– [Stephen] It’s definitely starting to become low tide. Oh Grace, whoa, whoa, John,
John, John, John, John. We got a problem, okay hang on. Pond monster right there. (high-pitched beep) – You see anything? – No, not out there. – Hey Sharers, what’s goin’ on. So if you didn’t (laughs) already see, in Grace’s last vlog actually, we found out that there’s
more than one pond monster. There’s multiple pond
monsters that live all back in that swamplands down there. They’re all in that
area, all back in there by that tree and everything. – Yeah, you had said
there’s one right here and like, a couple over there,
there was one over here. And then even more back there. – Yes, that’s where the pond
monster home actually is, and we actually ended up scaring them out when we went back there exploring, and they all came out
in Grace’s last vlog. You gotta check this out. – Oh, there’s another one!
– There’s so many out here! – [Stephen] Wait, there’s one, one there. – [Grace] One there. – Another one there.
– One there. – Another one over there.
– Another one. – What are we supposed to do?
– Oh no! – That was the absolute
craziest thing ever. I’ve been staying out
of the water ever since. And right now, Grace is back on the phone with the lifeguards. We’re trying to figure out
the best course of action, what to do next. – Yeah, I dunno how to get
these things out of here. – I dunno, because it’s preventing us from using the jet ski for anything fun, like tubing like we were
doing the other day. Preventing us from swimming too. So if we can figure out how
to keep those pond monsters at least back in there from coming out, or we can pull ’em out and
relocate them somewhere else, that would help. – Maybe we can, like, share. They can have back there and
then they can have their fun, and then we’ll go right here
and we can have our fun. – Yeah, that’s the plan. Let me go see what Grace is talking about this lifeguards with. – How big should it be? And like, faster, like,
what time should we go? – [Stephen] What are they saying, Grace? – 45 by 60? Okay, that’s pretty big.
– 45 by 60? – And how deep do we go?
– 45 by 60 what? – [Stephen] I dunno. – Okay, and we just move
at a slow and steady pace? – Slow and steady.
– Move, wait, slow and steady, move what? – And no noise and non-bright colors. – Oh, that’s not good.
– Can we use the jet ski? – [Stephen] That’s not good. (laughs) – We have to walk on the
floor of the, of the lake. – [Stephen] Ew! Of the bay?
– It’s so gross down there. – [Stephen] I don’t wanna touch that. – That’s what the monsters do.
– And we have to do it before it hits low tide? And what time does it hit low tide? – It’s definitely high tide right now. It’s super high tide.
– It’s three o’clock now. – Three o’clock now. Low tide’s not for a while. – Okay, so we got probably
like, an hour or two. – Okay. Oh. We have to act fast guys. We need to get to the store really fast. Okay, I’ll report this
back to Stephen and John. And I’ll keep you updated
on each step, okay? Okay, I’ll call you back on this number? Okay, okay, okay, bye. Thank you. Okay guys, we have to
act super, super fast. – [Stephen] Wait, wait, wait,
was that the lifeguards? – Yeah. – [Stephen] What did they say? – A lot of things. But, so we have to technically
like, train slash capture and keep the pond monsters in
that swamp area over there. We can’t let them come out. – [Stephen] Okay, and how
exactly do we do that? – Uh, well, we have to do
it before it hits low tide because low tide’s when
they come out of the house and come after us. And they might be angry at us, so they might be coming
after us at low tide. – Okay, I don’t get it. What are we supposed to do? – So basically, we just need to follow
all their instructions. Head to the store and get a force field, and like, make a barrier
to keep them in their home. Like, that marshland is
where they should stay. They shouldn’t come out at all. – Okay. Oh, this is actually totally doable. Hold on, check this out. So guys, come upstairs real quick. This is what, yeah, this
is what we’re gonna do. We’re gonna set up a
little plan real quick. John, can you fire up
the drone real quick? – Yup. – All right, fire up the drone. I got the best idea
ever on what we can do. Sharers, if we gotta set
up a defense barrier, we gotta make sure we set up the smartest defense barrier ever to keep the pond monsters from
comin’ out of their habitat. – All right, Stephen, got the drone. Take off, three, two, one. – [Stephen] Ooh, stand back! Drone’s in the air! We got the bird in the air. (drone buzzing) All right John, take it over
to the monster’s nest area. We can figure out how we’re gonna display our defense barrier. – [John] Let’s see, so right here, that’s the entrance to
the stream back there. – It’s pretty big, but it looks like there’s only one outlet. The only outlet is the
one right by our dock, right by our house. So if we can just block off that entryway, I think we’ll be good. – See, if we get a little bit closer. – [Stephen] Zoom, yeah,
zoom in a little bit, John. – [John] So right there,
and we’ll go back down here. This is where we took the jet ski. – [Stephen] Yeah, and that’s where the monsters nest was.
– That’s where got stuck. – [Stephen] That’s where
we got stuck on the boat. – [John] Oh, that’s the grass from– – [Stephen] When we got stuck on the boat. – Yeah. – Yup. And then that’s the spot
where we were on the jet ski and we spotted the pond monster and then dragged it back
in on Grace’s channel, remember that? – [John] Right. So they went back this way more. – [Stephen] If we just mark off that entrance right there, John, we’ll be good to go. – Okay, are you saying, so you think all the way back in there? – [Stephen] No, right at the very tip, if we just knock that
entrance off, we block it off, we’ll be good to go. – Okay, yeah. That sounds like a plan. – That sound good? – Yeah, I think that’s
what the lifeguards wanted. – All right, I say let’s
hop in the golf cart, let’s head down to the store,
go to the hardware store, get the defense barrier we needed. We’ll get it set up, we’ll be good. No monsters will come out,
we’ll be able to play. Sound good? – Yeah.
– Let’s do it! – All right, let’s land
this drone, let’s get goin’. Hop in the gold cart, let’s go. Whoo! Whoa! Go John, go! Whoo! (suspenseful music) Okay, let’s see what we’re gonna get. Ooh, this is perfect. We can get this tape, caution tape, to block off the area so
everyone knows not to enter. – I got some super
strong twisted nylon rope with a max weight of 510 pounds. – [Stephen] Oh, that’s perfect. There’s no way a monster’s
gonna be that much. – Yeah, that’s heavy. – [Stephen] And what is that? – Oh yeah, I forgot. Check out this protective helmet. – [Stephen] Hey, that works. Looks good. And to make sure the
monsters really stay out, check this thing out. I got a monster bug
spray repellent machine. Oh, yeah. This is what I’m talkin’ about. Now Sharers, we’re suited up, ready to go. Let’s head home, set up
this defense barrier. Let’s do it. – Let’s go.
– All right. (cart honking) – [Stephen] Oh, is that the horn? – Yep! – [Stephen] Oh, that sounds good. Hit that thing again. – All right, I will.
(cart honking) – Oh, yeah! Watch out everybody, comin’
through, comin’ through! We gotta stop the pond monster! (cart honking) Hi! Stoppin’ the pond monster,
let’s go straight home! All right Sharers, we
got all of our supplies, especially this. Check this thing out. So this comes filed with
a vinegar repellent, which is a natural repellent that’ll keep the pond monsters away. What you gotta do is pump this thing down, then we’re gonna squirt the
jet ski with it, covering it. Whoa, check that out. How cool is that? – [John] No way. – Isn’t that cool?
– That’s super cool. – We’re gonna spray the jet
ski with this like crazy, so that way the pond monster smells it and doesn’t come close
and attack us again, unlike last time. – Yeah, we do not want any of them. I think there’s at least three out there. – At least three. There’s probably a whole family. So lemme just get the other
side of the jet ski real quick. There we go. – [John] Oh yeah, it’s a little bubbly. – Yeah, cover it good. See how it’s bubbly? That shows that it’s,
it’s the vinegar reacting. So right now, this jet
ski’s pretty covered. See how it kinda smells? – [John] Ooh, a little sour. – It’s just like, a vinegar smell. So we should be good with that. And now, I’m thinkin’ what we can do, so we got our protective gear here. So we got this on. This is the net that’ll
keep out anything bad. We also got our poles, metal poles that we’re gonna stick in the ground. These are super strong, super sturdy. We’re gonna try to cover
that section right there. So if we do this plus this net, John, how many pounds did you say it is? Oh, 510.
– 510. – All right, so this is plenty. – Times three.
– Times three. I say we hop on the jet
ski, we get out there. What do you guys think? – Let’s do it.
– Yeah. – Let’s do it, let’s hop on. – [Grace] I got the flags. – Load this thing up,
put these poles here. – [John] Okie dokie. – [Stephen] Oh!
(poles clatter) Oh!
– Uh-oh. – What happened?
– Yikes! Almost fell. Sharer fam, loadin’ up. – [John] And our caution tape. – Caution tape.
– Perfect. – All right, hop on, let’s go. – [Stephen] ‘Kay, hop on, guys. – [Grace] Oh, ugh, I’ll get middle. – Oh great, that means I get the back end. So if any monster comes close, I’m the first one it can grab. Okay. You ready for this? (poles clatter)
Whoa. Got all of our poles in there. Hop on, you ready? – Is this a three seater? – Yeah.
– Okay. – [Stephen] It is now. – Three, two–
– Three, two, one, let’s go. (jet ski rumbling) Whoo! And we’re off. Remember Sharers, keep your eyes peeled for any sign of the pond monsters. It’s still pretty high
tide, so we should be okay. Yeah, it’s pretty high. – [John] Yeah, I dunno. – So we should be fine.
– It’s never really okay over there. – You don’t think?
– Not really. – Last time we saw the pond monster, it was around this area out here. So I’m just hoping, since
it’s still high tide, they haven’t all come out yet, and they’re still back in their nest. And that way, when we put the trap up, it’ll completely trap all of ’em. – Oh look, it’s starting
to go down, though. – Ooh, it’s starting to show.
– Oh, you’re right. It’s definitely starting
to become low tide. Oh Grace, whoa, whoa,
whoa, John, John, John. We got a problem. – [John] I’m gonna back up. – [Stephen] Okay, hang on. Pond monster right there, right there. (dramatic music)
Right away, pond monster right there, okay. Whoo, okay! Uh, John, this would be the
perfect time to set the trap. – Uh, okay. I’m just gonna get a little bit closer, see if there’s any more. – [Stephen] A little closer? – Wait, no. We should just put it here. – The monster repellent
should keep it away, though. – [Stephen] That is true. It’s sprayed on the ski. – [Grace] We could put it there, though. – [Stephen] It definitely smells it. See how it’s not coming closer? It’s working, it’s working,
Grace, it’s working! – It’s swimming away!
– Let’s just turn around. – [Stephen] Ooh, it hates the smell! It hates the smell! It’s starting to swim away. – Oh yeah.
– Ooh, it’s working! – It doesn’t wanna get any closer! – Oh yeah, monster repellent’s working! Hi Mr. Monster! Hello, are you scared of the repellent? – [Grace] It hates it. – [Stephen] Oh, it hates the repellent! – It doesn’t like it at all! – [Stephen] It doesn’t
like it, it’s workin’. All right, this is good. – We should tame it.
– John, okay, no, no, no. Back up, back up. If we back up and we
start laying the net here, no monsters are gonna come out, because they don’t like the
smell of this repellent. It smells nasty, but you know what? If it works, that’s good. You know what, okay, how
do we wanna do this, John? – [Grace] Like, right after the nest. – [Stephen] If we do it right
after this, like, nest thing right here, right on this
line, this’ll be perfect. That’s what I’m thinkin’. Here, this is what I’m gonna do. Let’s stick our first stake right here. All right, ooh, just like that. – [Grace] Oh, it’s still kinda deep. – It’s still deep, but it’s kinda shallow. Okay, we got that stick. We’ll do one on the other side. – [John] Oh, should we wrap
the rope around it now? – Yeah, actually let’s
put the rope around it now and we’ll connect the rope with us. Stake’s solid, secure in the water. We’ll use this 510 pound rope. We’ll tie it around like
this as tight as we can. This is 510 pounds. That’s gonna keep any monster out. Just like that. Look, that monster’s still stayin’ away. – [Grace] (gasps) Oh, it’s right there. There it is.
– It doesn’t get any closer. – [Stephen] It’s not getting any closer. Oh, see, it doesn’t like the smell. – [Grace] Yeah. – Sorry, but you don’t
want you comin’ out, so we’re gonna keep
you trapped back there. But you have all that
land back there to stay. Is that one good, John? – [John] Yeah. – Okay, so we got the orange and white, so we’re gonna take both. And then John, if we can
get back to the other side, I can stick a stake in on that side, too. – [John] All right, should I back up? – Yeah, let’s go ahead and back up. – [John] All right, three, two, one. (jet ski rumbling) – [Stephen] All right, start backin’ up. Whoo, okay, hang on. A little slower. – There’s our first pole.
– There we go, got our rope. Let’s go kinda slow, John. There we go, now it’s working. – [John] Oh, perfect. – Oh, this is looking good. This is lookin’ real good. All right, nice and slow
John, nice and slow. Gotta make sure that rope
comes all the way out. Oh, this is perfect size! This is really workin’. This is what I’m talkin’ about.
– Okay, we just need to put another stick on this side. – ‘Kay. Get a little closer to
the shore right there and I’ll stick another stake in. Yeah, this is perfect. Oh, yeah. All right, right there is good. – All right.
– Right here. – Turn the ski off. I’m gonna stick another pole in. Ready, ski off. Stick another pole in right here. Boom! This is what I’m talkin’ about. – [John] You wanna pass me the orange one? – Here, there’s the orange. Tie the orange around so
people can see the rope. Alrighty. – [Grace] I think tie the white
one a little tighter, right? – Yeah. Tie the white one just like this. – [John] White one’s the one
that will keep the monster. – [Stephen] Yeah, there we go. Boom, this is what I’m talkin’ about! ‘Kay, let’s tie the white right here. – [John] Alrighty then. – [Stephen] Bingo. – Perfect.
– We are good. We got our first rope set up. Now I say we just get
some more colors, John, so people can see it. – Yeah, that’s probably true. ‘Cause the white one will keep it out. We just wanna make sure
people don’t hit it. And they know not to go in here, ’cause this is where the monsters are. – Yep, we gotta mark off the area. – [Grace] This is the
home of the monsters. – [Stephen] So far, the
monster’s not comin’ anywhere near it, though. – [Grace] Yep, it’s still way out there. – All right, pink’s set. – [Grace] ‘Kay, now we just
need to drive it back over. – Wait, we don’t have
to drive it back over. We can swim now. – Oh yeah!
– Because the monster can’t come in, so. Whoo hoo! – [Grace] Okay Steve, start swimmin’! – Whoo! We can swim now. The monster won’t cross this line. – [Grace] Yeah, we can go tubing and do all the fun things! – Oh yeah. I’ll set this up, okay? – [Grace] ‘Kay. You are close to it, but
he’s staying on his side and we’re staying on our side. – Oh yeah, look at this barrier! – [Grace] It’s working! – You can’t come after me now. You know what I’m thinking, guys? – What?
– What? – Okay, I’m thinkin’
we play a little game. I’m gonna cross the border and see if the pond monster follows me. – [Grace] Oh, you are? – Yeah, you ready? – [John] Do you think that’s safe? – I think so.
– Just go fast. – You ready?
– ‘Kay. – Well, we gotta test to make
sure the barrier’s workin. Ready?
– Yep. – Three, two, one, go. (suspenseful music) – [John] Stephen, it’s coming after you! – Whoa whoa, Stephen, Stephen!
– Come back! – [Stephen] (laughs) Whoo! – [Grace] Stephen, do you
see it, do you see it? Hurry, hurry, hurry! – Whoa, okay. Whoo, okay! – It stopped it.
– Yeah, it did. – Once I crossed over, it didn’t go. I don’t understand how it doesn’t know how to go past that line. – Well Stephen, the monster can tell that there’s a line right there, and it can’t see above or below it, so it just thinks that
it can’t get through. – That’s right, Sharers, these monsters are descendants
of horseshoe crabs. So if they see a net
or a line or anything, they don’t know how to
go above or below it. So as of right now, the
monster’s stuck in there. I’m literally right up on the line. – [Grace] Yeah. It wants to come over, but it can’t. – No. That’s the closest it’s
gonna be able to get to us. – [Grace] But at least it’s safe, because that is all their home back there. No people can go back there any more. We got them all safe. – Yeah, this is awesome. – Guys, this is really good. Now that the pond monster’s all roped off, and they will stay in their home. We just saved all these houses, and they can play in the ocean now. – Yeah, see, no one’s outside, but I guess we can go tell our neighbors to come outside and play. – [Grace] Yeah, there’s
literally no one outside. – Yeah, they probably think
the monster’s still out here. – [Grace] Yeah. We should go tell them. – Oh look, the monster’s swimmin’ back. – [Grace] Oh yeah, look, it’s leaving. There it goes! – [Stephen] Bye pond monster! – [Grace] Farewell! – It’s swimmin’ back,
it’s goin’ back upstream. That means it’s goin’ home. Sharers, we did it! We got the pond monster safe and secured back in its natural habitat. The ocean looks like it’s pretty safe now. Now we just gotta figure out what we have to do with the pond monster back at our house in the pond. So let us know in the comments below what we should do to trap
the pond monster at home and get it out of there. We’ll be back at the Sharer
fam house in next vlog. So until then, you know what to do. – [All] Stay awesome, and share the love. Peace, whoo!


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