can be said? Well the Greubel Forsey team really managed
to come up with a very serious evolution of the original GMT, we see its character and
provenance but at the same time it is very very different and let’s start on the design
side. The first aspect which stands out is obviously
the curvoid shape of the case, it is properly rounded and sits just marvelously on the wrist,
trust me on this, I tried it and didn’t want to take it off and going by what Salem
said after his training session, well it worked in these circumstances pretty fine as well. So this curved shape is not only seen on the
back case side but the dial side mimics this in a parallel way and therefore the sapphire
glass is also curved and these are not easy to make. So one of the cool aspects of all this is
that when you look at it from the top, the case, the watch really seems round but in
fact in reality it’s much more ovoid, kind of a little optical illusion which works just
fine. But one of the consequences of this curved
design, as you can see, is that it’s pretty thick, 15.7mm, but when you have it on, it
seriously doesn’t feel thick at all but then what a real show to look at, there is
just so much depth, such an immense volume nicely and proportionally filled up if I can
say so with the super intricate mechanism of the GMT and Greubel Forsey had to rethink
the entire movement’s architecture, it’s by far not a copy-paste of existing models. Now you don’t have a proper dial, the hour
and minute open worked hands seem to be floating on top of the mechanism and you’ll find
minutes and 5-minute indices on the periphery to help the legibility. These hands are held by a curved titanium
two tone bridge under which you’ll find gear trains which follow this curb, just a
small detail but such a cool one. Then a bit deeper inside the watch you will
find the dual time zone indications at 10 o’clock and on that small sub dial you will
also see an aperture letting you see this timepiece’s seconds indicator with a rotating
disk feature, yes, very cool too. More or less on the same plane but at 3 o’clock
you will find the power reserve indicator and this timepiece offers the same 72 hours
of power reserve, same as with other GMT models. Still a bit deeper you will find the iconic
3D globe at 8 o’clock, such a distinctive feature of the GMT, and on the model filmed
in Dubai, this globe had a black finish corresponding to the first edition of this new timepiece
limited 11 pieces just released but already sold out and the second series with the globe
in blue will be launched early next year. As a quick reminder, this globe rotates on
itself in 24h in the same direction as the actual earth and can be compared to a world
time indicator with the two half disks acting as day-night indicator too. Regarding the tourbillon and on original GMTs
it was found at 5 o’clock, but now this 25 degrees inclined tourbillon rotating on
itself in 24 seconds is found on the opposite side of the globe and no longer next to it. The V-shaped bridge which holds it present
the same two tone aspect; black and metal. On the side of the case, you have two pushers;
one for the second time zone and one to adjust the position of the earth and on the back
you have quite a different display of the city disks corresponding to the 24 hour different
time zones and again, I’m very sorry for India, but no half hour increment planned
for you. So compared to the original GMT, this watch
has no particular sporty function really added to it, it features the same display of information,
but like I mentioned before it is really very different from this original GMT and I really
think that Greubel Forsey challenged themselves and clearly went outside of their comfort
zone and they really did an amazing job. So no sporty functions, but this timepiece
has for sure a sporty feel to it and the extensive use of titanium contributes largely to this
and actually makes it very light to wear for such an impressive timepiece. And without repeating ourselves too much regarding
Greubel Forsey, but as you expect the attention to details, the mix of finishing techniques
and the level of quality is just all the way up there and the good news for those concerned
is that it comes at a lower price than the original GMT, but obviously we’re still
kind of… well you know what I mean. Well, a big congrats to the team of Greubel
Forsey and the annoying thing is that I have yet another item to put on my wish list or
should I say my wishful thinking list. Hope you enjoyed this, all the very best,
thanks for watching and Viva Watchmaking!!

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